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Elisabetta Canalis, George WHO ?

by Marianne Wi

Elizabetta Canalis, who recently split from our aging, yet adorable love-boat George Clooney, has been living it up in Positano with her ”close” friend Angelo Vita from Naples, the Italian press are willing them on looking for a hot romance to mess with Clooney’s head. Actually, we are all feeling the heat and are all a bit jaded so any kind of showmance would be super duper, there are no Italian films at the cinemas in Italy during the summer months so lets see some action on the beaches. Great photos from CHI issue 29 as always.


The 68th Venice Film Festival has chosen their Italian entries…. 7 of everything.

by Marianne Wi

The hype around the 68th Venice Film Festival starting on the 31st August 2011 is in full swing, they have chosen their Italian entries, always an exciting moment. My lucky number is 7 so I am again getting just that little too excited about it all, 7 shorts, 7 documentaries and 7 features, did that happen on purpose or by change, I want to know as if that was not enough to excite you they will all be world premiers and  all be in competition in their respective groups. Will there be enough awards ? Yes Sir, we have got an additional 2 awards for shorts and documentaries.

The list of the chosen films are:

Not yet issued, lets keep the suspense going just that little bit longer…… I wonder who will be presenting which film.

What we do know for sure is that George Clooney will be opening the festival without Elisabetta Canalis, who will he bring onto the red carpet? I am putting my money on Sandra Bullock although I reserve the right to change that bet anytime I feel like it.

Al Pacino will be receiving the  Premio Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker 2011 della Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica  – Award Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory To The Filmmaker of the 2011 Venice International Film Festival.

I am loving it already.


George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis, the end of a rocky road

by Marianne Wi

I am not quite sure why people are surprised, George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis  have issued a joint press statement stating that ” It is very difficult, it is very private, please leave us alone, it is all over”. The Italian press have run this story many times in the past and no one here should really be surprised, there are the usual innuendos about Clooney’s sexuality, do we really care deep down, whether he is in or out of the closet ? I know one thing for sure, he will be opening the 68th Vince Film Festival on the 31st August 2011 with his latest film The Ides of March whoop, whoop ! Who will he be bringing onto the red carpet with him ? the press has been full of lovey dovey stories about Clooney and Sandra Bullock of late,  something that has coursed Canalis to go into a right huff I should not wonder, obviously no one else is involved in the split and they will always love and respect each other and never wash their dirty laundry in public, spoil-sports UFFA.


George Clooney and Silvio Berlusconi together in court ?

by Marianne Wi

Gerorge Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis both possible witnesses for the defence in the up and coming trail of our much-loved and admired Italian Prime Minister Silvio Bercusconi on the 6th April 2011.  Berlusconi is about to stand trail for among other things underaged sex, keeping prostitutes, tax fraud, abuse of power and oh yes preventing the course of justice , where is the list….., just the tip of the iceberg.

It would appear that an A list of Celebes have been rubbing shoulders (I hope that is all that was being rubbed) with the high society of Italian stars and politicians. According to Indian Express there is a list of 78 possible witnesses including football hero Cristiano Ronaldo and other top personalities such as Belen Rodriguez and the Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini currently in London holding meetings concerning Libya. They might be called on to support Berlusconi, God knows he needs it.

Clooney claims to have met Berlusconi only once when fundraising for Darfur, uhmmm yes the fundraising for Dafur, what would our Moroccan prostitute be doing at the fundraiser? It was she who reported Clooneys presence at the Bunga Bunga Party at Berlusconi’s villa in Arcore a suggested scene for orgies and strip-shows, a confidential villa where High Society meets the less fortunate Low Society. Ruby the Heartbreaker, who was allegedly paid for sex with Berlusconi at 17, a claim she has denied very publicly recently in an interview with CHI Magazine (owned by Berlusconi) and in a TV interview with Mediaset (owned by Berlusconi) is selling her stories making a mint, you go girl. When Ruby found herself arrested in Milan for theft last year she was released immediately without charge after a personal phone call from Berlusconi 😉 you could not make it up, the man is arrogant and deluded, he did not even use an aid to call the police.

It is worth mentioning that Berlusconi is loved and adored in Italy and here no one really cares about his crimes as long as tax is kept low and the inheritance tax even lower, also Italians can quite happily go to Mass daily proclaiming their support of family values, honesty, high morales and the ten commandments, yet have no qualms at all voting for Berlusconi, money wins hands down over morals every time.

Grrrrrrrrr my soapbox is shaking my heartbeat is raising, it is time to up the medication, Berlusconi does this to me every time……..

UP DATED  1st April 2011

An update from Gossip (Italian online Newspaper) Elisabetta Canalis has come out fighting side by side with her Lawyer Michele Sterbini clarifying her involvement with Berlusconi and Ruby the Heartbreaker, stating that she never had dinner at the Villa in Arcore and may sue anyone saying otherwise . Any defamatory information or news published will not be accepted and will be dealt with accordingly. Proceedings against Berlusconi is still set to go ahead on the 6th April 2011, will George Clooney and/or Elizabetta Canalis be called to his defence, we must wait and see.


George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis

by Marianne Wi

Actor George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis dined in LA on Chinese  chow mein and  chardonnay shrimp….. they took no doggy-bag but Clooney left a $100 tip

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