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The Guetteur, Il cecchino, The Sniper director Michele Placido, its a rap.

by Marianne Wi

Michele Placido has for the past four weeks been shooting his new venture Le Guetteur, Il cecchino, The Sniper in the streets of Paris, he has  directed the final scenes in the heart of the French capital and is properly looking forward to some good pasta aldente and a glass of chilled white.  The Sniper is a French film starring Daniel Auteuil,  who is playing head of police in hot pursuit of Mathieu Kossovitz our sniper who foiled the arrest of a group of bank robbers by killing numerous Police Officers. The Sniper will have a number of Italian Actors too, Raoul Bova was originally signed up raving about his great joy of being able to work with one of Italy’s greatest directors ……. only having to pull out due to other work commitments, he is currently shooting Ultimo 4, I saw Ultimo 1 whatever happened to 2 and 3 ? anyway a favorite Italian eye candy of mine without a big ego is Luca Argentero has taken over the role. This film sounds very much like a police thriller, yet Placido has pronounced it a ”noir” the latest trend among Italian film makers. Placido describes this film as and I quote “It’s a film about Western decadence of the age we live in and on the eternal struggle between good and evil.” I think we can look forward to that sometime early spring 2012 unless they decide to keep in under wraps untill Cannes.

Cast : Daniel Auteuil, Mathieu Kassovitz, Violante Placido, Luca Argentero, Arly Jover, Oliver Gourmet, Francis Renaud and Nicolas Briançon.


Michele Placido Le Guetteur , The Lookout

by Marianne Wi

Michele Placido is preparing to film his next venture in France. The project is Le Guetteur with a possible English title of  The Lookout. Perhaps he just wanted to get away from the arguments and controversy surrounding his last film Vallanzasca – Gli angeli del male, Vallanzasca – Flowers of Evil , released a few weeks ago here in Italy , it has already found itself at the bottom of the box office turnover. The film was a good watch , perhaps real crime stories are just not what we need at the moment. The stars of this french venture are  Daniel Auteuil , one of my favorite French Actors,who will play head of the police , with the equally charming  Mathieu Kassovit who will be playing the gangster. All sounds good to me,hope we will get to see it without the usual dubbing. I understand filming will start in June 2011.

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