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Alessandro Preziosi and Dajana Roncione an item ?

by Marianne Wi

Alessandro Preziosi only left the set of Pappi Corsicato’s new venture “Il volto di un’altra” “The Face of Another” and his well documented fling with Nastassja Kinspergher a Stylish working on the film being shot at San Candido, Tyrol to drive to Bolzano Airport to pick up his next conquest Djana Roncione, who according to Diva & Donna threw herself in his arms. Dajana Roncione is a Sicilian Actress, who has starred in a number of films here in Italy, such as Il Gran Sognio, The Big Sleep directed by Michele Placido and also Baaria directed by Giuseppe Veronese so not an unknown entity here, they incidentally made a film together last year called  “Edda Ciano e il comunista” , fast work by Preziosi no arguing that.

 “Edda Ciano e il comunista” “Edda Ciano and the Communist” was directed by Graziano Diana and has a release date of 11th March 2011,when it was shown on Italian TV Rai Uno. It also stars Stefania Rocca and is shot here in Sicily around the Lipari and Aeolian Islands. Edda Ciano passed away in 1995 and was the eldest daughter of Benito Mussolini, just incase you were wondering, Edda had an interesting life. Wether their romance started back then, while he was still with Vittoria Puccini is another matter all together. Preziosi and Roncione drove off into the mountains for a romantic weekend break, no one bothered to follow them ?????…DRAN ! Photos are from Diva & Donna issue 23, I just love those guys.

Alessandro Preziosi Il Rubacuore or just a big flirt ?

Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon  22.05.2011

Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria it is official 14.04.2011

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Alessandro Preziosi, Il Rubacuori or just a big flirt

by Marianne Wi

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The Neapolitan director Pappi Corsicato, who is well-known in Italy for his many documentaries and shorts, has just started shooting his new feature film in Rome “Il volto di un’altra” “The Face of Another” possible English Title. Corsicato is getting a lot of publicity for all the wrong reasons, if there is such a thing as bad publicity, he is getting it. Alessandro Preziosi, who plays a Plastic surgeon working at a posh Clinic in San Candido, Tyrol, with his beautiful wife Bella (Laura Chiatti) who is a TV personality presenting a programme on Plastic Surgery, Preziosi her husband is performing the surgery……nuff said. Alessendro Preziosi is known for his eye for the ladies and his temper, has been putting it about in between filming according to CHI Magazine, rumours are rife and there are badly shot grainy photos, a sure sign that “someits” up. Preziosi is of course single again after his very public split with Vittoria Puccini, who in turn is now stepping out with Claudio Santamaria. Is Preziosi having a fling with his co-star Chiatti ? No, thank God or Riccardo Scamarcio would be on the war path for sure, no he has picked on a very tattooed young Stylish working on the same film named Nastassja Kinspergher, they are reported to have late night swims once the remaining hotel guest have settled down for the night, we all know what happens once you start swimming late at night……..tut tut. The photos speaks volumes no matter how grainy, cannot help wondering whether it was a friend of Preziosis or Kinspergher who took these photos and sold them on…… All photos are from CHI issue 24

Alessandro Preziosi and Dajana Roncione an item ?    09.06.2011

Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon  22.05.2011

Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria it is official 14.04.2011

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Alessandro Preziosi and Vittoria Puccini what now ?

by Marianne Wi

You may well be wondering after Diva e Donna an Italian weekly Magazine, exposed Puccini’s alleged affair with Claudio Santamaria in last weeks issue. We have been blessed with some excellent and heartwarming news with matching photos of the couple again from D & D, who are always on the sport. The photos were published in their Easter issue and I think you will agree they will be tucking at your heartstrings just a little, sweet family photos of Presiozi and Puccini together with their lovely daughter Elena now 5 years of age. They were papped outside Elena’s school this week, when a very pensive looking Puccini met up to handover Elena to Preziosi, great to see such good behavior in front of the child, a lesson to be learned by many feuding couples. There are no news about  Preziosi and Puccini getting back together again, it is still believed Puccini is snuggling up close to Santamaria. All photos are by Diva & Donna.


