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5 (Cinque)

by Marianne Wi

Director : It is Francesco Dominedo first feature, he has previously appeared in a number of TV films here in Italy, will this film be his opening onto the International Film Festival Circuit? That is the million dollar question, as Italian films goes it is not bad, the editing is good, the camara work is well above average, usually the two immediate obstacles for success. The story line ? Well, there are so many sub stories going down, that you will need to be on full alert throughout. Matteo Branciamore (Manolo) was seen for the first time outside The Cesarone, he has turned ”BAD”. Also very good acting from the other 4, known for their TV work, so why am I not excited? Dominedo has tried to compete with the American Gangster Movies and although he often hits the spot, he fails overall possibly because of a low budget, it was released into only 5 cinemas in Italy so has not had a good start in life.

Cast: Matteo Branciamore, Stefano Sammarco, Christian Marazziti, Rolando Ravello, Alessandro Borghi, Lito Vitale, Massimo Bonetti, Angelo Orlando, Giorgia Wurth, Franscesco Arca, Francesco Venditti, Cladua Zanella, Loredana sofizi, Alessandro Tersigni.

Synobsis:  We find our group of 5 in Quarticcilo east, a Roman suburb that lends itself perfectly to petty crime. Our 5 friends have all been to the same correction center or ”riformatorio” reformatory center, where they have served time for their senseless crimes. Our little group grow up, get married leading lives of petty crime until they decide to hit the big time with a large robbery… it worked and there was a bonus in the shape of a briefcase…… belonging the The Russian Mafia in Rome… is all very much downhill from there, as the 5 begin their fight for survival.


Alessandro Preziosi, Il Rubacuori or just a big flirt

by Marianne Wi

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The Neapolitan director Pappi Corsicato, who is well-known in Italy for his many documentaries and shorts, has just started shooting his new feature film in Rome “Il volto di un’altra” “The Face of Another” possible English Title. Corsicato is getting a lot of publicity for all the wrong reasons, if there is such a thing as bad publicity, he is getting it. Alessandro Preziosi, who plays a Plastic surgeon working at a posh Clinic in San Candido, Tyrol, with his beautiful wife Bella (Laura Chiatti) who is a TV personality presenting a programme on Plastic Surgery, Preziosi her husband is performing the surgery……nuff said. Alessendro Preziosi is known for his eye for the ladies and his temper, has been putting it about in between filming according to CHI Magazine, rumours are rife and there are badly shot grainy photos, a sure sign that “someits” up. Preziosi is of course single again after his very public split with Vittoria Puccini, who in turn is now stepping out with Claudio Santamaria. Is Preziosi having a fling with his co-star Chiatti ? No, thank God or Riccardo Scamarcio would be on the war path for sure, no he has picked on a very tattooed young Stylish working on the same film named Nastassja Kinspergher, they are reported to have late night swims once the remaining hotel guest have settled down for the night, we all know what happens once you start swimming late at night……..tut tut. The photos speaks volumes no matter how grainy, cannot help wondering whether it was a friend of Preziosis or Kinspergher who took these photos and sold them on…… All photos are from CHI issue 24

Alessandro Preziosi and Dajana Roncione an item ?    09.06.2011

Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon  22.05.2011

Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria it is official 14.04.2011

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I baci mai dati, Lost Kisses

by Marianne Wi

Director : Roberta Torre is a great Italian female writer and director, who although Milanese by birth has adopted Sicily for many of her films. You will know her from Sud Side Story, South Side Story 2000 –  Angela 2002 –  Mare Nero, The Dark Sea 2006 all of which have seen great success at International Film Festivals. I baci mai dati, Lost Kisses is set in Librino, a poor crime ridden build up area of Catania, Sicily. It was originally named Miracoli a Catania, Miracles in Catania perhaps being re-named due to the double edge ending, it is a film about Saints or is it about Sinners, Torre leave it up to you to decide. The film was at the Venice Film Festival 2010 and is already doing very well at International Festivals, will the Sicilians take to it? I think not.

Cast : Piera Degli Esposti, Donatella Finocchino, Beppe Fiorello, Cala Marchese, Pino Micol, Valentina Giordanella, Martina Galletta, Alessio Vassallo, Tony Palazzo, Gabriella Saitta, Lucia Sardo

Synobsis : Manuela (Carla Marchese) is a 13 year old teenager living with her mother Rita (Donnatella Finocchino) and her drug taking/dealing sister (Valentina Giordanella) together with her on/off  father (Beppe Fiorello) who has left the family home after a heated debate about lack of food and money, making this a strong female household. Librino, very much an ordernary crime ridden spot, depressing and with little going for it untill the day a larger than life statue is delivered of the Madonna. While some teenagers are playing football in front of the Madonna they score a goal by hitting her head with the ball, bringing it crashing to the ground, they quickly hide the evidence in an old lock-up.

Manuela has a dream during a hot Sicilian night, where the Madonna speaks to her concerning her missing head and its whereabouts. Manuela becomes the talk of the town, and her mother and the priest are quick off the mark, setting up business, big business. Where there’s a Madonna crying, laughing or simply speaking to teenagers, there are big bucks to be made in Italy. Manuela sees her life change from cleaning in a surreal hair salon to full-time employment working shifts listening to people’s problems, grievances and their wish lists, one lady speaking on behalf of her boyfriend “I wish the Madonna would find a job for my boyfriend in a supermarket, doing the shift from 3 pm to 8pm ” Manuela is making big bucks for her mother and the church by heading the “Factory of Hope” team. The scene where the priest sorts though her wardrobe is hilarious turning this colourful teenager into a drap Saint, untill one day…….. Torre has left the ending up to the viewer, you belive or you don’t the ending will be based on your religious beliefs.


