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Tatanka Skatenato, Raging Tatanka

by Marianne Wi

Based on the book “La Bellezza e l’inferno” written by Roberto Saviano about the Italian Olympic Boxer Clemente Russo aka Tatanka Buffalo who won a Silver Medal in Beijing 2008. Clemente Russo, plays himself with great ease, he was born on the 27th July 1982 in Marcianise not far from Naples, where he grew up rough and fast among the crime syndicates with few escape routes, boxing being one of the only options open to him.

Director :  Giuseppe Gagliardi first feature “La vera leggenda di Tony Vilar”, “The True Legend of Tony Vilar” 2006 did very well Internationally, Tatanka Skatenato, Raging Tatanka is sure to follow suit.

Cast : Rade Serbedzija, Giorgio Colangeli, Carmine Recano, Alexander Yassin, Cemente Russo, Susanne Wolff, Enzo Casertano, Damir Todorvic, Linda Chang, Vincenzo Pane, Lorenzo Scialla,

Synopsis: We follow a very young Clemente Russo, his fight against the local crime syndicate who are hiring children, the police who are not only the enemy but also a violent enemy, we see some of the difficult choices he had to make on route to fame, always remembering honour and never forgetting that real men ” have balls”. There are few options open for a poor uneducated youth from this dilapidated area of Southern Italy, he chooses Boxing. While serving 8 years in prison for doing over a warehouse, he continues his training inside, the camorra never far behind. Once released he is trapped, falls in to bare-knuckle fights for money, crime and disillusionment. We follow his stubborn climb back to become one of the world’s best white contemporary heavyweight fighters, the highlight of his career no doubt being the Olympic Silver in Beijing in 2008 loosing only to Rakhim Chakkhiev. If you like a bit of rough play this sports film is for you.


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