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A Star is born! Bop Decameron, Bella Ciao!

by Marianne Wi

Woody Allen is making headline news while shooting in the historic centre of Rome. The star of the shoot yesterday was our loveable traffic cop Pierluigi Marchionne, who no doubt is hoping for financial recognition somewhere along the line, although being an extra in Italy is considered an unpaid honor, I think Marchionne might be looking for something more substantial. Allen had watched Marchionne in action some days earlier and had insisted on the real thing being in his new film, it was not originally in the script. Rome, Piazza Venezia is an exciting place unless you are on foot or on a push bike, to be safe you will do well sitting in an armoured car with a police escort. The traffic in Rome is fast and furious during the day and as a traffic cop you need lungs of steel and a good whistle, they can give the Sicilian Granita Van a run for their money, they use the same tools of the trade to attract attention. Pierluigi Marchionne is a 37 year old Italian from Latina, a town purpose build by Benito Mussolini in the mid 1930s, it leaves little to the imagination and Marchionne escaped to Rome working for the Polizia Municipale (Italian Traffic Police) for a number of years, during a short interview with an excited Marchionne he said ”I had to be the director of traffic, the director of the various scenes meeting at the Piazza, I never in my life expected this” no doubt he will be seeing a lot more traffic at the Piazza from now on, with the amount of local tourism he will be generating. Marchionne was spoken to by Woody Allen in English at all times, not a problem for our man in white as he use to be in the “Foreign Trade” …….. Allen is a hands on director speaking with Marchionne throughout the 8 takes lasting 1.30 hours, there may be more takes in Piazza Venetzia chaps.


Posti In Piedi In Paradiso, Standing Room In Paradise

by Marianne Wi

So much is going on in the streets of Rome at the moment that Carlo Verdone has taken to the Studios of Cinecittà, where he has started shooting his new film “Posti In Piedi In Paradiso”, “Standing Room In Paradise” (possible English Title) it is a comedy as always when Verdone gets involved, it will be shot over the next 10 weeks in Rome, Cinecittà Studios and Paris. Posti In Piedi In Paradiso has one of my favorite Italian actors starring in it namely Pierfrancesco Favino always a delight to watch, Marco Gialli you might remember him from La Bellezza del somaro, Love and Slaps directed by Sergio Castellitto, he has great comic timing as has the actress Micaela Ramazzotti, a great Italian actress, starring too will be Verdone himself who apart from directing also co-wrote the screenplay, will be a good payday for some when this film is released in 2012.  Other cast members have been announced, they are Diane Fleri, Nicoletta Romanoff, Valentina D’Agostino, Nadir Caselli, Maria Luisa De Cresceno and Giulia Greco. The film revolves around three separated men and their economic and emotional instability, they decide to share a flat to save money and support each other through thick and thin…….. I am laughing already.


Giuseppe Piccioni is shooting “The Red and blue”

by Marianne Wi

Giuseppe Piccioni has started shooting his new film in Rome, he is a director you will know from Luce dei miei occhi, Light of  My Eyes 2001, La vita che vorrie, The Life That I Want 2004 and Giulia non esce la sera, Giulia Does Not Date at Night 2009, this new exciting project is based on a book written by Marco Lodoli “Il rosso e il blu, cuori ed errori nella scuola italiana”,”The Red and The Blue, and Errors Committed in Italian Schools ” (possible English Title) released in 2009. I should imagine the film will only be called ” The Red and The Blue”. I am flying by the seats of my pans, when I say Scamarcio will be the young inexperienced teacher with problems and Herlitzka the old cynical professor with many years behind him. I have been promised my favourite Italian actress Margherita Buy will also be starring with Riccardo Scamarcio and the talented Roberto Herlitzka, now I want to know who the rest of the cast is and when we get to see this germ at the cinema, it is quiet on the film front in Italy…too quiet.


