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Mamma Mia, Angelina Jolie jets into Lampedusa for another baby ?

by Marianne Wi

Lampedusa a small Island of Sicily has had a visit from Angelina Jolie a Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR, who arrived in her private jet without Bratt, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox or Vivienne in tow. Bratt Pitt is currently filming his new film in Malta ”World War Z”. The visit by Jolie had been kept top secret, was she looking for another child to adopt or perhaps a new Villa next to Berlusconi ? No, she was paving her way to”Santa Subito” ”Fast Track to Sainthood” although she would have to queue behind Mother Teresa and John Paul II as they have not yet made it… Sorry, the lady is doing a great job and was on the Island of Lampedusa to meet with UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres, together they met with 130 specially selected refugees before going on the disused Air Base currently home to 265 illegal immigrants all underaged and all supposed orphans. The visit was to highlight the plight of refugees on ”International Refugee Day” I cannot help feeling that if she had donated the equivalent amount of money spent on her private jet to the camps on the Island, it would have coursed just as much publicity and would also have helped the poor mayor of Lampedusa Bernardino De Rubeis, who surely must be having a most miserable year. Angelina Jolie thanked the people of Lampedusa for welcoming the constant stream of immigrants arriving daily from Africa, Jolie also attended a service for 1000s of lost souls, who never made the crossing and were lost at sea.

PS : To Mark and Ellen fell free to comment directly on my post no need to insult me privately, I have nothing against Angelina Jolie, a great actress and anyone trying to improve the terrible conditions these poor ”boat people” are living under in the camps on Lampedusa gets my approval, I do find it abhorrent though, that a mega rich Hollywood Super Star arrive to visit the poorest of the poor in her private jet tasteless and all about publicity for numero uno with the odd orphan thrown in for good measure.

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