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Italian Cinema London (Ex Italian Film Festival London)

by Marianne Wi

PrimoCiak is jumping for joy, PrimoCiak is ecstatic, having found the “original” Italian Film Festival in London, it was re-named and is now proudly calling itself  Italian Cinema London ” and so it should. Italian Cinema London is kicking off on the 1st April and continues with a truly awesome and varied programme until the 10th April 2011. There are films galore and the Riverside Studios are such a great venue too, grab a bite in the bar before the film or if you must a drink, just ask for plastic glass and you can sip while you enjoy your film; luxury I think you will agree. Book early it is a small venue and London is home to more than 40,000 Italian, they will be booking early online, some of these film will never be shown in Italy, crazy I know.

You people of London are so spoilt for choise this year, there are such a diverse programme available to you; bring a sleeping bag and settle for the full 10 days, there is a Restaurant, a Bar and a Film Cafe too, what more do you need ?

There is this year a MasterClass  with Dante Ferretti, who is also designing a possible new Theme Park in Rome’s Cinecitta.

The Feature Films are :

Into Paradiso Directed by Paola Randi

Io sono con te, Let it be Directed by Guido Chiesa

L’estate di Martino, Martins Summer Directed by Massimo Natale

Baciami ancora, Kiss Me Again Directed by Silvio Muccino

Pietro Directed by Daniele Gaglianone

Eva e Adamo, Eve and Adam Directed by Vittorio Moroni

Tajabone Directed by Salvatore Merue

Una sconfinita giovinezza, A Second Childhood Directed by Pupi Avati

La bocca del lupo, The Mouth of the Wolf Directed by  Pietro Marcello

Niente Paura, No Fear Directed by Piergiorgio Gay

La prima cosa bella, The First Beautiful Thing  Directed by PaoloVirzi

Benvenuti al sud, Welcome to the South Directed by Luca Miniero

La quattro volte, The four Times Directed by Michelangelo Frammertino

Cosa voglio di piu, Come Undone Directed by Silvio Soldini

Qualunquemente, Whatsoeverly Directed by Giulio Manfredonia

NO that is not all ,They are running a mini festival within a festival to celebrate the life of Massimo Troisi, great actor and director who died in 94 age 41.

Scusate il ritardo, Sorry I’m Late  1983

Che ore e ? What Time is it ?  1989

Non ci resta che Piangere, Nothing left to do but cry   1884

Il viaggio di Capitan Fracassa, Captain Fracassa’s Journey   1990

Ricomincio da tre, I’m Starting from Three   1981

Il Postino, The Postman   1994

NO even that is not all, there are shorts too….. I am suffering from writes cramp so many film in one festival. Now please can you don you best designer gear and make the new Italian Cinema London rock, perfume and aftershave is a serious must too.


London, Italian Film Festival ? What is going on I ask !

by Marianne Wi

Primociak is not impressed this morning, as a matter of fact Primociak is upset !

The London Italian Film Festival, has always been the highlight of my year , it has been going for 17 years usually during the month of April , it is “WAS” an interesting festival always a varied programme and always showcasing a great number of “independently” produced films, bringing the unknown producers and directors to our screens.

I was checking this morning to see when this years festival would be opening it’s gates……………. HA ! When indeed…….? it has been going since the 1st of March 2011 , I have checked my SPAM, I have checked my deleted box, niente not a single e-mail about this Festival was sent to me, I have been on the mailing list, and on the “please send me hardcopy of program”  list for the past 10 years, niente from this years Italian Film Festival, nothing about the change of venue or change of month…..

No one is more passionate about Italian films than Primociak, no one will travel further than Primociak to see the latest offerings from the Italian film industry ( you need to travel abroad as films not in the comedy category do not very often make it nationwide  ) What is going on ?

The London Italian Film Festival is running from 1st March to 6th March 2011 claims to be in its first year so I assume it is under new management ? Yes, is the answer I see Adrian Wootton is involved, he is very much the Champion and rule the roost for Italian films at the BFI London International Film Festival taking place in October of each year, he has a great repore with established directors and producers bringing to London many great Italian films, my stress level is at an all time high now, so many changes and not one e-mail.

