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Diva E Donne is at it again….. Riccardo Scamarcio, Valeria Galino, Sean Penn and Deniz Ozdogan, what is going on?

by Marianne Wi

Diva E Donne is at it again….. Riccardo Scamarcio, Valeria Galino, Sean Penn and Deniz Ozdogan, what is going on?

Nothing is going on, that’s what!

Nothing, I am putting my seize 38 down and stopping this silly publicity stunt. At least try to pretend to have these dates in secret will you and not right in front of the Paparazzi. The tickets for Romeo and Juliette are selling well so give it a rest.


Last week Riccardo Scamarcio and Deniz Ozdogan were seen half smooching in front of a photographer, just before the opening night of Romeo  &  Juliette  at the Teatro Eliseo in Rome. No, not actually kissing that would have rubbed Valeria Galino up the wrong way. On the 14th of February at the first night,RS and VG were seen out dinning with friends , no sign of any discord at all.



Valeria Galino went out with Sean Penn two nights ago, big deal they have known each other for years  actually since he directed her in The Indian Runner back in 1991, they were seen having dinner with Paolo Sorrentino the evening of the “Romantic “ strol,  I always thought 3 was a crowd and Riccardo Scamarcio actually joint them later that evening too.




The photo of RS and DO after kissing on stage, what pray tell is that all about? Would Diva & Donne have Romeo and Juliette re-written to fit this publicity stunt, may Shakespeare thunder in his Round House?


Riccardo Scamarcio and Valeria Galino were papped outside the Teatro Eliseo, they spoke briefly before he drove off pensively into the night, while she took a Taxi…ahhh I am wondering if she might be off to see Michele Placido, I think he is doing something in Rome with a Taxi or was he being interview by  (I will get back to you on that story, unless D&D gets the photos out first.)

As I blogged on the 17th December 2010 , Valeria is writing her first screen play , it will feature RS and show him in a different light no less , further more I see no problems romantically in the bottom of my coffee cup ,crystal ball or tealeafs………Now tell me about a new Dramatic, Thriller will you !




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