Preziosi and Roncione together ?   09.06.2011

Preziosi and the Stylist  08.06.2011

For additional information on Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria it’s official the latest news  14.04.11

23rd May 2011 Vittoria Puccini and Cladio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon


Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria it’s official the latest news

by Marianne Wi

Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria are officially a couple, it was revealed in the Italian gossip magazine Diva & Donna, who drew that conclusion from seeing the couple “tenderly” walking hand in hand after a dinner with friends, you cannot ask for more proof than that. Claudio Sanatmaria born in Rome on the 22nd July 1974 has just ended his relationship with long time girlfriend the model Delfina Delettrez Fendi with whom he has a 4-year-old daughter Emma. Emma is already a star in her own right having modeled for the Italian Fashion House Fendi’s children pret-a-Porter collection, wich incidentally was created for her by Granni Fendi.

Vittoria Puccini born in FLorence on the 18th November 1981 has recently split from Alessandro Preziosi, after a very public spat in the streets of Rome well documented by the Italian paparazzi and PrimoCiak. Puccini and Preziosi famously met during the filming of Elisa di Rivombrosa in 2003, they have a daughter Elena together born in 2006, who perhaps now can be a playmate to Emma. My crystal ball is already showing cute photos of the happy family playing in a park in Rome or on an Italian beach papped by Diva and Donna, the mag that always just find themselves in the right spot, due to I am sure a very strong intuition rather than anything preplanned or prebooked.

Santamaria and Puccini have known each other for many years, they first starred together in Ultimo Bacio, The Last Kiss and the resent sequel Baciami Ancora, Kiss me again, they quite obviously did that and more, if we believe everything we read.

Preziosi and Roncione together ?   09.06.2011

Preziosi and the Stylist  08.06.2011

Preziosi, Puccini lates photos with Elena 21.04.11

Puccini is at it again with Santamaria 14.03.11

Preziosi and Puccini it’s all over 13.02.11


Michelle Hunziker and Daniele Pecci, the news you did not want to hear.

by Marianne Wi

News from Diva & Donna issue 11 dated 22..03.11

I am knocked for six, as they say. What is it pray tell about celebrities and Rome, is it something in the water, do they not know that the Paparazzi is around looking to do a grainy shot of them kissing on the mouth ? Here of course anything else would be considered common curtsy .

Is it Riccardo Scamacio and someone ? Alessandra Preziosi and someone ? Victoria Puccini ? No, this time it is our charismatic actor Daniele Pecci, who “might” (they could have split amicably a month ago, without telling the world press) be cheating on good old Michelle Hunziker. Yep, there are photos and they are not pegging,  this is full on mouth to mouth…. eyes closed, incriminating I think you will agree, however in some families that is normal too, so lets not be too judgemental folks. It is again our trusted friends from “Diva and Donne” who have got this major coup d’etat, good on them I say and lucky you that I am here to relay this exciting  information in English for you, don’t you thing ? I am taking out a subscription.

Michelle Hunziker and Daniele Pecci had a quick fling back in 2007 and only just got back for another bite of the apple during the autumn of 2010  uhmmm

Good news is that there are no children involved and as they did not live together no dogs to fight over either, a great relief for everyone I am sure. Are they still together ? Well they might be there are no official statements as yet.

 Michelle Hunziker and Daniele Pecci it is all over   again 19.06.2011


Victoria Puccini is at it again with Claudio Santamaria?

by Marianne Wi

The Lady, and I am beginning to use that term loosely, has moved on from Stefano Accorsi leaving him devastated , I am sure his partner Laetitia Castaif is pleased to hear the news that this ” lets grab a bit of publicity for our latest film” affair has come to a speedy and abrupt end. What I want to know is what is wrong with the gorgeous and handsome Pierfrancesco Favio, why leave him out ?

