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5 (Cinque)

by Marianne Wi

Director : It is Francesco Dominedo first feature, he has previously appeared in a number of TV films here in Italy, will this film be his opening onto the International Film Festival Circuit? That is the million dollar question, as Italian films goes it is not bad, the editing is good, the camara work is well above average, usually the two immediate obstacles for success. The story line ? Well, there are so many sub stories going down, that you will need to be on full alert throughout. Matteo Branciamore (Manolo) was seen for the first time outside The Cesarone, he has turned ”BAD”. Also very good acting from the other 4, known for their TV work, so why am I not excited? Dominedo has tried to compete with the American Gangster Movies and although he often hits the spot, he fails overall possibly because of a low budget, it was released into only 5 cinemas in Italy so has not had a good start in life.

Cast: Matteo Branciamore, Stefano Sammarco, Christian Marazziti, Rolando Ravello, Alessandro Borghi, Lito Vitale, Massimo Bonetti, Angelo Orlando, Giorgia Wurth, Franscesco Arca, Francesco Venditti, Cladua Zanella, Loredana sofizi, Alessandro Tersigni.

Synobsis:  We find our group of 5 in Quarticcilo east, a Roman suburb that lends itself perfectly to petty crime. Our 5 friends have all been to the same correction center or ”riformatorio” reformatory center, where they have served time for their senseless crimes. Our little group grow up, get married leading lives of petty crime until they decide to hit the big time with a large robbery… it worked and there was a bonus in the shape of a briefcase…… belonging the The Russian Mafia in Rome… is all very much downhill from there, as the 5 begin their fight for survival.


L’Erede, The Heir

by Marianne Wi

Director : Michael Zampino, is an Italian who has worked for a number of years in Hollywood, at the Silver Pictures Company producers of Die Hard, The Matrix, V for Vendetta and many others. This is his first feature, shot in Italy (Marche),  he classified this film as a ”noir” leaving me a little perplexed as to what to expect, is it a horror ? no , a thriller ? no, a drama then? no, ok it is a noir. I saw it 2 days ago and have spent some time trying to dissect the experience; not just report my initial reaction.  Apart from the usual editing problems, abrupt change from scene to scene and some rather iffy camara work, ”Ohh there is a statue of a cat, I know, I will zoom in on it, wait a moment……. zoom” if only it had been a great big fat rabbit, it would have made sense. The film did not really do it for me, I was not scared, I was not frightened and I was not sitting in suspense on the edge of my seat either, I should have been as it had all the hallmarks of a good one of either of those three emotions. Man, scared for his life escapes on a dark rainy night in his car, down the road a tree has fallen stopping him in is tracks, he gets out in order to remove it, failing he returns to the house from which he has just escaped ?. There are other potential scary moments that fails, so what is missing ? ”Music” that’s what is missing! Scary, suspense, horror, sound effects something that will get me trembling in my boots. I remember the film Private directed by Savario Costanzo 2004, a masterpiece that should have and was suggested for The Academy Awards in 2005, it was rejected not because it was not pure Italian but because the actors spoke Hebrew, Arabic and English or was it because it portrayed a Palestinian Family and their struggle against the Israelis ? Whatever the reason ”Sound” kept me on the edge of my seat through-out even when nothing actually happened, I will go as far as to say it is up there among the top 3 Italian films of the last decade, a truly excellent film winning over 20 awards. L’erede, The Heir will not be winning many awards I am afraid unless they do something about the sound effects,  it is by no means a ”NO GO” there is some great acting from Guia Jelo and Alessandro Roja,  it just lacked that OMG, it had so much potential for.

Cast : Alessandro Novaro Rispi, Guia Jelo, Tresy Taddei Takimiri, Alessandro Roja, Arnaldo Taffi, Davide Lorino,  Lanfranco Santini , Marco Fabbri, Maria Sole Mansutti, Ottavio Marini

Synobsis : Bruno (Alessandro Novaro Rispi ) has inherited an old Villa in the Marche area from his father, he returns to the house to decide its faith; sell or restore. A family of onion farmers have settled in the grounds, taking over the stables and are using the house too as and when they feel like it. The head of the household Paula ( Guia Jelo) a woman with a mission, claims to have had an affair with his father resulting in 2 children, she wants the house at all cost and we follow the struggle to achieve that goal, no spoilers on this blog, suffice to say that there are many trials and tribulations before we are left with a sort of open ending.


