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Top Italian Films 2010

by Marianne Wi

As the David di Donatello 2011 awards will be confirmed on the 6th of May 2011 and the options this year sadly are so uninspiring, I am feeling award fatigued already to the point of not caring who gets what, I do feel passionate about Giuseppe Battiston getting the ” Best Supporting Actor ”  statuette for his role as Ramiro in La Passione, The Passion directed by Carlo Mazzacurati, he was awesome.

What happened to Italian films in 2010 ? I thing there were some cool and very interesting films around, they just never reached nomination for a David di Donatello. There were a lot of excitement on the Festival scene both in Italy and Internationally so who should have been looking for an award ?

Italian Film at most Festivals and with most awards 2010 :

3rd place Le quattro volte, The Four Times directed by  Michelangelo Frammartino with 104 Festivals and 32 awards. I did not care for it much, I was even a tat bored the first time I saw it, then I was told it was a masterpiece and I returned to the cinema and OK to be fair it has some great qualities, even though the goat changed its spots on occasions.

2nd place L’uomo che verrá, The man who will come directed by Giorgio Diritti with 112 Festivals and 41 awards. I was disappointed in this film only as it was released shortly after Miracles at St. Anna directed by Spike Lee a truly awesome film, great story line, great cinematography and a super cast, it was however panned and vilified by the Italian public. The story was the same apart from a few black soldiers and the sex of the small child. Both films were truly great.

1st place  Non é ancora domani (La Pivellina), The small one  directed by Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel it was seen at 156 Festivals and won 36 awards, well done is all you can say to that.

Top of the Box Office 2010 :

3rd place  La banda dei Babbi Natale, The Xmas gang of Santas directed by  Paolo Genovese

2nd place Benvenuti al Sud, Welcome to the South directed by Luca Niniero

1st place Che bella giornata, What a beautiful Day directed by Gennaro Nunziante

Interesting and diverse the two lists, wonder how many saw all six films……

Thanks go to Cinema Info and Box Office Mojo


Giuseppe Battiston My Favorite Italian Actor

by Marianne Wi

Giuseppe (Beppe) Battiston was born in Udine on the 22 July 1968 and is one of my favorite Italian actors, usually playing the supporting role to perfection. Battiston has 47  films behind him, many seen at International Film Festivals and often released overseas independently. Battiston was first seen outside Italy in Pane e Tulipane, Bread and Tulips directed by Silvio Soldini in 2000, winning him his first David di Donatello, it is fair to say he usually appear on the International Festival Circuit every year, he really is that good. Nominations; there are many David di Donatello’s sadly only two actualy awarded, not enough awards is all I have to say, will he get a third David this year for his superb craw to the crucifixion in La Passione, The Passion?  I really hope so and he should make room for next years David without doubt earned for his role in Notizie dagli sacvi directed by Emidio Greco 2010.

To follow is a very impressive list of films all of which has Battiston acting his socks off :
  • Italia – Germania 4-3 , Italy – Germany 4-3 directed by Andrea Barzini 1990
  • Un’anima divisa in due, A Soul Divided in Two directed by Silvio Soldini 1993
  • Le acrobate, Acrobats directed by Silvio Soldini 1997
  • Il pui lungo giorno directed by Roberto Riviello 1998
  • Cheidi se sono felice, Ask Me If I’m Happy directed by Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, Massimo Venier 2000
  • Guarda il cieli: Stella, Sonia, Silvia , Watch the Sky: Stella, Sonia, Silvia directed by Piergiorgio Gay 2000
  • Pane e tulipane, Bread and Tulips directed by Silvio Soldini 2000 WON a David di Donatello 
  • La forza del passato, The Power of the Past directed by Gianluca Greco 2002
  • Nemmeno in un sogno directed by Gianluca Greco 2002
  • Un aldo qualunque directted by Dario Migliardi 2002
  • Agata e la tempesta, Agata and the Storm directed by Silvio Soldini 2001   Nominated for a David di Donatello
  • L’uomo perfetto, The Perfect Man directed by Luca Lucini 2005
  • La bestia nel cuore, Don’t Tell  directed by Cristina Comencini 2005  Nominated for the Silver Ribbon
  • La tigre e la neve, The Tiger and the Snow directed by Roberto Benigni 2005
  • Apnea, directed by Roberto Dortit 2005
  • A casa nostra, Our Country directed by Francesca Comencini 2006
  • Non prendere impegni directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli 2006
  • Unu si due, One Out of Two directed by Eugenio Cappuccio 2006
  • Giorni e nuvole, Days and Clouds  directed by Silvio Soldini 2007  Nominated for a David di Donatello
  • La giusta distanza, The Right Distance directed by Carlo Mazzacurati 2007 WON Best Actor at the Rome Film Fest and Nominated for the Silver Ribbon
  • La fine del mare directed by Nora Hoppe 2007
  • c, Don’t Think About It  directed by Giannoi Zanasi 2008   WON a David di Donatello and Nominated for the Silver Ribbon
  • Amore, bugie e calcatto, Love, Soccer and Other Catastrophes directed by Luca Lucini  2008
  • Si puo fare, We Can Do That directed by Giulio Manfredonia 2008
  • Cosa voglio di piu,  Come Undone directed by Silvio Soldini 2010
  • La Passione, The Passion directed by Carlo Mazzacurati 2010 Nominated for a David di Donatello ( update 15.05.2011 He WON)
  • Notizie dagli sacvi,  directed by Emidio Greco 2010 YOU NEED THIS FILM AT YOUR FILM FESTIVAL
  • Figli delle stelle, Children of the stars directed by Lucio Pellegrini 2010
  • Senza arte ne’ parte, Make a Fake directed by Giovanni Albanese 2011 out in Italy on the 6th May 2011 , just cannot wait. WON “Le ciliegie d’oro del Cinema Italiano” at Le Cesera Palombara
  • Bar Sport, The Sports Bar directed by Massimo Martelli it is in post production and will be released as and when its ready.
  • Il comandante e la cicogna, The Commander and the Stork directed by Silvio Soldini is also in post production and will sadly not be released before 2012

