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A sud di New York , Southern New York

by Marianne Wi

Director : An Italoamerican Comedy Musical is the official description of this film directed by Elena Bonelli.  Bonelli was an actress back in the 90s and this is her first feature film in which she also stars.

Cast : Elena Bonelli, Luca Napolitano, Carmen Napolitano, Francesco Paolantoni, Franco Neri, Fioretta Mari.

Synobsis : We follow Carmelina (Carmen Napolitano) from Puglia, who has a handbag full of dreams and a strong urge to improve herself while working as a waitress, she also sing love songs at Marco

(Luca Napolitano) the boyfriend who is hankering for a job in the music industry.
Jenny (Elena Bonelli) our talent scout working in New York is informed that her mega rich uncle has died, Jenny hot foots it back to Puglia, where she finds out that she has inherited only DEBTS and an old battered banger full of porno magazines. All three return to the “Big Apple” for a bite of the “American Dream”, there are trials and tribulations but no twist or turns. We are treated to friendship, an accident, funny gags and a love story, most of all we are being served POSITIVITY there is not room for failure, no matter how small the obstacles and to be fair they are pretty small. A family film worth seeing on a rainy Sunday afternoon for sure and Luca Napolitano is a teenage heart-throb if I ever saw one.


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