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Kim Rossi Stuart & Ilaria Spada are soaking up the sun in Sabaudia Italy

by Marianne Wi

Dipiu an Italian weekly Mag, has court up with Kim Rossi Stuart and Ilaria Spada a few days ago, were they having a heated debate on a street in Rome or snogging in some dark alley ? No, the loved up couple were soaking up the summer sun, without a care in the world on a beach in Sabaudia a hot spot between Rome and Naples. All photos are from issue 24 and they are not grainy, which to my beady eye means they are photographed rather than papped by some friendly stalker before being sold to the Mag. Depiu reported that the couple looked happy, relaxed, and playful; they could not take their eyes of each other, I am filling up, it makes me want to burst into song I am so pleased. I do lean ever so slightly towards cynicism, the happy couple only met in December 2010 and Ms. Spada is 4 months pregnant, I am not a great believer in ”Love at first sight”  either so they have their worked cut out. No wedding date as yet, will it be before or after the birth ? I am ”NOT” sensing Vegas or Bethnal Green, ohh the shame of it, I jest of course, I hope they live happily ever after.

Rossi and Spada will be getting married    15.06.2011


Kim Rossi Stuart, Ilaria Spada and a lot of wedding bells

by Marianne Wi

It is official, Ilaria Spada has been denying her pregnancy for weeks although it was pretty obvious for the world to see, now the secret is out as she sold her story to Vanity Fair Italia. This month Magazine has a number of very cool photos, if you like the look of a four months pregnant lady, she certainly looks like the cat that got the cream. Spada told Vanity that they plan to marry at some point in the future, thank God for small mercies, this is Italy after all phew. Spada and Stuart met in December 2010 when they had dinner with a mutual friend, the story goes that Spada did not bother to dress up for the dinner, she was wearing only jeans, old shirt and mountain boots, on top of which she apparently fell in the rain before entering her taxi……. there is a lesson to be learned there girls, no need to spend a month salary on the latest seductive outfit to bag yourself an Italian Actor. Spada and Stuart are expecting a baby boy in November 2011, prepare yourself to see some stunning photos in Decembers issue of Vanity Fair, perhaps they will also include Kim Rossi Stuart as they will be celebrating their one year anniversary too, what a difference a year makes.

Kim Rossi Stuart & Ilaria Spada are soaking up the sun in Sabaudia Italy   21.06.2011


Brussels Film Festival BIFF is preparing to rock

by Marianne Wi

Brussels Film Festival is preparing to rock, when it kicks off on the 22nd June it will screen 5 Italian films before closing its doors on the 29th June 2011, we like Belgium just a little bit more because of that.

There are 2 films in competition:

Out of competition we have 3 films :
  • Io sono l’amore, I am love directed by Luca Guadagnino, this film has traveled well, received numerous awards and even more nominations, Italian film at its best.
  • Buna ce faci? Hello how are you ? directed by Alexnadru Maftei, it is a co production between Italy, Spain and Romania. This is a new kid on the blog, I have not seen it however it was shown at the Palm Springs International Film Festival this year and here are their synopsis : “Musician Gabriel and dimpled dry-cleaning proprietress Gabriela live like two strangers who no longer see each other. But in humorous contrast to their staid, passionless lives, characters in a constant state of sexual arousal surround them. Their libidinous teen son, whose hilarious voiceover commentary intermittently provides important narrative information, prides himself on being the high school stud and aspires to a career in porn. Gabriela’s sexy employee switches boyfriends the way she changes clothes. And despite being married, Gabriel’s colleague is working his way through the female members of their orchestra. Ultimately, the two Gabys find their virtual affairs reconnect them with their own desires, but in a way less movie-fantasy and more satisfying real-life”. Sounds like a film not to be missed to me.
  • The Passage directed by Roberto Minervini, this movie is being shown as still in post production, there are no poster and no trailer as I type this, I guess it will not be long before it is released now,  I have found a synopsis written by Marfared for IMDB :”A woman in her 60s with terminal cancer, a man in his 40s recently out of jail, and a British artist in his 50s come together by chance and take a road trip to Marfa, TX. Each are looking for something to give them hope, when hope is in short supply. They share profound experiences, across the Texas landscape from big cities to barren desert towns. What started as a convenient ride becomes much more, an opportunity to heal the deepest wounds, that only love with no strings attached can do” sounds like an interesting film to me, one to look out for.
Brussels is going to be fun, so remember to swing by and take in a few movies while you are there unless of course yu are living there in which case you should buy a Festival Pass, there are a number of other very interesting films you would not want to miss.

Kim Rossi Stuart and Ilaria Spada are expecting a Son

by Marianne Wi

Kim Rossi Stuart and Ilaria Spada are expecting a son according to “Diva & Donna” (issue 22). I know this is exciting news for all of us and we already know the sex of the child a boy; awesome! Big congratulation to Stuart and Spada, uhmmm, not one to moralize that would be very wrong, yet I do feel a wee bit concerned as they relationship is less than 4/5 months old, will we hear wedding bells, this is Italy after all…. I shall keep my beady eye open.

Kim Rossi Stuart and Ilaria we have wedding bells  15.05.2011

PS  : Vallanzasca – Gli angeli del male, Angles of Evil  has just been released in the UK to some mixed reviews.


The nominations for David di Donatello 2011 (and winners)

by Marianne Wi

I am unimpressed and cannot possibly see how Noi Credevamo, We Believed could receive 13 nominations, how I ask is it possible ? I shall have to have words in the oracles ear like, this is a very confusing side of  Cinema Italiano, I blame drugs and alcohol for such odd choices. As for Marco Bellocchio being up for Best Director with Sorelle mai, Sisters Mai is just pure “Silliness” it was a terrible production.

