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Bella Ciao, Ciao Bella or Bop Decameron new Woody Allen film

by Marianne Wi

The ever-changing line-up for Woody Allen’s new film with the ever-changing title, has got contracts signed by the following American and Italian Actors.

State side: Woody Allan, Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz, Judy Davis, Ellen Page, Greta Gerwig and the lovely Jesse Eisenberg

Home front: Roberto Benigni, Antonio Albernese, Riccardo Scamarcio, Alessandro Tiberi, Alison Pill, Flavio Parenti, Alessandra Mastronardi and our opera singer Fabio Armiliato

Note that just because some have signed and others have not does not mean that they might not in the future, just as the title of the film currently Bella Ciao, Ciao Bella or Bop Decameron might very well become something completely different before shooting starts on the 11th July 2011 in Rome.


“Ciao Bella” not “Bop Decameron” not “The Wrong Picture” Directed by Woody Allan

by Marianne Wi

There are rumors galore here in Italy and they are hot, could have melted the iceberg that collided with the Titanic, had it not been too late. Woody Allan’s new film “Bop Decameron” and not  “The Wrong Picture” as first reported is due to be shot in Rome later this year, will not only be starring Alec Baldwin, Penélope Cruz, Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg, now the rumors started by, (I say rumors they may very will be in possession of the true facts) will also be starring Roberto Benigni, who famously won 2 Oscars for Life is Beautiful in 1997 for his role as Guido Orefice and as a director of the film. Will the world be ready for 2 comic geniuses in one production, one driven by heavy dialogue the other by slapstick with a touch of the dramatic, will they gel ? I guess it is a game of wait and see.

Update 14.05.2011

Not just a rumor, Woody Allen has confirmed yesterday at Cannes Film Festival, that Roberto Benigni will not just play a cameo role in his next film “Bop Decameron” it will be a great meaty role, shot in the centre of Rome during the month of August, there will be a number of other great Italian actors too, however no names were mentioned.  The film was first known as “The Wrong Picture” I now hear it will be called “Bop Decameron” what ever they decide to all it I am excited about this film already.

Update 08.06.2011 Ohhh yes there is more:

apart from Roberto Benigni a number of other Italian Actors and an Actress have been confirmed and we have a 3rd possible title for this film too and it has not even started to shoot yet…..Rocco Papaleo, Riccardo Scamarcio, Isabella Ferrari, Sergio Rubini and Massimo Ghini, that is what I call a cassata a really strange mix and I wonder if Roberto Benigni has suddenly had second thoughts as he reads this news, well not mine I am sure others will have pointed this new development out to him, this is going to be some lineup.

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