6 Giorni sulla terra, 6 Days on Earth

by Marianne Wi

Director: ”6 Giorni sulla terra”, ”6 Days on Earth” directed by Varo Venturi, he was born in Rome and that is just about the only information I can find about this gentleman on the web, not for him a long informative entry in Wikipedia. It is Venturi’s second feature after ”Nazareno” (2007) that made it on to six Italian Film Festivals and won awards too. Venturi’s latest film “6 Days on Earth” was screened on on the 17th of June 2011, as always I am sending love to the good people who makes those important choices. ”6 Days on Earth” is a well made Italian Science Fiction about Aliens, who are not as expected arriving from space BUT are here already inside all of us, I am not keen on this notion however it does explains a lot of aches and pains of late. These badass aliens are not friendly, so do not be fooled by their exterior which looks very much like ”Paul” the funny, intelligent good for a laugh Alien directed by Greg Mottola starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Venturis film is not my cup of tea to be honest I did not enjoy ”’The Exorcist” either so I have been so bold as to borrow the synopsis from Wikipedia, am I being lazy? Yes, I am a little sorry. Laura Glavan did a great job in this film, really good it is her 3rd feature, I hope it will propel her upwards and onwards.


Cast: Massimo Poggia, Laura Glavan, Marina Kazankova, Ludovico Fremont, Varo Venturi, Nazzareno Bomba, Emilian Cerniceanu, Francesca Schiavo,Giovanni Visentin, Ruby Kammer, Ferdinando Vales, Daniele Bernardi, Leon Kammer, David Taylor

Synobsis : Dr. Davide, a courageous scientist, has been studying thousands of cases related to alien abductions, obtained by the abductees under hypnosis, the unsettling thesis that some extraterrestrial races have been installing for millennia their active memories in the abducted people’s brains, in order to “live” through them in this dimension, exploiting a special human energy: the Soul… But when the scientist will decide to help Saturnia, a seductive eighteen-old girl that believes she has been abducted, and shows a clear attraction for him – he will have to face an insurmountable problem: once hypnotized, Saturnia will not leave anymore the trance condition, giving place to Hexabor of Ur – an alien entity coming from Mesopotamian ages that consider himself an half-god. This will be complicated by the unexpected discovery that Saturnia belong to a wealthy black aristocracy’s family…


Edda Ciano e il comunista, Edda Ciano and the Communist man

by Marianne Wi

“Edda Ciano e il comunista”, “Edda Ciano and the Communist man” directed by Graziano Diana for Rai TV 2011. I think it is a possible candidate for International Film festivals, a fascinating subject, part of Italian history and really well made. I am surprised that Diana is not making feature films, he is well-known in Italy for his TV work with over 50 titles as a writer, he has acted too, I wish he would give it a go and I hope this film makes it to the festivals as so many TV films have done before. Edda Ciano e il comunista is based on a true story about a small part of Benito Mussolini’s eldest daughters life, Edda Mussolini was born on the 1st September 1910 and past away in Rome on the 9th April 1995, she was illegitimate although her parents did marry five years after her birth. Edda was a headstrong child by all accounts and having a father with a gran title of “His Excellency Benito Mussolini, Head of Government, Duce of Fascism, and Founder of the Empire” meant that prospective boyfriends might be just a bit hesitant in coming forward. One courageous lad did step forward and they married in 1930, he was Gian Galeazzo Ciano, 2nd Count of Cortellazzo and Buccari, who later became Italy’s foreign minister, they had three children together before Mussolini had him murdered for treason, tied to a chair and shot in the back or by a firing squad, the Internet has numerous versions of his last moments. Incidentally Eddas son Fabrizio later wrote a book titled “Quando il nonno fece fucilare papa”, “When Granddad had father Shot” After the war Edda fled to Switzerland with her children, she was later sent to Lipari for a number of years due to the connection with the Fascist Party and family background, ” Edda and the Communist” recounts her affair with the communist Leonida Bongiorno. I am now looking for her book “Edda Ciano La mia vita” one interesting life story I think you will agree. After her death in 1995 she was laid to rest next to her husband Gian Galeazzo Ciano.

