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Valeria Golino, Riccardo Scamarcio and a Wedding-planner?

by Marianne Wi

Valeria Golino, who has reached the grand age of 44 has reportedly said ”YES” to Riccardo Scamarcio who with his 32 years is 12 years her Junior, shock and horror, you go girl.

I know it is the news no one really wants to hear, yet the couple has been glued together since meeting during the shooting of ”Texas” directed by Fausto Paravidino back in 2005. This little snippet of news actually makes no difference to any of the young ladies, and I use that term loosely, currently lusting after Scamarcio. There are as yet no official wedding date and Golino looked her radiant self at Taormina, where she picked up two Silver Ribbons last week, no loose fitted clothing so no pregnancy to report HA ! I shall keep my ever-watchful eye on those ” Beach Photos” currently hitting the Italian News Stands via Glossy Mags, no fear.


Nauta, The Sailor (Possible English Title)

by Marianne Wi
Director : This is Pappada Guido first feature film, it has been described as a Road Movie on water by the Italian critics, who gave it mixed reviews. It is a dreamy fairytale come feel good sort of a film, beautiful shot with blue and yellow undertones thought out, it must have been awkward shooting some of the scenes due to the difficult circumstances on the boat, getting some of the angles must have demanded great skill. I enjoyed the mix of oddballs sailing off in search of their individual dreams, getting away from it all. Luca Ward as Davide was awesome, obviously a sailor at heart, Elena di Ciccio as the drug addict, present on the boat as daddy had invested money in the trip, was excellent too, great casting.
Cast: Massimo Andtre, David Coco, Elena di Ciccio, Giovanni Esposito, Paolo Mazzarelli, Luca Ward, Monica Ward, Riccardo Zinna
Synopsis: Bruno (David Coco) an anthropology teacher at Naples University is teaching his students according to Eastern philosophies; harmony, love and peace  ” A man who is not curious, is a dead man” (That sounded so much better in Italian). Bruno is called to the heads office to receive some excellent news of a grant, a grant he must take and use as he see fit, only one condition is attached, he must take Laura (Elena di Ciccio) a young coke addicted biologist with him. Bruno receives a call from his old mate Paolo (Giovanni Esposito) who has discovered a natural phenomenon on La Galite a small island of the Turkey’s coast, the phenomenon is a light that shines intense, yet dreamy. We are off with Davide (Luca Ward) as the grumpy captain in charge of an old sail boat built in 1938, he was brilliant a great captain and a leader amongst men. This film is a light yet enjoyable watch, awesome choise of music throughout.

Il sesso aggiunto, Sex Added (Possible English Title)

by Marianne Wi

Director: This is Francesco Antonio Castaldo’s first feature, there is little to no information about him on the web right now except for his age 53 and the fact that he has two teenage children. Castaldo has now found the courage and money to direct this film based on his own experiences as a 25 year old, when he shared a flat with friends and a heroine addicted girlfriend. This film is not just about drugs it is a love story set in a 70s addicted ambience, less squalid than I would have expected, yes Alan steals from his mother, put his fist through her kitchen cupboard, has anger issues, has sex with a male drug dealer in exchange for drugs (a scene that will upset the good folk of Italy, already upset by an IKEA advert showing two men holding hands) he steals and he cheats too however on the whole this is about middle class addiction not dirty mattresses in dark drug dens. The casting of Giuseppe Zeno by Rita Forzano was an error that ruined the film for me, Zeno is a 35 year old actor cast in the role of Alan who must be early to mid 20s, he looks a very handsome 35 plus, making him too old next to his father and certainly much to old next to his little football playing brother, I originally thought his brother was his young son taken away from him due to addiction; another film perhaps?. The music was excellent as can be expected from Nicola Piovani, he wrote the score and won an Oscar for the music to La vita e bella, Life is beautiful directed by Roberto Benigni. The cinematography was great, the story solid, generally a good watch.

Cast: Giuseppe Zeno, Myriam Catania, Valentina D’Agostino, Cloris Brosca, Lino Guanciale, Gigi Savoia, Vlaerio Miduri

Synobsis: Alan (Giuseppe Zeno) is a drug addict who lives for his next fix, very much at the mercy of his own fragility, we follow him and his girlfriend Laura (Valentina D’Agostino) in a world of dependency and adiction, their daily routine, it is not just about drugs this is also a love story. We watch Alan’s relationship with a father (Gigi Savoia) who totally rejects him, Alan’s longing for contact with him is touching. We watch too the abusive relationship he has with his mother (Cloris Brosca) who by giving him cash to buy drugs “It will make you feel better” aids and abets his dependency, the relationship with drug dealers and close friends are all well told. Alan goes down the path of self-psychoanalysis trying to find himself, God, Love anything that will allow him to leave the dependency behind. A warning as Castaldo mentioned in an interview to young people about the dangers and sad life of any dependency.