The festival kicked off on the 1st of March with a concert at the Cadogan Hall, on the piano was Nicola Piovani.Life is Beautiful, La vita e bella saw him winning an Oscar ( thank you speach)  for Best Music, Original Dramatic Score. back in 1997.

The following films have/are being screened :

Passione, Passion directed by John Turturro

Noi credevamo, We believed directed by Mario Martone

I Baci mai dati, Lost Kisses directed by Roberta Tore

Basilicata coast to coast directed by Rocco Papaleo

Vallanzasca- Angeli del male, Angles of Evil directed by Micele Placido

Sorelle mai,Sisters Mai directed by Marco Bellocchio

La Passione, The Passion directed by Carlo Mazzacurati

Una vita tranquilla, A quiet life directed by Cladio Cupellini

Gorbaciof, Gorbaciov directed by Stefano Incerti


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Los Angeles Italian Film Festival is kicking off.

by Marianne Wi

Los Angeles Italian Film Festival is flinging its doors open tomorrow, with a great list of feature films,documentaries and shorts. The list is impressive and very exciting indeed , there are a number of World Premiers too, they always makes me feel a wee bit jealous and am overwhelmed by an urge to hop on the next plane , hate missing the hot stuff. This festival is free all you need to do is turn up on a first come first serve basis…..It does not get any better than that folks do attend and yes do try to look elegante will you .

I am so very upset not to have seen The House by the Medlar Tree Malavoglia by Pasquale Scimeca it premiered at the London Film Festival in October, no date as yet for Italy, so exasperating don’t you think . I hope it does NOT follow  Rosso Malpelo also directed by Pasquale Scimeca it was never released nationwide here in Italy…grrrr grrr I think is an appropriate whinge.


The Festival runs from the 20th February when it opens with a documentary in of honor Dino De Laurentiis Hannibal Directed by Ridley Scott and closes on the 26th with Welcome to the south, Benvenuti al sud  Directed by Luca Miniero.


I mentioned World Premiers here is the list :

Father, Directed by Pasquale Squitieri

Rasputin Directed by Louis Nero

Atlantis Down Directed by Max Bartoli

The uneven Rome, La vita disperse Directed by Luca Fantasia

South of New York, A sud di NEW York Directed by Elena Bonelli


There are US premiers too folks:

Sorella Mai Directed by Marco Bollocchio

Angles of Evil, Vallanzasca – Gli angeli del male Direted by Michele Placido

The Vanishing of Pato, La scomparsa di Pato Directed by Rocco Mortelliti

Into Paradiso, Into Paradise Directed by Paola Randi

Men VS Women Directed by Fausto Brizzi

Women VS Men Directed by Fausto Brizzi

Cado dalle nubi Directed by Gennaro Nunzianti

I am with you , Io sono con te irected by Guido Chiesa

Gorbaciof Directed by Stefano Incerti

The Woman of my dreams, La donna della mia vita Directed by Luca Lucini


Honoring Dino De Laurentiis

Hannibal  Directed by Ridley Scott

Bitter Rice Directed by  Giuseppe De Santis

La Strada Directed by  by Federico Fellini


Tribute to Marco Bellocchio

Fists in the Pocket

My Mother’s Smile

The Wedding Director


Good Morning, Night

Sorella Mai


Honoring Mario Monicelli Big Deal on Madonna Street by Mario Monicelli


Other great films in the offering to tease you into the Mann Chinese 6 are :

Allonsanfan by Paolo e Vittorio Taviani

Piano Solo by Riccardo Milani

Liberty by Florestano Vancini

Along the Ridge by Kim Rossi Stuart

Garibaldi: the General by Luigi Magni

The Bandit of Tacca del Lupo by Pietro Germi

The Keys to the House by Gianni Amelio

One Hundred Steps by Marco Tullio Giordana

The House by the Medlar Tree by Pasquale Scimeca

The Bright Side of the Moon by Massimo Guglielmi

I am Love , Io sono amore by Luca Guadagnino

1960 by Gabriele Salvatores

Hayfever , Febbre da fieno by Laura Luchetti

Che bella giornata by Gennaro Nunziante


I think you will agree ,this free festival is truely awesome.











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