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Nauta, The Sailor (Possible English Title)

by Marianne Wi
Director : This is Pappada Guido first feature film, it has been described as a Road Movie on water by the Italian critics, who gave it mixed reviews. It is a dreamy fairytale come feel good sort of a film, beautiful shot with blue and yellow undertones thought out, it must have been awkward shooting some of the scenes due to the difficult circumstances on the boat, getting some of the angles must have demanded great skill. I enjoyed the mix of oddballs sailing off in search of their individual dreams, getting away from it all. Luca Ward as Davide was awesome, obviously a sailor at heart, Elena di Ciccio as the drug addict, present on the boat as daddy had invested money in the trip, was excellent too, great casting.
Cast: Massimo Andtre, David Coco, Elena di Ciccio, Giovanni Esposito, Paolo Mazzarelli, Luca Ward, Monica Ward, Riccardo Zinna
Synopsis: Bruno (David Coco) an anthropology teacher at Naples University is teaching his students according to Eastern philosophies; harmony, love and peace  ” A man who is not curious, is a dead man” (That sounded so much better in Italian). Bruno is called to the heads office to receive some excellent news of a grant, a grant he must take and use as he see fit, only one condition is attached, he must take Laura (Elena di Ciccio) a young coke addicted biologist with him. Bruno receives a call from his old mate Paolo (Giovanni Esposito) who has discovered a natural phenomenon on La Galite a small island of the Turkey’s coast, the phenomenon is a light that shines intense, yet dreamy. We are off with Davide (Luca Ward) as the grumpy captain in charge of an old sail boat built in 1938, he was brilliant a great captain and a leader amongst men. This film is a light yet enjoyable watch, awesome choise of music throughout.
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