Cast : Stefania Rocca, Alessandro Preziosi, Dajana Roncione, Adriano Chiaramida, Alessio Vassallo, Federica de Cola, Gaetano Aronica, Domenico Centamore, Mimmo Mignemi, Alessandro Agnello, Massimo Leggio, Daniele Perrone, Emanuele Salce, Ilaria Occhini

Synobsis : We see Edda Ciano (Stefania Rocca) arrive on the island of Lipari, her humiliation at the hands of the local authority and the police, as she settles in to serve what amounts to house arrest away from her children, they have remained in safety in Switzerland. Leonida Bongiorno (Alessandro Prezios) a young handsome communist with whom she forms a relationship, that evolves into a deep profound love affair, an affair that is doomed. Edda does form relationships with some locals during her time on the island, however the locals mostly do not care for her, it is a clear case of “The sins of the father”…..

The clip is not from the film, I had real trouble finding a good trailer to attach, so you are treated to Eddas wedding with Gian Galeazzo held at Mussolini’s Villa Torlonia  in Rome 1930, enjoy. Villa Torlonia is now opened to the public and well worth a visit as he actually lived there for 18 years, it has been restored to the highest spec.

I really enjoyed this beautifully shot romance, yes a little lightweight in places, worth seeing just for Stefania Rocca’s performance alone. I am now off to La Feltrinellis Bookshop …….

PS : Yes this is the film that brought Alessandro Preziosi and Dajana Roncione together for a hot weekend.

PPS : I think this is a photo of the real deal, the communist Leonida Bongiorno, if it is not I apologise in advance.

This film was shown in March 2011 on Rai Uno, they are still showing it on demand for free, if you are practicing you Italian why not settle down with a glass of  vine tonight and improve your vocabulary. To watch Rai Uno Edda Ciano e il comunista just click.


Giallo, Yellow and Dario Argento

by Marianne Wi

Giallo directed by Dario Argento was released in 2009, however it is only now being distributed into the Italian Cinemas (01.07.2011). I am still sitting upright at my desk expecting the worst to happen, phobias of which I had non are forming in the grey matter as I type. Whooorrrr a too graphic yet compelling watch, if you like Argento it is certainly worth watching, yet it is not quite up to his usual high standard and I am at a loss to understand why it took 2 years to be distributed to the general public, it is already out on DVD so it seems sort off pointless now, Italian distribution has always been one of life’s great mysteries. Giallo, does have quiet moments and does not always flow as well as it could have done, the unbelievable sub-plot, one about the Inspectors early life as a killer, covered-up by a passing policeman did spoil an otherwise believable storyline.

Director : Dario Argento, certainly one of Italy top directors in the genre of movies is famous for them outside Italy too, you often find Suspira 1977 on a list of “Top Ten Horror Movies” of all time, watch Gaillo and you will be scared, do not be embarrassed just hide under the desk or where ever you feel safe…that said it is not Suspira, so do not hold your breath.

Cast : Adrien Brody, Emmanuelle Seiger, Elsa Pataky, Robert Miano, Valentian Izumi, Sato Oi, Luis Molteni, Taiyo Yamanouchi, Daniela Fazzolari, Nicolo Morselli, Gueseppe Lo Console, Anna Carello, Lorenzo Pedrotti, Farhad Re, Barbara Mautino

Synobsis : Woman get into Taxi and is not seen again before turning up dead and mutilated in a Square in Turin, there are at least 4 known cases of this type of murder, that is the story in a nutshell. We follow first a Japanese lady, then and American lady getting into a Taxi and later we see some of the mutilations being done by a sexual predator and sadist, I think you will agree that he is a real badass. Inspector Enzo Avolfi is on the case helped by the sister of  the American victim, there is a lot of blood and it takes awhile before we understand what Giallo is all about, it is all about the colour Yellow and nothing to do with a crime mystery as you might originally have suspected.