Verve, a weekly Italian gossip magazine (not to be confused with veuve clicquot) has been running the story of her new love interest this week, it is non other than Claudio Santamaria, wonder if he has a film coming out soon, they both starred in the film Baciami ancore, Kiss me Again released last year, I just feel a little bit jealous. Puccini has been linked to a number of men in resent weeks after the very public spat with her long-term partner Alessandro Preziosi, there is really no reason to believe this love story is actually taking place, must be driving her ex seriously crazy and she does appear to be letting her hair do

Girls do not worry about the usually charming (with a sting and a temper) Alessandro Preziosi, he was seen to look happy, relaxed and smiling  at a  press conference in Rome for a new TV show he is in ” Edda Cyan and The Communist”.

Latest photos of Preziosi , Victoria and Elena 21.04.11

7th March 2011 Alessandro Preziosi,Vittoria Puccini… accidenti Stefano Accorsi ?

13th February 2011 Alessandro Preziosi and Vittoria Puccini IT is all over !

23rd May 2011 Vittoria Puccini and Cladio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon


La vita facile, An easy life goes Botox Free !

by Marianne Wi

This film is not a comedy as advertised, it is really more of a Romance, something that always lightens my mood on a cold winter afternoon. This is a film about friendship, betrayal, greed, the Italian speaking part of Africa and a confirmation of the old saying  “Three is a crowed”.

What really struck me throughout the film was the lack of Botox used by the  actors, Victoria Puccini has lines on her forehead and when she laughs her face creases, if I was a song writer I would be composing an ode to the lady right now. Both Accorsi and Favio looks weather-beaten and all three look their age, worth seeing the film just for that reason alone. We are treated to great cinematography, wonderful panoramic views of Kenya and some very interesting camera angles too. There has been in Italy a small storm blowing over the possible affair between Stefano Accorsi and Vittoria Puccini, I am hoping it is a stunt to raise publicity for the film.

Director: Lucio Pellegrini also directed Figli delle stelle ( not released outside Italy) and Ora o mai piu, Now or Never , the latter did the International Film Festival Trail back in 2003/2004.

Cast : Stefano Accorsi, Pierfrancesco Favio, Camilla Flippi, Djibril Kebe, Ivano Marescotti, Eliana Meglio, Vittoria Puccini, Angelo Orlando

Synobsis : Mario (Accorsi) is a doctor who left Rome 9 years earlier to set up a hospital and the “Italy for Africa” project in Kenya. Luca (Flavino) also a doctor however in a private clinic in Rome is rich, obnoxious , and a racist who as it turns out later also has a criminal mind. Ginevra (Puccini) is married to Luca, she is a fitness fanatic, a marathon runner if I ever saw one and not much else..

Luca decides to take time of to work with Mario in Africa, where he is followed by his wife shortly afterwards. They were friends a decade earlier and had been involved in a car accident that left Luca in a coma, leaving Mario free to have an affair with Ginevra, the reason Mario left for Africa in the first place. I think that is our setup in a nutshell. As we see the plot unfold we are treated to twists and turns although sadly no snake incident, we have great looking African kids, some stunning views of the African landscape and a possible insight into life in a small african hospital run by Italians. I did not enjoy the last 15 minutes and saw no reason for this final twist,  nothing in Mario’s makeup prepared me for this sudden unexplained flaw, I felt let down by the ending although I did fall a little bit for Luca in the end, I am glad the screenwriters did not destroy that for me.


Manuale d’amore 3, 3 Stages of Love (Manual of Love 3)

by Marianne Wi

I love the trailer, they have included all the really funny moments, no need to leave the comfort of your own home to see the film.

It has been hyped here in Italy as the “Comedy of the year” and much fuss has been made over it. It was released Friday and I am still trying to muster some enthusiasm and blog a few lines ….. I loved Manaule D’amore, Manual of Love when it came out in 2005, it was funny, great actors, believable story lines and the music was fabulous too, I can hum the tune for you right now. On the odd occasion I still find myself reaching for the DVD on a cold rainy Sunday afternoon.

Manuale d’amore 2, Manual of Love 2 came and went I cannot actually remember anything about it not a single frame comes to mind.

