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This must be the place , Questo deve essere il posto

by Marianne Wi

”This must be the place”, “Questo deve essere il posto” directed by Paolo Sorrentino will be in competition at this years Cannes Film Festival, running from the 11th May until the 22 of May 2011, it is not due for release in Italy before October 2011 grrr grrrr.

Director : Paolo Sorrentino’s fame goes before him, he is recognised worldwide, many of his films have been distributed independently abroad as well as appearing at many of the biggest International Film Festivals. His greatest success was without doubt Il Divo 2008 however L’amico di familia, The Family Friend 2006 –  Le conseguenze dell’amore, The Consequences of Love 2001 –  and L’uomo in piu, One Man Up 2001 also did very well on the International market. I understand that Sean Penn met up with Paolo Sorrentino during the Cannes Film Festival in 2008, where he impressed the director so much that he returned to Italy and asked David Bryne to sort out a screenplay and  there you have it a film was born.

Cast : Sean Penn, Eve Hewson. Frances MaDormand, Judd Hirsch, Heinz Lieven, Kerry Conden, Olwen Fouere, Simon Delaney, Hoyce Van Pattern, Liron Levo

Synobsis : In short the film is about a bored retired rock star living in Ireland, who has not had contact with his father for over 30 years and therefore decides to hit on New York hoping for a reconciliation, before the father passes away, Cheyenne (Sean Penn) arrives too late. It is only after the father death that Cheyenne fully understands his fathers humiliation and horrendous treatment during his stay in Auschwitz, metered out by SS Officer Aloise Lange an unpleasent fellow, who was the fathers tormentor during the 2nd world war. Cheyenne is taken on a long a painful journey across the USA together with an equally painful journey of self discovery. Cheyenne has when he reaches his goal a big decision to make, will he be man enough ?

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