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New Zealand International Film Festival has kicked off

by Marianne Wi

New Zealand International Film Festival is a bit of an odd ball, you need to think Country rather than City, it kicked off on the 14th July 2011 in Auckland and will be travelling coast to coast until the 20th November 2011 when it draws its final breath in Kerikeri. There are a number of films from Italy, so we cannot complain although if you feel so inclined, why not have a quiet sulk, I am, as there are 2 films I have not even heard of uhmmm.

The Italian Films screened are:

La dolce vita directed by Federico Fellini 1960 (Italy)

Le quattro volte, The Four Times directed by Michelangelo Frammartino 2010 (Switzerland, Italy, Germany)

Passione, Passion directed by John Turturro 2010 (Italy, USA)

Gianni e le donne, The Salt of Life directed by Gianni di Gregorio 2011 (Italy)

La solitudine dei numeri primi, The Solitude of Prime numbers directed by Saverio Costanzo 2010 (Italy)

Il ragazzo con il biciletta, The Kid With a Bike directed by  Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne 2011 (France, Italy)

The Forgiveness of Blood directed by Joshua Marston 2011 ( Albania, Denmark, Italy and the USA)

My Reincarnation directed by Jennifer Fox 2010 Documentary (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA, The Netherlands)

OK, so we have 3 pure Italian entries and a number of co-productions, the two films not to me missed are The Kid with the Bike and The Salt of Life, of course you must see The Four Times if you are into old goats, the latter is bound to win awards galore during its travels around New Zealand, they have a love for sheep, producing some of the best lamb you can get in the world, they will be vaxing lyrics over ” The Four Times” mark my words.

Dress code in NZ is relaxed to the point of scruffiness, let’s be honest so although there is no great need to spend hours getting ready, it does not harm to make a little effort before leaving home.  Again, a word to the wise, they tend to drink their beer out of a ”tinnie”, trust me there is no shame in asking for a glass, it may be plastic so try to keep that stiff upper lip and ”fai finta” manners never harmed anyone. This festival is exciting as it takes in 14 cities so do try to make some effort here, lets see the local Italian population out waving the tricolor.


Istanbul International Film Festival IKSV

by Marianne Wi

Istanbul is one of my favorite weekend away destination, they are hosting their 30th International Film Festival from the 2nd of April 2011 and I think they have a soft spot for Italy this year, as a number of solid Italian films are shown (allthough sadly not in competition),  they slam their doors shut on the 17th of April 2011.

I am sending a lot of love to Istanbul (Turkey) for many reasons;  one their love for Italian Films , two for  Mezzaluna being that scrumptious Italian restaurant, you just would not want to miss. (Abdi ipekci cad No:38/1 Nisantasi)  and three they sun if often shining.

IKSV are starting their Gala Evening with a super partly Italian financed film  “The Concert” directed by Radu Mihaileanu, book you seat and don your best designer gear for this evening, please do your bit for ” La bella figura”.

During the Festival you will be able to see the following Italian films; for tickets and times check out their IKSV website you will not be sorry….

Italian films shown this year are:

Vincere  directed by  Marco Bellocchio

I,Don Giovanni – Io ,Don Giovanni directed by Carlos Saura OK 50 % Spanish 50% Italian.

Passion, Passione  Directed by  John Turturro, always be ready for a singsong.

Our Life , Nostra Vita Director by Daniele Luchett

Gorbaciof Directed by  Stefano Incert

Big Deal in Madona Street, I soliti ignoti  Directed by  Mario Monicell  Is being honored.

8 ½  Directed by Federico Felli

The Cry, Il grido Directed by  Michelangelo Antonion

I think you will agree that it is quite in impressive list and you are all now warming to the thought of a trip to Istanbul.




Miami International Film Festival MIFF

by Marianne Wi


Miami International Film Festival, (4th March to 13th March 2011) I nearly missed this charming Festival showing an interesting selection of films due to the Oscar hype . We  have two Italian films being championed at the Festival, unusual choices if you ask me, however I am pleased for both films, lets go explore….


Passione, Passion I was denied the possibility of seeing this film myself when it was released nationwide in Italy ( It never screened in Catania, Sicily and was also confused by the general public with La Passione , The Passion out at the same time) only in Italy.  Passion without the THE  is a must for any second ,third generation Italian living abroad , it is a festival must see. John Turturro’s latest movie takes us on a journey through Napoli, one of the biggest jukeboxes in the world with songs from way back to present day . Sing along if you must , you will surely know all the songs .

The second film shown is A Quiet Life, Una Vita Tranquilla staring Toni Servillo, if you love him you will adore this offering by the director Cladio Cupelli . Toni Servillo is Rosario an ex-hitman who ran off to Germany and re-invented himself , with a lovely new family including cute child,leaving a family behind including not so cute child in Italy. One day the prodigal son from Italy turns up as a hitman in Germany and their lives collide. This film is excellent , I really enjoyed it and I am chuffed to see it hitting the US too. Italians of Miami, now it is time to put on those glad rags and your best perfume and get this Festival rocking.

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