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Top Ten First Time Italian Directors, First 6 months 2011

by Marianne Wi

Italy has a lot of up and coming ”First Time Directors”, the names that rings no bells when you read them, yet they form a huge part of the Italian Cinema Industry at the moment. Six months into 2011 and already we have a trend, something to keep us going as we enter the summer season where new releases are very rare. Many of the films listed are not found on general release, they are currently pushing their way through the Italian Film Festivals hoping to be picked up Internationally, only a few have graced our cinemas. I am glad to see Corpo Celeste, Heavenly Body directed by Alice Rohrwacher hogging 2nd place, obviously it cannot harm to have sister Alba in the Industry however it was an excellent film by Italian standards. Are we seeing the first work of the new Visconti, the new Pasolini, sadly I think not films that are ”Out There” the ones that are just that tiny step too close to the edge, will find it an enormous struggle to get distribution or even funding to start shooting. The English titles are direct translations as most films would not yet have been subtitled or had screenings abroad. Information courtesy of  Cinema Italian

10   La vita dispari, Life is Odd directed by Luca Fantasia presented at 2 festivals

09  Il sesso aggiunto, Sex Added directed by Francesco Antonio Castaldo presented at 2 festivals

08  Cara, Ti amo, Swweheart, I love you directed by Gian Paolo Vallati presented at 1 festival winning 1 award

07  Nauta, The Sailor directed by Guido Pappadà presented at 2 festivals winning 1 award

06  Passannate directed by Sergio Colabona presented at 3 festivals winning 1 award

05  Il Caccaitore di anatre, The Duck Hunter directed by Egidio Veronesi presented at 8 festivals

04  W Zappatore, W Sapper directed by Massimiliano ”Marci”Verdesca presented at 2 festivals winning 2 awards

03  Sulla strada di casa, On the Way Home directed by Emiliano Corapi presented at 6 festivals winning 3 awards

02  Corpo Celeste, Heavenly Body directed by Alice Rohrwacher presented at 12 festivals winning 5 awards

01 Nessuno mi puo giudicare, No One Can Judge Me directed by Massimiliano Bruno presented at 11 festivals winning 7 awards.

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