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Top Italian Award Winners of the Last Decade (Female)

by Marianne Wi

To me this is a surprising list of female winners, I would have thought stars like Donatella Finocchiaro and Micaela Ramazzotti would have been right up there picking up awards glore, here is the  list of Female award winners from the last decade in descending order.

09  Esmeralda Calabria with 16 (shared)

09  Barbora Bobulova with 16 (shared)

08  Valeria Golino with 18

07  Elisabetta Pandimiglio with 20

06  Stefania Sandrelli with 20

04  Isabella Ragonese with 22 (shared)

04  Giovanna Mezzogiorno with 22 (shared)

03  Alba Rohrwacher with 28

02  Margherita Buy with 30

01  Tizza Corvi with 39

Tizza Corvi has won most awards in the past decade, lets have a look at her and not just go Chi ?  Corvi won her awards as the co-director of Non e ancora domani (La Pivellina), Not Even Tomorrow (The Little One) a film shown at 159 Film Festivals winning 39 awards beating Giorgio Diritti and his L’uomo che verra, The Man That Will Come with only 113 Festivals but 41 awards in 2010, it was her first feature film, certainly one to keep your eye on. Information courtesy of the great folk of Cinema Info.

Top Italian Award Winners  of the Last Decade (Male)   

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