Nowt so queer as folk or the Italian Legal System

by Marianne Wi

Mario Monicelli, who committed suicide in November of 2010 by jumping from a hospital window at the age of 95 has a disgruntled wife, named Chiara Rapaccini. Rapaccini has with the help of a number of artists tried to sue Paola Binetti, who claimed Monicelli had killed himself as he had been abandoned by all his friends, she lost the case as Binetti claimed her right to immunity under Italian law. Rapaccini is not impressed and during a visit to the Bangkok’s Italian Film Festival MovieMov yesterday (09.06.2011) she expressed her wish to appeal, receiving a lot of applause and love from the room. Paola Binetti, is an Italian oddball, who was born on the 29 March 1943 in Rome, she studied medicine and surgery before going into politics, she has been involved with a number of parties during her very active time there, the latest being the UDC. Binetti, made headlines in Europe, when she in 2007 on live TV suggested that all gay and lesbians should seek medical help as she considered homosexuality an illness and that strong gay tendencies can lead to pedophilia, she is a member of Opus Dei a group believing in self-flagellation “forces us to reflect on the effort of living,” . Rapaccini, lost the case against Binetti as the latter claimed to have the right to receive immunity under Italian law, well there should be no surprise there really with our much-loved Berlusconi as leader amongst men, Binetti should be quite safe. Chiara Rapaccini is appealing, I hope it will not fall on deaf ears.

Previous blog on Mario Monicelli 

MovieMov Italian Film Festival Bangkok


L’Isola del Cinema, a must if you are in Rome this summer

by Marianne Wi

I love Rome, actually I love everything about Rome except the graffiti, most of all I love its cinemas, there are your big old buildings converted into Multiplexes with smaller screening rooms, there is a superb free cinema  Casa del Cinema in Villa Borghese, although sadly they will have to start charging from 1st July 2011, as all cinemas ticket will attract 1 Euro in Tax from then onwards, then you have the smallest cinema in the world Cinema Dei Piccoli also in Villa Borghese showing children films and cartoons during the day followed by more adult material in the evening, already spoilt for choise, I think you are with me so far. Summer is here and so is L’Isola del Cinema found on L’Isola Tiberina, the most wonderful venue for an openair Cinema, there is no drive in you will need to cross an ancient bridge to get to it, worth going just for the brilliant atmosphere and gorgeous surroundings alone, grab a Melon Granita at the mobile bar by the bridge before the show, so your Italian is not red hot? OK, you can always catch a glimpse from the surrounding streets Lungo Tevere if you are out for a small romantic stole or doing an evening run. The first screening will be on the 16th June and will continue untill the 4th of September 2011, the programme is exciting with film both current and retro, the programme will be available from  L’isola del Cinemas here.

There are no dress code however as you know the Italians like to ” Fare la Bella Figura” so make a little effort if you can and a word to the wise, leave the newly bought ode de perfume at the hotel, just bring a good mosquito spray instead, once you have settled in you will be seduced by the odour ” OFF'” or “CITRONELLA” and find it rather welcoming and very soothing once the Tigers starts hitting on you.


Alessandro Preziosi and Vittoria Puccini the aftermath

by Marianne Wi

 Diva & Dona have caught the pair in less than romantic circumstances, I am trying to analyse this non story as it appeared on their front page. Well, Puccini was reduced to tears, not in front of Preziosi in fact he was not there…. no she was hugging a female friend while crying her eyes out on the streets of Rome in front of the paparazzi ? Living in London for so many years have made me cynical, I apologies in advance, surely to God if you are feeling delicate, hurt, angry, betrayed, used or just generally pissed off, you cry in private , right ?. I think this is a case of Diva & Dona running a non story, we have had little sun in Italy of late so few bikini clad Celebes to put on the front page…… Now the Magazine Chi on the other hand caught Vittoria Puccini with Claudio Santamaria on holiday……. watch this space !

Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon


Anna Longhi has died

by Marianne Wi

Anna Longhi has die in Rome on the 13th May 2011 at the age of 76 from complications after contracting pneumonia in 2010. Longhi was loved in Italy and has acted in 24 films both on the big screen and on TV. Alberto Sordi was a great fan of this lady and they shared many films, her last film A Natale mi sposo, I will marry at Christmas directed by Paolo Costellai, was released in Italy in November 2010 , she will be sadly missed.


“Ciao Bella” not “Bop Decameron” not “The Wrong Picture” Directed by Woody Allan

by Marianne Wi

There are rumors galore here in Italy and they are hot, could have melted the iceberg that collided with the Titanic, had it not been too late. Woody Allan’s new film “Bop Decameron” and not  “The Wrong Picture” as first reported is due to be shot in Rome later this year, will not only be starring Alec Baldwin, Penélope Cruz, Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg, now the rumors started by, (I say rumors they may very will be in possession of the true facts) will also be starring Roberto Benigni, who famously won 2 Oscars for Life is Beautiful in 1997 for his role as Guido Orefice and as a director of the film. Will the world be ready for 2 comic geniuses in one production, one driven by heavy dialogue the other by slapstick with a touch of the dramatic, will they gel ? I guess it is a game of wait and see.

