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The Guetteur, Il cecchino, The Sniper director Michele Placido, its a rap.

by Marianne Wi

Michele Placido has for the past four weeks been shooting his new venture Le Guetteur, Il cecchino, The Sniper in the streets of Paris, he has  directed the final scenes in the heart of the French capital and is properly looking forward to some good pasta aldente and a glass of chilled white.  The Sniper is a French film starring Daniel Auteuil,  who is playing head of police in hot pursuit of Mathieu Kossovitz our sniper who foiled the arrest of a group of bank robbers by killing numerous Police Officers. The Sniper will have a number of Italian Actors too, Raoul Bova was originally signed up raving about his great joy of being able to work with one of Italy’s greatest directors ……. only having to pull out due to other work commitments, he is currently shooting Ultimo 4, I saw Ultimo 1 whatever happened to 2 and 3 ? anyway a favorite Italian eye candy of mine without a big ego is Luca Argentero has taken over the role. This film sounds very much like a police thriller, yet Placido has pronounced it a ”noir” the latest trend among Italian film makers. Placido describes this film as and I quote “It’s a film about Western decadence of the age we live in and on the eternal struggle between good and evil.” I think we can look forward to that sometime early spring 2012 unless they decide to keep in under wraps untill Cannes.

Cast : Daniel Auteuil, Mathieu Kassovitz, Violante Placido, Luca Argentero, Arly Jover, Oliver Gourmet, Francis Renaud and Nicolas Briançon.


Top Ten Italian Award Winners of the Last Decade (Male)

by Marianne Wi

I was recently asked to provide a list of my top 5 Italian Films released during the first 6 months of 2011, I am seriously struggling to find 3 so while I am  having a heated debate with my virtual self, I have been taking a look at the past decade, who in the Italian Film Industry have  won the most awards ? Exciting stuff on a hot day in Sicily, I have separated the winners into male and female categories, because I can.

Top Awards given to an Italian Male during the last decade are :

10   Antonio Martino with 38

08  Michele Placido with 40  (shared)

08  Matteo Garrone with 40  (shared)

06  Michelangelo Frammartino 41 ( for one film Le quattro volte, The Four Times 2010)(shared)

06  Giuseppe Tornatore with 41 (shared)

05  Marco Bellocchino with 42

04  Pupi Avati with 44

03  Ferzan Ozpetek with 54

02  Paolo Sorrentino with 61

01  Giorgio Diritti with 63

I loved Diritti’s film Il vento fa il suo giro, The Wind goes round out in 2005,  it was a truly awesome film from this Italian first time director. Diritti followed that up with L’Uomo che Verrà, The Man That Will Come, I was very disappointed with that particular film purely because Spike Lee directed Miracle at St. Anna a year earlier, it was panned in Italy although a 100 % superior production, more and less the same subject bar a few black soilders and the sex of a child, I am still quietly seething over the Italians reaction to Spike Lee, do not critique or even express an opinion about a film you have not seen, that is all I am saying. Information courtesy of the great folk of Cinema Info.


Moscow International Film Festival, biggest Italian fest outside Italy ?

by Marianne Wi
Whoooor…… Я люблю Россию, the Moscow International Film Festival is kicking off on the 23rd June and will be screening 15 Italian films with 2 documentaries thrown in for good measure, before closing its doors on the 2nd July 2011. It is not often you see so many entries in an International Festival 15 from one European country that alone is something to boast about, I needed to check that it was not in fact an Italian Film Festival held in Moscow, cynical ? never, no just baffled and enormously pleased for Italian films.
The Italian entries are:
Et in Terra Pax, Peace on Earth directed by Mateo Botrugno, Daniele Coluccini
Gianni e le Donne, The Salt of Life directed by Gainni di Gregorio
Habemus Papam, We Have a Pope directed by Nanni Moretti
L’amore Buio, directed by Antonio Capuano
La bellezza del somaro, Love and Slaps directed by Sergio Castellitto
La prima notte della luna, New Moon directed by Massimo Guglielmi
La vita facile, An Easy Life directed by Lucio Pellegrini
La rose del deserto directed by Mario Monicelli
Noi credevamo, We Believed directed by Mario Martone
Sorelle Mai, The Sisters Mai directed by Marco Bellocchio
8 1/2 directed by Federico Fellini
Documentaries are:
Liliana Cavani Una Donna nel cinema, Liliana Cavani a Woman in the Cinema directed by Peter Marcias
Marco Ferreri, Il register che venne dal futuro, The Director That Came from the Future directed by Mario Canale
What a show Moscow is putting on for Italy, great selection of films to be seen in the stunning capital of the old Russia. Do not miss it and do keep it smart, the dowdy Russian is a bit of a myth folks so keep it elegante and make Italy count, there is no harm in showing a bit of the tricolor on a night out on the town, насладиться вечером.


