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Edda Ciano e il comunista, Edda Ciano and the Communist man

by Marianne Wi

“Edda Ciano e il comunista”, “Edda Ciano and the Communist man” directed by Graziano Diana for Rai TV 2011. I think it is a possible candidate for International Film festivals, a fascinating subject, part of Italian history and really well made. I am surprised that Diana is not making feature films, he is well-known in Italy for his TV work with over 50 titles as a writer, he has acted too, I wish he would give it a go and I hope this film makes it to the festivals as so many TV films have done before. Edda Ciano e il comunista is based on a true story about a small part of Benito Mussolini’s eldest daughters life, Edda Mussolini was born on the 1st September 1910 and past away in Rome on the 9th April 1995, she was illegitimate although her parents did marry five years after her birth. Edda was a headstrong child by all accounts and having a father with a gran title of “His Excellency Benito Mussolini, Head of Government, Duce of Fascism, and Founder of the Empire” meant that prospective boyfriends might be just a bit hesitant in coming forward. One courageous lad did step forward and they married in 1930, he was Gian Galeazzo Ciano, 2nd Count of Cortellazzo and Buccari, who later became Italy’s foreign minister, they had three children together before Mussolini had him murdered for treason, tied to a chair and shot in the back or by a firing squad, the Internet has numerous versions of his last moments. Incidentally Eddas son Fabrizio later wrote a book titled “Quando il nonno fece fucilare papa”, “When Granddad had father Shot” After the war Edda fled to Switzerland with her children, she was later sent to Lipari for a number of years due to the connection with the Fascist Party and family background, ” Edda and the Communist” recounts her affair with the communist Leonida Bongiorno. I am now looking for her book “Edda Ciano La mia vita” one interesting life story I think you will agree. After her death in 1995 she was laid to rest next to her husband Gian Galeazzo Ciano.

Cast : Stefania Rocca, Alessandro Preziosi, Dajana Roncione, Adriano Chiaramida, Alessio Vassallo, Federica de Cola, Gaetano Aronica, Domenico Centamore, Mimmo Mignemi, Alessandro Agnello, Massimo Leggio, Daniele Perrone, Emanuele Salce, Ilaria Occhini

Synobsis : We see Edda Ciano (Stefania Rocca) arrive on the island of Lipari, her humiliation at the hands of the local authority and the police, as she settles in to serve what amounts to house arrest away from her children, they have remained in safety in Switzerland. Leonida Bongiorno (Alessandro Prezios) a young handsome communist with whom she forms a relationship, that evolves into a deep profound love affair, an affair that is doomed. Edda does form relationships with some locals during her time on the island, however the locals mostly do not care for her, it is a clear case of “The sins of the father”…..

The clip is not from the film, I had real trouble finding a good trailer to attach, so you are treated to Eddas wedding with Gian Galeazzo held at Mussolini’s Villa Torlonia  in Rome 1930, enjoy. Villa Torlonia is now opened to the public and well worth a visit as he actually lived there for 18 years, it has been restored to the highest spec.

I really enjoyed this beautifully shot romance, yes a little lightweight in places, worth seeing just for Stefania Rocca’s performance alone. I am now off to La Feltrinellis Bookshop …….

PS : Yes this is the film that brought Alessandro Preziosi and Dajana Roncione together for a hot weekend.

PPS : I think this is a photo of the real deal, the communist Leonida Bongiorno, if it is not I apologise in advance.

This film was shown in March 2011 on Rai Uno, they are still showing it on demand for free, if you are practicing you Italian why not settle down with a glass of  vine tonight and improve your vocabulary. To watch Rai Uno Edda Ciano e il comunista just click.


Mine Vaganti, Loose Cannons is a winner at MovieMov in Bangkok.

by Marianne Wi

MovieMov Italian Film Festival just closing its doors in Bangkok has chosen Mine Vaganti, Loose Cannons as its winner this year,the director Ferzan Ozpetek was present and looking very very pleased with himself, and why not, well done.


Alessandro Preziosi and Dajana Roncione an item ?

by Marianne Wi

Alessandro Preziosi only left the set of Pappi Corsicato’s new venture “Il volto di un’altra” “The Face of Another” and his well documented fling with Nastassja Kinspergher a Stylish working on the film being shot at San Candido, Tyrol to drive to Bolzano Airport to pick up his next conquest Djana Roncione, who according to Diva & Donna threw herself in his arms. Dajana Roncione is a Sicilian Actress, who has starred in a number of films here in Italy, such as Il Gran Sognio, The Big Sleep directed by Michele Placido and also Baaria directed by Giuseppe Veronese so not an unknown entity here, they incidentally made a film together last year called  “Edda Ciano e il comunista” , fast work by Preziosi no arguing that.

