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Alessandro Preziosi,Vittoria Puccini… accidenti Stefano Accorsi ?

by Marianne Wi

Alessandro Preziosi,Vittoria Puccini it is all over, previous blog.

The Italian press it up in arms again about the possible romance between Vittoria Puccini and Stefano Accorsi ?

What I hear you ask “is she already over Adriano Giannini” ? I am online booking my next flight to Rome, Giannini is my sort of man ( looks are not everything and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, sure but still…….you can dream right ?)

According to those in the know, Accorsi and Puccini were caught on her balcony, in a compromising position. Now, as you all know the Italians are a nation of snoggers or peckkers, they have a need to kiss when encountering friends whatever their  age or sex , it is very much a “must” do, they will move in on you once they get close enough then WHAM BANG ! Being caught in a compromising position is not really that difficult unless they were naked having sex and I stress no one has claim that was the case , phew.

La vita facile, An easy Life directed by Lucio Pellegrini, staring both actors is out in the cinemas here in Italy this week, so this affair would come in very handy if you needed a bit of publicity; plus was the little madam not dating Adriano Giannini too , no wonder Preziosi is having rage issues.

I am new to the Italian press and paparazzi etiquette , however having just had to read page after page about our young stud Riccardo Scamarcio and his pretend affair with Deniz Ozdogan together with the additional headlines created when Valeria Galino met  Sean Penn all just staged before Riccardo went on stage in Rome and the film Manuale d’amore 3, Manual of Love 3 was released, more importantly there are no photos , not even bad grainy ones, it is beginning to sound a wee bit like a stunt to me, do you feel it too ?

Stefano Accorsi is in a long-term relationship with the lovely French model Laetitia Casta with whom he has 2 children. I am seriously hoping this is a publicity stunt by the producers or there will be hell to pay. Laetitia Casta looks like a lady that could wake the dead if she put her mind to it .

23rd May 2011 Vittoria Puccini and Cladio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon

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