Manuale d’amore 3, Manual of Love 3, is as Italian comedies go not a bad movie, I was just bored and would have hot footed it out of there at the interval had they not left Robert de Niro until last, one nill to the clever producer.

Director:   Giovanni Veronesi a prolific Director and screenwriter.Manuale d’amore 1, 2 and 3 together with Me and Marilyn, Italians and Parents and their children.

Cast : Robert de Niro, Monica Bellucci, Riccardo Scamarcio, Michele Placido, Laura Chiatti,Valeria Solarino, Donnatella Finocchiaro, Carlo Verdone, Daniele Pecci,Vincenzo Alfieri

Synobsis : The film has 3 acts ……….

Youth : Riccardo Scamarcio  and Laura Chiatti story…. he goes up north on a business trip, has an affair with another woman (lets not confuse this with Mine Vaganti,Loose Cannons, that would be wrong) usual story, usual mediocre acting from both of them, I am sure I have seen this story many times before with both actors in it too.

Maturity : Carlo Verdone has great comic timing and the sexy Donatella Finocchiaro is equally funny, great acting  from both of them. Carlo Verdone plays a self-absorbed Ankerman, she plays a professional stalker, not believable and too much silliness packed into one short story, it had the potential  of being the best story of the tree acts.

Late middleage : Robert de Niro speaking Italian throughout (sounded great actually, top marks to him for trying) falls in love with the daughter of a Porter in Rome. Enter Monica Berluccio , God love her ,  a sad sight to see the once so beautiful actress Botoxed to point of freeze frame, STOP it is all I want to say to this lady, she plays a stripper , not quite the story of  An Officer and a Gentleman though, it was just another predictable  story, end of !

I am going off in search of a Drama or a Thriller now…… Ohhh yes, there must be one out there somewhere.


Io sono l’amore, I am love

by Marianne Wi

If you only intend to see one Italian film this year, make it Io sono d’amore, I am love , although I fail to see why you would limit yourself. I got goosebumps in a good way throughout the film , it is so beautifully shot, oozing class and style  from the first scene to the last, I have seen it a number of times and never tire. Tilda Swinton’s portrayal of Emma , the Russian born wife of  business tycoon Tancredi is extraordinary, her growth from an ice-cold super rich and super organised house wife into a warm exciting lover is exquisite ,it should have won her many awards, I hope she is plotting revenge for missing out on an Oscar.

Director : Luca Guadagnino, is known for his documentary work and has previously made a feature film Melissa P , one that did not make it outside Italy. His relationship with Tilda Swinton goes back to 2002, when she worked with him on a documentary called  Tilda Swinton : The love factory. He will not be known outside Italy although after his  great success with I am Love ,that will change.

Cast : Tilda Swinton, Flavio Parenti, Edorado Gabbriellini, Alba Rohrwacher, Pippo Delbono, Diane Fleri, Maria Paiato, Marisa Berenson.

Best moment : So many it would be hard to pick one, not one to shy away from difficult decisions , I picked : The moment Emma told Tancredi  that she no longer loved him, there I did it.

Synopsis : There is as in all good Italian films a family dinner, this is no exception as we gather to celebrate the grandfathers birthday. He  marks the day by handing  over the power of his enormous  industrial business  to not only his son, as was expected, but to share it between his son Tancredi and grandson Eldo.  He dies shortly after this dinner and the fun begins. Food is of great importance within the family , occasions often remembered by superb dishes cooked by  Emma ,Russian Fish soup being one such dish. While Tancredi is busy running the business Eldo set about opening a restaurant with his friend Antonio. This perfect Milanese family begin to show cracks in the perfectly polished veneer, when the daughter while studying in London falls in love with a woman. Emma takes this news well and it partly empowers her to have a very hot and out of character affair with Antonio her son’s friend and business partner, as this is an Italian film there can only be one end and that is , family upheaval………………………

Great choise of music  Nixon in China composed by  John Adams is spot on and new to me, excelent is the word.

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