Il comandante e la cicogna, The Commander and the Stork – Soldini

by Marianne Wi
Il comandante e la cicogna, The Commander and the Stork is Silvio Soldini’s latest project, the filming of this comedy is to start in September 2011. Alba Rohrwacher will be playing Diana a poor budding artist with great ideas, she will share the limelight with another great Italian actor the charming Valerio Mastandrea (Bruno in La prima cosa bella, The First Beautiful Thing) who will play Leo a Plumber and single parent. There will as you would expect from a comedy be a lot of humor as the two fall in love. The official storyline is: Diana is painting a wall in the waiting room of  a dishonest lawyer, he is not paying her enough so she is grumpy. Leo arrive in the office seeking advice as his daughter has been caught up in a sexy video that is currently being distributed on the Internet; love blossoms. Giueseppe Battiston will have a role as always in Soldini’s films I suspect he will play the lawyer. I am still willing him the Best Supporting Actor statuette in the David di Donnatello awards 2011 for his role in La Passione, The Passion he was truly awesome. 

London, Italian Film Festival ? What is going on I ask !

by Marianne Wi

Primociak is not impressed this morning, as a matter of fact Primociak is upset !

The London Italian Film Festival, has always been the highlight of my year , it has been going for 17 years usually during the month of April , it is “WAS” an interesting festival always a varied programme and always showcasing a great number of “independently” produced films, bringing the unknown producers and directors to our screens.

I was checking this morning to see when this years festival would be opening it’s gates……………. HA ! When indeed…….? it has been going since the 1st of March 2011 , I have checked my SPAM, I have checked my deleted box, niente not a single e-mail about this Festival was sent to me, I have been on the mailing list, and on the “please send me hardcopy of program”  list for the past 10 years, niente from this years Italian Film Festival, nothing about the change of venue or change of month…..

No one is more passionate about Italian films than Primociak, no one will travel further than Primociak to see the latest offerings from the Italian film industry ( you need to travel abroad as films not in the comedy category do not very often make it nationwide  ) What is going on ?

The London Italian Film Festival is running from 1st March to 6th March 2011 claims to be in its first year so I assume it is under new management ? Yes, is the answer I see Adrian Wootton is involved, he is very much the Champion and rule the roost for Italian films at the BFI London International Film Festival taking place in October of each year, he has a great repore with established directors and producers bringing to London many great Italian films, my stress level is at an all time high now, so many changes and not one e-mail.

The festival kicked off on the 1st of March with a concert at the Cadogan Hall, on the piano was Nicola Piovani.Life is Beautiful, La vita e bella saw him winning an Oscar ( thank you speach)  for Best Music, Original Dramatic Score. back in 1997.

The following films have/are being screened :

Passione, Passion directed by John Turturro

Noi credevamo, We believed directed by Mario Martone

I Baci mai dati, Lost Kisses directed by Roberta Tore

Basilicata coast to coast directed by Rocco Papaleo

Vallanzasca- Angeli del male, Angles of Evil directed by Micele Placido

Sorelle mai,Sisters Mai directed by Marco Bellocchio

La Passione, The Passion directed by Carlo Mazzacurati

Una vita tranquilla, A quiet life directed by Cladio Cupellini

Gorbaciof, Gorbaciov directed by Stefano Incerti


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La Passione, The Passion

by Marianne Wi

Carlo Mazzacurati’s latest film La Passione, The Passion shown at this years Venice Film Festival has not disappointed his faithful followers here in Italy and abroad.

Cast : Silvio Orlando, Giuseppe Battiston, Corrado Guzzanti, Kasia Smutniak, Cristiana Capotondi, Stefania Sandrelli.

Best moment: Gianni Dubois comforting Ramiro ”If Christ was around today, he too would have been fat”.

Gianni Dubois (Silvio Orlando) is a middle-aged film director, who is under pressure from his agent to come up with an idea for a new film, he has been unable to follow-up on the success of his previous film 5 years earlier.
He leaves home to attend to the families flat in Tuscany, a pipe has sprung a leak resulting in an old fresco in the church next door being damaged. In true Italian style, the whole village become involved resulting in Gianni being pressured into staging this years passion play at Easter or face heavy fines and jail. There are many trials and tribulations before the show is finally staged.
The film is light and has many comic moments, there are an array of colourful characters sometimes borderline caricatures, yet somehow Carlo Mazzacurati has managed to keep them believable. The mood changes suddenly 15 minutes before the end, it turnes sombre and in parts quite moving however still with a light touch of comedy, starting with the original actor playing Christ being injured by a cross to heavy to bear. Ramiro’s (Giuseppe Battiston) last supper together with his long and painful crawl to the crucifixion with the cross on his shoulders were both very moving scenes, brilliant acting from Battiston throughout the film.

A film not to be miss, I am sure it will do well on the international scene and expect it to be included in the Italian Film Festivals around the world.

Carlo Mazzacurati has previously Directed L’ amore ritrovato, An Italian Romance (2004) and La Giusta Distanza, The right distance (2007) both shown at International Film Festivals to great acclaim.

Update 06.05.2011

Giuseppe Battiston went on to win the “Best Supporting Actor” award at the David di Doinatello awards 2011

This film was shot in Montecatrini val di cecina

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