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Giallo, Yellow and Dario Argento

by Marianne Wi

Giallo directed by Dario Argento was released in 2009, however it is only now being distributed into the Italian Cinemas (01.07.2011). I am still sitting upright at my desk expecting the worst to happen, phobias of which I had non are forming in the grey matter as I type. Whooorrrr a too graphic yet compelling watch, if you like Argento it is certainly worth watching, yet it is not quite up to his usual high standard and I am at a loss to understand why it took 2 years to be distributed to the general public, it is already out on DVD so it seems sort off pointless now, Italian distribution has always been one of life’s great mysteries. Giallo, does have quiet moments and does not always flow as well as it could have done, the unbelievable sub-plot, one about the Inspectors early life as a killer, covered-up by a passing policeman did spoil an otherwise believable storyline.

Director : Dario Argento, certainly one of Italy top directors in the genre of movies is famous for them outside Italy too, you often find Suspira 1977 on a list of “Top Ten Horror Movies” of all time, watch Gaillo and you will be scared, do not be embarrassed just hide under the desk or where ever you feel safe…that said it is not Suspira, so do not hold your breath.

Cast : Adrien Brody, Emmanuelle Seiger, Elsa Pataky, Robert Miano, Valentian Izumi, Sato Oi, Luis Molteni, Taiyo Yamanouchi, Daniela Fazzolari, Nicolo Morselli, Gueseppe Lo Console, Anna Carello, Lorenzo Pedrotti, Farhad Re, Barbara Mautino

Synobsis : Woman get into Taxi and is not seen again before turning up dead and mutilated in a Square in Turin, there are at least 4 known cases of this type of murder, that is the story in a nutshell. We follow first a Japanese lady, then and American lady getting into a Taxi and later we see some of the mutilations being done by a sexual predator and sadist, I think you will agree that he is a real badass. Inspector Enzo Avolfi is on the case helped by the sister of  the American victim, there is a lot of blood and it takes awhile before we understand what Giallo is all about, it is all about the colour Yellow and nothing to do with a crime mystery as you might originally have suspected.

Out in the cinemas here in Italy on the 01.07.2011 and already out on DVD with English subtitles among others.

Giallo, Yellow directed by Dario Argento has a release date   14.06.2011


Giallo, Yellow directed by Dario Argento has a release date

by Marianne Wi

You would think that with a name like Dario Argento getting your film distributed would be a breeze, it would appear not to be so. Argento’s whodunit “Giallo” was finished and released in 2009, yet has only just received the green light here in Italy and will be released on the 1st July 2011. It has done a number of International Film Festivals around the world and three Festivals here in Italy, it is actually already out on DVD in the USA, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, Greece, Sweden and Italy so why release it now, how bad can it be or is it just too scary…. ?. I shall report back as soon as I get the chance to see it, I am already pronto at the bus stop. Argento is Italy’s numero uno, when it comes to a good thrillers, horror, murder and suspense movie, my all time favorite is Suspira an utterly exciting and brilliantly timed scary movie from 1977, when noticing cracks in the ceiling even today 34 years later, I worry about maggots falling on my lilly whites.

The cast in this film is international star Adrien Brody who plays Inspector Emmanuelle Seigne, it also stars Elsa Pataky, Robert Miano and Valentina Itzumi among others.

Quote from the film “Sometimes you have to do, what has to get done” The Trailer is scary, the photo above a good indication of what you might be treated to…..

UPDATE: After posting this blog , these four words hit me ” already out on DVD” so I did some research and found this film and was able to review it…do have a look on

Giallo, Yellow directed by Dario Argento  sometime when you blog you need to think first and even act first before blogging 😉

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