Diciottanni – Il mondo ai miei piedi, 18 Years – The World at my Feet

by Marianne Wi

Director: Elisabetta Rocchetti, directed and wrote the screenplay for this her first feature, sadly she also gave herself a starring role, I say sadly as Rocchetti’s face seem frozen by fillers and Botox, apart from her lips that appear to have done major battle with a beehive. IMDB and Mymovies have her birthday on the 21.05.1970, where as her official fan page has it as 25.05.1975. I remember her from L’imbalsmatore, The Embalmer 2001 and Piano 17, The 17th Floor 2005, Rocchetti managed to act in both of these films without moving an eyebrow, a shame as it detracts from the film.

We follow a young man Ludovico, who finds himself attracted to a number of much older lady’s all of whom have faces very much frozen in time, only Luisa (Rosa Pianeta) the mother of one of his school friends could act, the look of disbelief when Ludovico fell into her bed was adorable and charming, followed with the inevitable sadness as he left her untouched, she was great.

Cast :  Marco Rulli, Marco Iannitello, Elisabetta Rocchetti, Alessia Barela, Nina Torresi, G.Max, Rosa Pianeta, Monica Cervini

Synopsis : Ludovico (Marco Rulli) was raised by his uncle Luciano (G. Max) who is a drug addict, with low moral values to pass on this is nephew, who was orphaned at the tender age of ten. Ludovico has reached 18 

years of age and is searching for that unconditional love he never received from his mother, can it be achieved by having sex with mature women? Ludevico is up for a bit of research. Luca (Marco Iannitello) is a close friend whose mother teaches both of them Literature, Ludovico tried her out but did not find what he was looking for, sex with your best friends mother should carry a warning. Onwards and upwards Ludovico has a relationship with his uncles lover Giulia (Elisabetta Rocchetti) it can only lead to trouble and it does. Adolescence, raving hormones, mood swings and a big existential question was promised, sadly Marco Rulli did not deliver any of those, a passionless performance. The film is out in Italy on the 29th April 2011


Manuale D’amore 3, The Manual of Love 3

by Marianne Wi

Giovanni Veronesi’s 3 offering from his Manual of Love series. I am looking forward to the release of this one, as it will have Robert De Niro playing an American Collage Proffesor living in Rome , needless to say there will be love, there has to be it is in the title. De Niro will be speaking Italian troughout and I have it on good autority that no voiceover will be used, what you hear is De Niro .

It will be released in Italy on the 25th February 2011. Loving the Trailer already.


La bellezza del somaro, Love and Slaps

by Marianne Wi

Director : Sergio Castellitto, is a prolific director, actor and very well know in his native Italy, he has also had great success in the rest of the world, I am sure this film will make it onto the International Film Festival Scene. Castillitto has produced and/or acted in the following films among others: L’uomo delle stelle, The Star Maker, Caterina va in cita, Catarina goes to town, Non ti muovere, Don’t move, Il regista di matrimoni, The Wedding Director, Italians, Tris di donne & abiti nuziali, Bets & Wedding Dresses, Alza la testa, Raise Your Head. There are many more the above have been shown abroad and are all out on DVD.

Cast : Erika Blanc, Barbara Bobulova, Sergio Castellitto, Marco Giallini, Emmanuela Grimalda, Gianfelice Imarato, Enzo Jannacci, Renato Marchetti, Laura Morante.

Best Moment : Every scene with the Ass was a joy.

Worst Moment:  The realisation that the only protagonist in this film not having a relationship was the Ass.

Humour does not travel well from country to country, I avoid when possible all the cruise ship comedies together will all the Santa films flooding the Italian cinemas at Xmas, they never make it onto the international scene and rightly so they are not funny unless you are Italian. The Beauty of the Ass is one such film, I saw it as I hold Castellitto in high regard and there were little else in the cinema over the festive period. It was the most “silly” film I have seen in 2010, I was often having to cover my face in despair as one Italian candidature after another was played out in front of the audience, that said 3 ladies sitting behind me declared it the best film in 2010 , not knowing how many they have seen this may be irrelevant , however they positively loved it. Humour is a very very personal thing.

Synopsis: (SPOILER ALERT)  A bourgeois  Italian family living in Rome with their 2 children are going through a crises, the parents are middle age open-minded intellectuals or are they ?. The family sets off to Tuscany for a holiday with a group of old friends, where they are introduced to Amando and his Bonsai-tree, their daughters new love interest. There are every comedy scene from every Italian comedy you have ever seen forced into the next 107 minutes. There are some great acting and some funny scenes however too much all in one, a great opportunity to tackle the old Lolita subject in a thought provoking manner was missed by turning every shot into comedy. The film could only end in one way of course much to the relief of the paying public, when it was reveled that no sex nay a kiss between the two had taken place.

I do think it will show up at an International Film Festival apart for Castellitto himself  Barbara Bobulova and Laura Morante are all well know outside Italy.  A very small glass of Chianti would perhaps make this film easier to watch or as part of a cultural exchange learning about Italian humour.

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