Victoria Puccini is at it again with Claudio Santamaria?

by Marianne Wi

The Lady, and I am beginning to use that term loosely, has moved on from Stefano Accorsi leaving him devastated , I am sure his partner Laetitia Castaif is pleased to hear the news that this ” lets grab a bit of publicity for our latest film” affair has come to a speedy and abrupt end. What I want to know is what is wrong with the gorgeous and handsome Pierfrancesco Favio, why leave him out ?

Verve, a weekly Italian gossip magazine (not to be confused with veuve clicquot) has been running the story of her new love interest this week, it is non other than Claudio Santamaria, wonder if he has a film coming out soon, they both starred in the film Baciami ancore, Kiss me Again released last year, I just feel a little bit jealous. Puccini has been linked to a number of men in resent weeks after the very public spat with her long-term partner Alessandro Preziosi, there is really no reason to believe this love story is actually taking place, must be driving her ex seriously crazy and she does appear to be letting her hair do

Girls do not worry about the usually charming (with a sting and a temper) Alessandro Preziosi, he was seen to look happy, relaxed and smiling  at a  press conference in Rome for a new TV show he is in ” Edda Cyan and The Communist”.

Latest photos of Preziosi , Victoria and Elena 21.04.11

7th March 2011 Alessandro Preziosi,Vittoria Puccini… accidenti Stefano Accorsi ?

13th February 2011 Alessandro Preziosi and Vittoria Puccini IT is all over !

23rd May 2011 Vittoria Puccini and Cladio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon


Manuale D’amore 3, The Manual of Love 3

by Marianne Wi

Giovanni Veronesi’s 3 offering from his Manual of Love series. I am looking forward to the release of this one, as it will have Robert De Niro playing an American Collage Proffesor living in Rome , needless to say there will be love, there has to be it is in the title. De Niro will be speaking Italian troughout and I have it on good autority that no voiceover will be used, what you hear is De Niro .

It will be released in Italy on the 25th February 2011. Loving the Trailer already.


La prima cosa bella, The First beautiful Thing.

by Marianne Wi

Director : Paolo Virzi at his very best, known outside Italy for Catarina va in citta, Catarina in the Big City and My Name is Tanino. When introducing Catarina in the Big City at the London Film Festival , he took his daughter on stage and thanked her for her help, we were promised a Q & A after the showing but alas Mr. Virzi did not come back for it and we sat all 150 members of the paying public waiting………. I am surprised to find this film as the Italian entry to this years Oscar for Best Foreign Film

, however it is a very warm wossy film, it effortlessly moves between 1971 and the present . The wonderful Ramazzotti as the young Anna and the equally wonderful Sandrelli playing the older and dying Anna are both acting superbly.  Will be watching on the 25th January 2011 to see if it is accepted by the Academy. The film won Mastandrea and Ramazzotti a David Donatello best actor/actress award 2010, well deserved.

Cast : Valerio Mastandrea, Micaela Ramazzotti, Stefania Sandrelli, Claudia Pandolfi, Marco Messeri, Fabrizia Sacchi, Sergio Albelli, Isabella Cecchi, Dario Ballantini ,Paolo Ruffini and Emanuele Barresi.

Best Moment: So many lovely moments to pick from….When Valerio danced with a dying mother before confronting a  group of laughing teenagers, being the first moment  Valerio showed real love for his mother. I also loved Anna on her death-bed singing with her children and commenting  ” What a life bimbi belli, we had fun my babies didn’t we ? “

Moment I could have done without : No film is that good right ?  I just cannot think of any right at this moment.

La prima cosa bella, well known song in Italy in 1970 song by Nicola di Bari

La prima cosa bella song by Nicola di Bari

Synopsis: Bruno (Valerio Mastandrea) a weak man with a tendency to dabble in mild illegal substances,  reluctantly  dragged back to his home town to deal with his dying mother (Sandrelli) by his sister. The film shifts effortlessly between 1971 and 2009, starting with the young Anna (played with great sensitivity by Ramazzotti) being voted Mum of the year, much to the horror of the young Bruno and the delight of her daughter. The violent husband is supported brilliantly by the angry little boy, the interaction between this young family is a delight to watch, Anna’s continual struggle though the early years keeping any unpleasantness away from the children is heart-warming. You are treated to great comedy and drama throughout this  delightful and touching  film. I think Virzi’s best films so far.

Already out on DVD with English subtitles.


Manuale d’amore 3 , Manuel of Love 3

by Marianne Wi

So looking forward to this film directed by Giovanni Veronesi being released early February 2011. This 3rd serving from the Manual of love, romance, comedy and hilarity will include the following actors :Robert de Niro, Monica Bellucci, Laura Chiatti and yes you guessed it Ricardo Scamarcio , those two never seem to be too far apart ,also the loveable Carlo Verdone, who played the unforgettable Goffredo in Manuel of Love 1, Donatella Finocchiaro, Valeria Solarino and Emanuele Propizio have also got parts. Great Cast and I understand that Robert de Niro will play his role speaking Italian through out , a challenging adventure for an American speaking actor.

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