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Mine Vaganti, Loose Cannons is a winner at MovieMov in Bangkok.

by Marianne Wi

MovieMov Italian Film Festival just closing its doors in Bangkok has chosen Mine Vaganti, Loose Cannons as its winner this year,the director Ferzan Ozpetek was present and looking very very pleased with himself, and why not, well done.


Ferzan Ozpetek , Aida

by Marianne Wi

When hearing the name Ferzan Ozpetek I immediately think of such charming films as :

Le fate Ignorante, The Ignorant Fairies. Il bagno Turco, Steam: The Turkish Bath. La finestra di Fronte, Facing the window and  Cuore Sacro, Sacred Heart and most recent and still doing well Mine Vagante, Loose  Cannons.

So hearing the news that  Ferzan Ozpetek was spending an excessive amount of time in Naples often at the Maggio Fiorentino Theatre tickled my curiosity ……I was not disappointed, is he producing a new film there ? No, Ozpetek is making his debut as a Director of the great opera  Aida Verdi’s masterpiece , it will open its doors on the  28th April 2011, there are still tickets if you are around that part of the world.

Singing the part of Aida will be  Hui He and Maria Jose  Siri, The king is sung by Roberto Tagliavini and  Amneris by Luciana D’Intino and Mariana Pentcheva. This is Ozpeteks first attempt at directing an opera and although I am wishing him well with this new venture ,I hope it will not be the end of his film making days.


Valeria Golino and Riccardo Scamarcio

by Marianne Wi

Valeria Golino is currently writing a screenplay , the film will star Riccardo Scamarcio showing him a different light. I am looking forward to that as I am not a big fan of his.


Mine Vaganti, Loose Cannons

by Marianne Wi

I always look forward to Ferzan Ozpeteks films and never missed one, Mine Vaganti, Loose Cannons is another great film that did not disappoint, well worth seeing when it turns up at an  Italian Film Festival near you .

Director : Ferzan Ozpetek other works includes: Le fate Ignorante, The Ignorant Fairies – Il bagno Turco, Steam: The Turkish Bath – La finestra di Fronte, Facing the window and  Cuore Sacro, Sacred Heart.

Cast : Riccardo Scamarcio, Nicole Grimaudo, Alessandro Preziosi, Lunetta Savino,Ennio Fantastichini,Elena Sofia Ricci, Daniele Pecci.

Best moment: Father with photo album, crying his eyes out wondering where it all went wrong , the shame, the lack of grand children, the family’s reputation………

Moment I could have easily done without: Tommaso (Riccardo Scamarcio) dancing in-front of the mirror. Cannot imagine why it was included in the official trailer.

Synopsis:  Tommaso (Riccardo Scamarcio) who has been  living in Rome away from his family, have been able to live openly as a homosexual. His return to southern Italy and his large traditional family will as can only be expected, be problematic . Tommaso  is expected together with his older bother Antonio (Alessandro Preziosi) to take over the management of the families industrial pasta making business.

On the eve of a family dinner, during which Tommaso has decided to tell his family of his sexuality , their lives are thrown into chaos by his elder bother Antonio. There are excellent acting from the grand mother (Ilaria Occhini) and Luciana (Elena Sofia Ricci) it would have been great to see those characters developed. Ferzan Ozpeteks chosen subject  is as always homosexuality, a subject not often covered by mainstream Italian film makers, Italy is of course still very much a strong-hold for the Roman Catholic Church where homosexuality is not an accepted life-style (only last year two men kissing in front of the Colosseum in Rome, were arrested and charged with indecent behaviour).  Ozpetek covers this subject with such flare and sensitivity that even though I feel Ricardo Scammacio was wrongly cast as  Tommaso, he just never looked comfortable playing the role and the dancing in front of the mirror was painful to watch, you cannot help but warm to the individual protagonists as the film shifts from comedy to drama and visa versa . Is it a comedy or a drama……., a bit of both, I have come down on the side of comedy as there were so many sweet and very funny moments .

It is also out on DVD one not to be missed this year.

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