 “Edda Ciano e il comunista” “Edda Ciano and the Communist” was directed by Graziano Diana and has a release date of 11th March 2011,when it was shown on Italian TV Rai Uno. It also stars Stefania Rocca and is shot here in Sicily around the Lipari and Aeolian Islands. Edda Ciano passed away in 1995 and was the eldest daughter of Benito Mussolini, just incase you were wondering, Edda had an interesting life. Wether their romance started back then, while he was still with Vittoria Puccini is another matter all together. Preziosi and Roncione drove off into the mountains for a romantic weekend break, no one bothered to follow them ?????…DRAN ! Photos are from Diva & Donna issue 23, I just love those guys.

Alessandro Preziosi Il Rubacuore or just a big flirt ?

Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon  22.05.2011

Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria it is official 14.04.2011

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Alessandro Preziosi, Il Rubacuori or just a big flirt

by Marianne Wi

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The Neapolitan director Pappi Corsicato, who is well-known in Italy for his many documentaries and shorts, has just started shooting his new feature film in Rome “Il volto di un’altra” “The Face of Another” possible English Title. Corsicato is getting a lot of publicity for all the wrong reasons, if there is such a thing as bad publicity, he is getting it. Alessandro Preziosi, who plays a Plastic surgeon working at a posh Clinic in San Candido, Tyrol, with his beautiful wife Bella (Laura Chiatti) who is a TV personality presenting a programme on Plastic Surgery, Preziosi her husband is performing the surgery……nuff said. Alessendro Preziosi is known for his eye for the ladies and his temper, has been putting it about in between filming according to CHI Magazine, rumours are rife and there are badly shot grainy photos, a sure sign that “someits” up. Preziosi is of course single again after his very public split with Vittoria Puccini, who in turn is now stepping out with Claudio Santamaria. Is Preziosi having a fling with his co-star Chiatti ? No, thank God or Riccardo Scamarcio would be on the war path for sure, no he has picked on a very tattooed young Stylish working on the same film named Nastassja Kinspergher, they are reported to have late night swims once the remaining hotel guest have settled down for the night, we all know what happens once you start swimming late at night……..tut tut. The photos speaks volumes no matter how grainy, cannot help wondering whether it was a friend of Preziosis or Kinspergher who took these photos and sold them on…… All photos are from CHI issue 24

Alessandro Preziosi and Dajana Roncione an item ?    09.06.2011

Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon  22.05.2011

Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria it is official 14.04.2011

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Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon

by Marianne Wi

Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon, Portugal for 3 whole days? Well, they are looking happy, relaxed and a little bit scruffy; what pray tell happened to “Fare la bella figura”? Perhaps going overseas they thought they would be able to blend in with the local riff raff ohhh no not our smuching couple. Diva and Dona was busy or perhaps found themselves without passports, as it came down to “CHI” to run this story with some rather nice photos. Sometimes I miss Hello Magazin and their glossy beautiful airbrushed photographs, just sometimes so that is OK  right ?

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Feel free to ask me anything about Vittoria Puccini and her men although if I knew something really juicy it would be in this blog so have a look under categories  – After a News Flash – Vittoria Puccini and……. you will find everything you always wanted to know about her breakup with Alessandro Preziosi and her rumored affaires after the very public argument in the streets of Rome all those months ago.

Preziosi and Roncione, an item ?


Alessandro Preziosi and Vittoria Puccini the aftermath

by Marianne Wi

 Diva & Dona have caught the pair in less than romantic circumstances, I am trying to analyse this non story as it appeared on their front page. Well, Puccini was reduced to tears, not in front of Preziosi in fact he was not there…. no she was hugging a female friend while crying her eyes out on the streets of Rome in front of the paparazzi ? Living in London for so many years have made me cynical, I apologies in advance, surely to God if you are feeling delicate, hurt, angry, betrayed, used or just generally pissed off, you cry in private , right ?. I think this is a case of Diva & Dona running a non story, we have had little sun in Italy of late so few bikini clad Celebes to put on the front page…… Now the Magazine Chi on the other hand caught Vittoria Puccini with Claudio Santamaria on holiday……. watch this space !

Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon


Alessandro Preziosi and Vittoria Puccini what now ?

by Marianne Wi

You may well be wondering after Diva e Donna an Italian weekly Magazine, exposed Puccini’s alleged affair with Claudio Santamaria in last weeks issue. We have been blessed with some excellent and heartwarming news with matching photos of the couple again from D & D, who are always on the sport. The photos were published in their Easter issue and I think you will agree they will be tucking at your heartstrings just a little, sweet family photos of Presiozi and Puccini together with their lovely daughter Elena now 5 years of age. They were papped outside Elena’s school this week, when a very pensive looking Puccini met up to handover Elena to Preziosi, great to see such good behavior in front of the child, a lesson to be learned by many feuding couples. There are no news about  Preziosi and Puccini getting back together again, it is still believed Puccini is snuggling up close to Santamaria. All photos are by Diva & Donna.


Preziosi and Roncione together ?   09.06.2011

Preziosi and the Stylist  08.06.2011

For additional information on Vittoria Puccini and Claudio Santamaria it’s official the latest news  14.04.11

23rd May 2011 Vittoria Puccini and Cladio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon


Alessandro Preziosi, Vittoria Puccini latest update

by Marianne Wi

You could not make it up! Alessandro Preziosi and Vittoria Puccini have been seen together by the Paparazzi working for the Italian gossip magazine “Vero”, they looked relaxed and were both smiling, yes smiling , what about I want to know?. It is a relief to see them back on speaking terms as they have a 6 year old daughter to consider.

Are they back together again? Who knows and do we really care deep down? They were seen in Rome going into a shop and later up to “A Flat” their flat or someone elses is anyones guess. Vero was not very specific, I shall keep you updated for sure.

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23rd May 2011 Vittoria Puccini and Cladio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon


Victoria Puccini is at it again with Claudio Santamaria?

by Marianne Wi

The Lady, and I am beginning to use that term loosely, has moved on from Stefano Accorsi leaving him devastated , I am sure his partner Laetitia Castaif is pleased to hear the news that this ” lets grab a bit of publicity for our latest film” affair has come to a speedy and abrupt end. What I want to know is what is wrong with the gorgeous and handsome Pierfrancesco Favio, why leave him out ?

Verve, a weekly Italian gossip magazine (not to be confused with veuve clicquot) has been running the story of her new love interest this week, it is non other than Claudio Santamaria, wonder if he has a film coming out soon, they both starred in the film Baciami ancore, Kiss me Again released last year, I just feel a little bit jealous. Puccini has been linked to a number of men in resent weeks after the very public spat with her long-term partner Alessandro Preziosi, there is really no reason to believe this love story is actually taking place, must be driving her ex seriously crazy and she does appear to be letting her hair do

Girls do not worry about the usually charming (with a sting and a temper) Alessandro Preziosi, he was seen to look happy, relaxed and smiling  at a  press conference in Rome for a new TV show he is in ” Edda Cyan and The Communist”.

Latest photos of Preziosi , Victoria and Elena 21.04.11

7th March 2011 Alessandro Preziosi,Vittoria Puccini… accidenti Stefano Accorsi ?

13th February 2011 Alessandro Preziosi and Vittoria Puccini IT is all over !

23rd May 2011 Vittoria Puccini and Cladio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon


Alessandro Preziosi and Vittoria Puccini IT is all over !

by Marianne Wi

Vittoria Puccini and Alessandro Preziosi it is all now all over .

I for one am very very glad, the photos papped in central Rome a few weeks ago showed Preziosi as an aggressive bully ,someone book him and anger-management course , he needs help.

I understand from the Italian press that he was papped with another woman some time ago , Victoria let this pass and tried to continue their relationship due to their beautiful daughter Elena…….

Victoria has now found love with a hunk , if rumors are right the handsome Adriano Gianni, I am turning just a little bit green right now, how gorgeous is he ?

Just so charming, I wish Vittoria all the best , as for Preziosi , get help aggression in private  against woman is bad enough , if you cannot control it  in front  of the press you are in real trouble ! Writing from my high horse.

Preziosi and Roncione together ?   09.06.2011

Preziosi and the Stylist  08.06.2011

Vittoria Puccini and Cladio Santamaria loved up in Lisabon  22.05.2011

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