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Cinema tickets up by 1 Euro !

by Marianne Wi

The “Constitutional Affairs and Budget committees “have just approved an amendment to reinstate tax on cinema tickets in Italy.

Can you believe that ? In the middle of an economical crises , where culture inevitably takes second place , it has been agreed to make life even more expensive for families to have a day out with their children……. There is an exception folks , the good people in the government has agreed that this 1 EURO tax does not apply to films shown in Church Halls Yahoo, great news I think you will agree ?

This new amendment to the tax laws will be active from the  1 July 2011 to 31 December 2013 , when no doubt it will doubled.

The estimated income from this surtax would bring in € 45 million in 2011 and 90 million in 2012-2013 IN  theory the money collected will be used to  finance tax cuts for the Italian cinema. Yes, of course !

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