Brussels Film Festival BIFF is preparing to rock

by Marianne Wi

Brussels Film Festival is preparing to rock, when it kicks off on the 22nd June it will screen 5 Italian films before closing its doors on the 29th June 2011, we like Belgium just a little bit more because of that.

There are 2 films in competition:

Out of competition we have 3 films :
  • Io sono l’amore, I am love directed by Luca Guadagnino, this film has traveled well, received numerous awards and even more nominations, Italian film at its best.
  • Buna ce faci? Hello how are you ? directed by Alexnadru Maftei, it is a co production between Italy, Spain and Romania. This is a new kid on the blog, I have not seen it however it was shown at the Palm Springs International Film Festival this year and here are their synopsis : “Musician Gabriel and dimpled dry-cleaning proprietress Gabriela live like two strangers who no longer see each other. But in humorous contrast to their staid, passionless lives, characters in a constant state of sexual arousal surround them. Their libidinous teen son, whose hilarious voiceover commentary intermittently provides important narrative information, prides himself on being the high school stud and aspires to a career in porn. Gabriela’s sexy employee switches boyfriends the way she changes clothes. And despite being married, Gabriel’s colleague is working his way through the female members of their orchestra. Ultimately, the two Gabys find their virtual affairs reconnect them with their own desires, but in a way less movie-fantasy and more satisfying real-life”. Sounds like a film not to be missed to me.
  • The Passage directed by Roberto Minervini, this movie is being shown as still in post production, there are no poster and no trailer as I type this, I guess it will not be long before it is released now,  I have found a synopsis written by Marfared for IMDB :”A woman in her 60s with terminal cancer, a man in his 40s recently out of jail, and a British artist in his 50s come together by chance and take a road trip to Marfa, TX. Each are looking for something to give them hope, when hope is in short supply. They share profound experiences, across the Texas landscape from big cities to barren desert towns. What started as a convenient ride becomes much more, an opportunity to heal the deepest wounds, that only love with no strings attached can do” sounds like an interesting film to me, one to look out for.
Brussels is going to be fun, so remember to swing by and take in a few movies while you are there unless of course yu are living there in which case you should buy a Festival Pass, there are a number of other very interesting films you would not want to miss.

Alessandro Preziosi and Dajana Roncione an item ?

by Marianne Wi

Alessandro Preziosi only left the set of Pappi Corsicato’s new venture “Il volto di un’altra” “The Face of Another” and his well documented fling with Nastassja Kinspergher a Stylish working on the film being shot at San Candido, Tyrol to drive to Bolzano Airport to pick up his next conquest Djana Roncione, who according to Diva & Donna threw herself in his arms. Dajana Roncione is a Sicilian Actress, who has starred in a number of films here in Italy, such as Il Gran Sognio, The Big Sleep directed by Michele Placido and also Baaria directed by Giuseppe Veronese so not an unknown entity here, they incidentally made a film together last year called  “Edda Ciano e il comunista” , fast work by Preziosi no arguing that.

 “Edda Ciano e il comunista” “Edda Ciano and the Communist” was directed by Graziano Diana and has a release date of 11th March 2011,when it was shown on Italian TV Rai Uno. It also stars Stefania Rocca and is shot here in Sicily around the Lipari and Aeolian Islands. Edda Ciano passed away in 1995 and was the eldest daughter of Benito Mussolini, just incase you were wondering, Edda had an interesting life. Wether their romance started back then, while he was still with Vittoria Puccini is another matter all together. Preziosi and Roncione drove off into the mountains for a romantic weekend break, no one bothered to follow them ?????…DRAN ! Photos are from Diva & Donna issue 23, I just love those guys.

Alessandro Preziosi Il Rubacuore or just a big flirt ?

Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon  22.05.2011

Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria it is official 14.04.2011

To see all the write-ups on Preziosi and Puccini look under category “News Flash ” and Vittoria Puccini and ……..


Transilvania goes Italian in Sibiu and Cluj-Napoca

by Marianne Wi

The Transylvanian International Film Festival kickers off in Cluj-Napoca on the 3rd June with a number of Italian films until the 12th of June 2011, where it will pack its bags and move onto Sibiu, running from the 15th June 2011 untill the doors slams shut on the 19th June 2011.

Transylvania, I know me too, vision of black horses dragging an old carriage that would rival the Royal Wedding in the UK, vampires , Count Dracula, garlic and a gold crosses, horror galore, that is what Transylvania means to me too, now is the time to move on, give the people of Romania a change to shine, both Sibiu and Cluj-Napoca are impressive towns, there are so many interesting places, you would not know what to see first.

The Festival is in its 10th year and is giving Italy a good showcase, what films have they picked this year ? Here is your list:

Vallanzasca – Gli angeli del male, Angles of Evil directed by Michael Placido

Le Quattro Volte, The Four Times directed by Michelangelo Frammartino.

Gianni e le donne, The Salt of Life  directed by Gianni Di Gregorio

La boca del lupo directed by Pietro Marcello

Solitude of Numbers directed by Saverio Costanzo

Somewhere directed by Sophia Coppola ok ok its not Italian, I just could not resist.


Michele Placido and Bettino Craxi.

by Marianne Wi

In an interview recently Michele Placido expressed his wish to direct a film about the infamous Prime Minister of Italy Bettino Craxi, it would appear that the screenplay is in place and that Placido has already sought support from Craxis daughter Stefania. Who you ask would he want to play this statesman, non other than Luca Zingaretti , could be another Il Divo if you ask me.

Bettino Craxi died in hiding in Hammamet in Tunisia 2000 under the protection of Ben Ali the Tunisian dictator now also on the run from justice. He was perhaps not as corrupt as Silvio Berlusconi is today but he was at least convicted.

Craxi is famous for defending the taking of bribes during his reign as Prime Minister by declaring that as everyone took them it was justifiable. On Craxis tomb is written La mia libertà equivale alla mia vita (“My freedom is my life”). Why do a film on Craxi when we have Berlusconi so much more interesting , don’t you think  ?



Fans of Michele Placido and Kim Rossi Stuart, get your skates on !

by Marianne Wi

Tonight and tonight only “Ladies” you can attend the screening and Q&A at the Cine Lumiere , 17 Queensbury Place, London SW7 2DT at 20.40. Both Placido and Rossi Stuart will be there for the screening of Angles of Evil, Vallanzasca  Gli angeli del male or just hop along from the Pub down the road and get a quick autograph. Timing is everything , they will be arriving at the front and will also have to leave that way after the  Q&A usually a  30 minutes affair , the film is 125 minute long add the time for the Q&A, you should be seeing the two heart-throbs leaving at  23.20 ish, arrive early to avoid disappointment. If the Criminal Novel, Romanzo Criminale was your cup of tea, you will enjoy this offering from Placido also starring Rossi Stuart.


Diva E Donne is at it again….. Riccardo Scamarcio, Valeria Galino, Sean Penn and Deniz Ozdogan, what is going on?

by Marianne Wi

Diva E Donne is at it again….. Riccardo Scamarcio, Valeria Galino, Sean Penn and Deniz Ozdogan, what is going on?

Nothing is going on, that’s what!

Nothing, I am putting my seize 38 down and stopping this silly publicity stunt. At least try to pretend to have these dates in secret will you and not right in front of the Paparazzi. The tickets for Romeo and Juliette are selling well so give it a rest.


Last week Riccardo Scamarcio and Deniz Ozdogan were seen half smooching in front of a photographer, just before the opening night of Romeo  &  Juliette  at the Teatro Eliseo in Rome. No, not actually kissing that would have rubbed Valeria Galino up the wrong way. On the 14th of February at the first night,RS and VG were seen out dinning with friends , no sign of any discord at all.



Valeria Galino went out with Sean Penn two nights ago, big deal they have known each other for years  actually since he directed her in The Indian Runner back in 1991, they were seen having dinner with Paolo Sorrentino the evening of the “Romantic “ strol,  I always thought 3 was a crowd and Riccardo Scamarcio actually joint them later that evening too.