I am very pleased to see Giuseppe Battiston in La passione, The Passion up for best supporting actor, he was brilliant and should win hands down. I shall update you in another blog with a list of much better films although it will alter nothing, it might help me solve the puzzle that is Noi Credevamo, We Believed and its popularity with the David di Donatello organisers.

Here are a list of nominations for this years David di Donatello:

Best Film :

Basilicata coast to coast

Benvenuti al Sud, Welcome to the  South

Noi credevamo , We Believed  WON

La nostra vita, Our life

Una vita tranquilla, A Quiet Life.

Best Director:

Marco Bellocchio per Sorelle mai, Sisters Mai

Saverio Costanzo per The Solitude of Prime Numbers, The Solitude of Prime Numbers

Claudio Cupellini per Una vita tranquilla , A Quiet life –

Michelangelo Frammartino per Le quattro volte, The Four Times

Paolo Genovese per Immaturi, The Juveniles

Daniele Luchetti per La nostra vita, Our Life  WON

Mario Martone per Noi credevamo, We Believed

Luca Miniero per Benvenuti al Sud, Welcome to the  South

Best Director Newcomer :

Aureliano Amadei per 20 Sigarette , 20 Cigarettes

Massimiliano Bruno per Nessuno mi può giudicare, No One Can Judge Me

Edoardo Leo per Diciotto anni dopo ,Eighteen years later

Rocco Papaleo per Basilicata coast to coast  WON

Paola Randi per Into Paradiso

Best Screenplay :

Rocco Papaleo e Valter Lupo per Basilicata coast to coast

Paolo Genovese per Immaturi, The Juveniles

Mario Martone e Giancarlo De Cataldo per Noi credevamo, We Believed  WON

Sandro Petraglia e Stefano Rulli e Daniele Luchetti per La nostra vita, Our Life

Filippo Gravino e Guido Iuculano e  Claudio Cupellini per Una vita tranquilla, A Quiet life.

Best Actress:

Paola Cortellesi per Nessuno mi può giudicare, No One Can Judge Me  WON

Sarah Felberbaum per Il gioiellino, The Little Germ

Angela Finocchiaro per Benvenuti al Sud, Welcome to the  South

Isabella Ragonese per La nostra vita, Our Life

Alba Rohrwacher per La solitudine dei numeri primi, The Solitude of Prime Numbers

Best Actor:

Antonio Albanese per Qualunquemente, Whatsoeverly

Claudio Bisio per Benvenuti al Sud, Welcome to the  South

Elio Germano per La nostra vita, Our Life   WON

Vinicio Marchioni per 20 Sigarette, 20 Cigarettes

Kim Rossi Stuart per Vallanzasca gli angeli del male, The Angles of Evil

Best Supporting Actress :

Barbora Bobulova per La bellezza del somaro, Love and Slaps

Valeria De Franciscis Bendoni per Gianni e le donne, The Salt of Life

Anna Foglietta per Nessuno mi può giudicare , No One Can Judge Me

Valentina Lodovini per Benvenuti al Sud, Welcome to the  South  WON

Claudia Potenza per Basilicata coast to coast

Best Supporting Actor:

Giuseppe Battiston per La passione,The Passion WON

Raoul Bova per La nostra vita , Our Lives

Francesco Di Leva per Una vita tranquilla , A Quiet Life

Rocco Papaleo per Nessuno mi può giudicare, No One Can Judge Me

Alessandro Siani per Benvenuti al Sud, Welcome to the  South

Best Director of Cinematography:

Vittorio Omodei Zorini per 20 Sigarette, 20 Cigerettes

Luca Bigazzi per Il gioiellino, The Little Germ

Renato Berta per Noi credevamo, We Believed  WON

Fabio Cianchetti per La solitudine dei numeri primi, The Solitude of Prime Numbers

Arnaldo Catinari per Vallanzasca gli angeli del male, The Angles of Evil.

Best Music score :

Rita Marcotulli e Rocco Papaleo per Basilicata coast to coast  WON

Umberto Scipione per Benvenuti al Sud , Welcome to the  South

Teho Teardo per Il gioiellino, The Little Germ

Fausto Mesolella per Into Paradiso

Hubert Westkemper per Noi credevamo, We Believed.

Best Film from the EEC :

Another Year

The Kings Speech   WON

In a Better World

Il segreto dei suoi occhi

Men of God.

Best Foreign Language Film:

Black Swan

La donna che canta

Hereafter   WON


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Fans of Michele Placido and Kim Rossi Stuart, get your skates on !

by Marianne Wi

Tonight and tonight only “Ladies” you can attend the screening and Q&A at the Cine Lumiere , 17 Queensbury Place, London SW7 2DT at 20.40. Both Placido and Rossi Stuart will be there for the screening of Angles of Evil, Vallanzasca  Gli angeli del male or just hop along from the Pub down the road and get a quick autograph. Timing is everything , they will be arriving at the front and will also have to leave that way after the  Q&A usually a  30 minutes affair , the film is 125 minute long add the time for the Q&A, you should be seeing the two heart-throbs leaving at  23.20 ish, arrive early to avoid disappointment. If the Criminal Novel, Romanzo Criminale was your cup of tea, you will enjoy this offering from Placido also starring Rossi Stuart.


Kim Rossi Stuart and Ilaria Spada

by Marianne Wi

Diva & Donne an Italian gossip magazine is at it again , they have caught up with Kim Rossi Stuart and  Ilaria Spada a small time Italian actress who have been seen holding hands, in a “sexy” way, ohhh yes, luckily the D&D people were there ready with their cameras or we would have been left in the dark.

The are a lot of these photos so perhaps just perhaps they were pre-booked for this session.

Wishing them well anyway.

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