Update 14.05.2011

Not just a rumor, Woody Allen has confirmed yesterday at Cannes Film Festival, that Roberto Benigni will not just play a cameo role in his next film “Bop Decameron” it will be a great meaty role, shot in the centre of Rome during the month of August, there will be a number of other great Italian actors too, however no names were mentioned.  The film was first known as “The Wrong Picture” I now hear it will be called “Bop Decameron” what ever they decide to all it I am excited about this film already.

Update 08.06.2011 Ohhh yes there is more:

apart from Roberto Benigni a number of other Italian Actors and an Actress have been confirmed and we have a 3rd possible title for this film too and it has not even started to shoot yet…..Rocco Papaleo, Riccardo Scamarcio, Isabella Ferrari, Sergio Rubini and Massimo Ghini, that is what I call a cassata a really strange mix and I wonder if Roberto Benigni has suddenly had second thoughts as he reads this news, well not mine I am sure others will have pointed this new development out to him, this is going to be some lineup.


Alessandro Preziosi and Vittoria Puccini what now ?

by Marianne Wi

You may well be wondering after Diva e Donna an Italian weekly Magazine, exposed Puccini’s alleged affair with Claudio Santamaria in last weeks issue. We have been blessed with some excellent and heartwarming news with matching photos of the couple again from D & D, who are always on the sport. The photos were published in their Easter issue and I think you will agree they will be tucking at your heartstrings just a little, sweet family photos of Presiozi and Puccini together with their lovely daughter Elena now 5 years of age. They were papped outside Elena’s school this week, when a very pensive looking Puccini met up to handover Elena to Preziosi, great to see such good behavior in front of the child, a lesson to be learned by many feuding couples. There are no news about  Preziosi and Puccini getting back together again, it is still believed Puccini is snuggling up close to Santamaria. All photos are by Diva & Donna.


Preziosi and Roncione together ?   09.06.2011

Preziosi and the Stylist  08.06.2011

For additional information on Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria it’s official the latest news  14.04.11

23rd May 2011 Vittoria Puccini and Cladio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon


Se sei cosi ti dico si, If You are like That, I say Yes (poss. English title)

by Marianne Wi

There are no reason to believe this film will get any International interest, however I have said that before and found that the film went on to have great success at International Film Festivals.

Director : Eugenio Cappuccio has acted, written screenplays and already directed a number of films : Volevo solo dormirele addosso 2004  shown in San Francisco in 2005, there are no sign of an English title though and I think “I only wanted to sleep on top of her” directly translated sounds like an unlikely title – Uno su due , One Out of  Two 2007 .

Cast : Emilio Solfrizzi, Belen Rodriquez, Iaia Forte, Roberto de Francesco, Toto Onis, Salvatore Marino, Pinuccio Sinisi, Eleonora Albrecht, Manuele Morabito, Francesca Faiella, Azzurra Martino

Synobsis :  Lets set the scene then for this light comedy, we find Piero Cicala (Emilio Solfrizzi) who was a one hit wonder in the 80s with the song  “Io, te e il mare ” ” Me you and the Sea” , it sold millions and he had a tasted fame. Cicala lives in a small village in Puglia and spends his time as a waiter in a restaurant named King Octopus owned by his now ex-wife Marta (Iaia Forte), often hanging out with his close friend Gianni (Toto Onnis) a Barber who was a musician, now often found speaking to the octopus, odd I think you will agree but we all remember the very clever Spanish Octopus Paul, who correctly predicted the results of 7 World Cup Football matches last year, so who are we to snicker.

Out of the blue arrive Emissario (Fabrizio Buompastore) with a proposal to participate in a TV show called “The Best Years”  at first reluctant, should he or should he not ? Cicala relents in the end lured by the smell of fame and the prommise of a visit to Rome entices him into action. In the Hotel Cicala meets the world famous Cortes Talita (Belen Rodreques) who is in Rome launching a new product, the eyes of the world is on her and for reasons not known her eyes are on Cicala, well perhaps too many alcoholic drinks was to blame.

Talita declares to the world press that Cicala is her new boyfriend and they take off in a private jet heading to the US of A, where his singing unlike at home is greeted with great enthusiasm.

The film is very well shot, worth watching just for that reason alone and it is a nice enough watch on a rainy afternoon, Belen; I wish to God her forehead would move so that her painted on eyebrows looked less fake, we need a law banning Botox and acting ever being shown on the same screen.

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