The photo of RS and DO after kissing on stage, what pray tell is that all about? Would Diva & Donne have Romeo and Juliette re-written to fit this publicity stunt, may Shakespeare thunder in his Round House?


Riccardo Scamarcio and Valeria Galino were papped outside the Teatro Eliseo, they spoke briefly before he drove off pensively into the night, while she took a Taxi…ahhh I am wondering if she might be off to see Michele Placido, I think he is doing something in Rome with a Taxi or was he being interview by  (I will get back to you on that story, unless D&D gets the photos out first.)

As I blogged on the 17th December 2010 , Valeria is writing her first screen play , it will feature RS and show him in a different light no less , further more I see no problems romantically in the bottom of my coffee cup ,crystal ball or tealeafs………Now tell me about a new Dramatic, Thriller will you !





Los Angeles Italian Film Festival is kicking off.

by Marianne Wi

Los Angeles Italian Film Festival is flinging its doors open tomorrow, with a great list of feature films,documentaries and shorts. The list is impressive and very exciting indeed , there are a number of World Premiers too, they always makes me feel a wee bit jealous and am overwhelmed by an urge to hop on the next plane , hate missing the hot stuff. This festival is free all you need to do is turn up on a first come first serve basis…..It does not get any better than that folks do attend and yes do try to look elegante will you .

I am so very upset not to have seen The House by the Medlar Tree Malavoglia by Pasquale Scimeca it premiered at the London Film Festival in October, no date as yet for Italy, so exasperating don’t you think . I hope it does NOT follow  Rosso Malpelo also directed by Pasquale Scimeca it was never released nationwide here in Italy…grrrr grrr I think is an appropriate whinge.


The Festival runs from the 20th February when it opens with a documentary in of honor Dino De Laurentiis Hannibal Directed by Ridley Scott and closes on the 26th with Welcome to the south, Benvenuti al sud  Directed by Luca Miniero.


I mentioned World Premiers here is the list :

Father, Directed by Pasquale Squitieri

Rasputin Directed by Louis Nero

Atlantis Down Directed by Max Bartoli

The uneven Rome, La vita disperse Directed by Luca Fantasia

South of New York, A sud di NEW York Directed by Elena Bonelli


There are US premiers too folks:

Sorella Mai Directed by Marco Bollocchio

Angles of Evil, Vallanzasca – Gli angeli del male Direted by Michele Placido

The Vanishing of Pato, La scomparsa di Pato Directed by Rocco Mortelliti

Into Paradiso, Into Paradise Directed by Paola Randi

Men VS Women Directed by Fausto Brizzi

Women VS Men Directed by Fausto Brizzi

Cado dalle nubi Directed by Gennaro Nunzianti

I am with you , Io sono con te irected by Guido Chiesa

Gorbaciof Directed by Stefano Incerti

The Woman of my dreams, La donna della mia vita Directed by Luca Lucini


Honoring Dino De Laurentiis

Hannibal  Directed by Ridley Scott

Bitter Rice Directed by  Giuseppe De Santis

La Strada Directed by  by Federico Fellini


Tribute to Marco Bellocchio

Fists in the Pocket

My Mother’s Smile

The Wedding Director


Good Morning, Night

Sorella Mai


Honoring Mario Monicelli Big Deal on Madonna Street by Mario Monicelli


Other great films in the offering to tease you into the Mann Chinese 6 are :

Allonsanfan by Paolo e Vittorio Taviani

Piano Solo by Riccardo Milani

Liberty by Florestano Vancini

Along the Ridge by Kim Rossi Stuart

Garibaldi: the General by Luigi Magni

The Bandit of Tacca del Lupo by Pietro Germi

The Keys to the House by Gianni Amelio

One Hundred Steps by Marco Tullio Giordana

The House by the Medlar Tree by Pasquale Scimeca

The Bright Side of the Moon by Massimo Guglielmi

I am Love , Io sono amore by Luca Guadagnino

1960 by Gabriele Salvatores

Hayfever , Febbre da fieno by Laura Luchetti

Che bella giornata by Gennaro Nunziante


I think you will agree ,this free festival is truely awesome.











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