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Wisconsin Film Festival WFF

by Marianne Wi

Woooooher, Wisconsin Film Festival 2011 will be showing 4 Italian Films, please can we all rejoice together as neither San Fransisco, Dallas, Hawaii, RiverRun, Sonoma and Arizona International Film Festivals were able to find just one single Italian film this year, I think we need to go all out for Wisconsin lets sing a song, try a small tribal dance, anything to show some appreciation for our friends in Wisconsin. I was not really sure where this state was either so you now have a link to knowledge too, go explore.

They have found 4 Italian films to show during their festival, of course,  we have the Le Quattro Volte, The Four Times my life would not be the same if that was not included 2 x Hip Hip Hurrahs for the director Michelangelo Frammartino, who must be having the time of his life, not only does Le Quattro Volte get to appear in nearly all International Film Festivals, it wins prices and awards too, top film….. OK, I did not like it I was ever so bored I was wrong, as it has been applauded everywhere so go form your own opinion, do not huff like that in my direction, I am human and I have failed you all with respect to this film……. DARN.

Also shown are:

Mine Vagante Directed by Ferzan Ozpetek

Le Amiche  Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni

The Perfect Team Directed by Michael Rogosin a documentary co produced between Italy, France and the USA.



Dallas International Film Festival DIFF

by Marianne Wi

Dallas International Film Festival 2011 opens its doors on the 31st March 2011 and shut up shop on the 10th April 2011.

It is a clear “NUL POINT” to Dallas, not a single solitary Italian Film not one……I feel ashamed for you Dallas.

Update 31.03.11 by PrimoCiak: Please read the comment from Dallas International Film Festival, PrimoCiak was too quick in the uptake. Why not have a look at their programme if you are anywhere near Dallas, just follow the link above for a full breakdown of films….

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