Out in the cinemas here in Italy on the 01.07.2011 and already out on DVD with English subtitles among others.

Giallo, Yellow directed by Dario Argento has a release date   14.06.2011


Nauta, The Sailor (Possible English Title)

by Marianne Wi
Director : This is Pappada Guido first feature film, it has been described as a Road Movie on water by the Italian critics, who gave it mixed reviews. It is a dreamy fairytale come feel good sort of a film, beautiful shot with blue and yellow undertones thought out, it must have been awkward shooting some of the scenes due to the difficult circumstances on the boat, getting some of the angles must have demanded great skill. I enjoyed the mix of oddballs sailing off in search of their individual dreams, getting away from it all. Luca Ward as Davide was awesome, obviously a sailor at heart, Elena di Ciccio as the drug addict, present on the boat as daddy had invested money in the trip, was excellent too, great casting.
Cast: Massimo Andtre, David Coco, Elena di Ciccio, Giovanni Esposito, Paolo Mazzarelli, Luca Ward, Monica Ward, Riccardo Zinna
Synopsis: Bruno (David Coco) an anthropology teacher at Naples University is teaching his students according to Eastern philosophies; harmony, love and peace  ” A man who is not curious, is a dead man” (That sounded so much better in Italian). Bruno is called to the heads office to receive some excellent news of a grant, a grant he must take and use as he see fit, only one condition is attached, he must take Laura (Elena di Ciccio) a young coke addicted biologist with him. Bruno receives a call from his old mate Paolo (Giovanni Esposito) who has discovered a natural phenomenon on La Galite a small island of the Turkey’s coast, the phenomenon is a light that shines intense, yet dreamy. We are off with Davide (Luca Ward) as the grumpy captain in charge of an old sail boat built in 1938, he was brilliant a great captain and a leader amongst men. This film is a light yet enjoyable watch, awesome choise of music throughout.

Corpo Celeste, Heavenly Body

by Marianne Wi

Director, Alice Rohrwacher is the screenwriter and director of this her first feature film, she has a very famous older sibling Alba, they were both born in Firenze by an Italian mother and German father, I have a feeling we will see a lot more from this younger member of the Rohrwacher family. Corpo Celeste was first presented at Cannes Film Festival 2011 receiving good reviews and will be at The Taormina Film Festival later in June 2011, it has received 3 nominations for The Silver Ribbon, Il Nastro d’argento, Best Director Newcomer for Alice Rohrwacher and two for Best Supporting Actress Anita Capriol, who plays the mother and Yle Vianello for her role as Marta, personally I would have liked Pasqualina Scuncia to have received a nomination for her role as Santa, she was awesome giving a solid, heartfelt and well-played performance, most of all she had a lived in face, excellent casting for her role. I was lucky to see this film, it was only shown in Catania for a week nowhere else in Sicily, I sort of understand why, it really is everyday life in the South, there would be little interest in seeing what virtually amounts to a Docudrama for many people here, at a price of 7 Euros. I saw Corpo Celeste with a German friend who has lived in Catania for 40 years, she positively hated the film and saw no purpose for its existence, 2 years ago I would have though it patronising with too many caricatures, a bit of a cheap shot at the south, today I think it is a very accurate portrayal of life in the South, there is always a Saint that needs to be aired, a Madonna that needs to be resting at someones house for a day or 2, while the ladies of the Church gather to sing her on her way, I think Corpo Celeste, will do very well on the International scene, a gutsy first film from Rohrwacher the Younger.

Cast :   Yle Vianello, Anita Caprioli, Pasqualina Scuncia, Salvatore Cantalupe, Renato Carpentieri, Paola Lavini

Synobsis : Marta, a 13 year old introverted adolescent has recently relocated to Calabria, Southern Italy with her older sister and mother, after 10 years in Switzerland. We follow her search for a part to play in this deeply religious neighborhood, with its bleak dilapidated exterior, poverty and petty crime. The church is the centre of everyday life in the south, Marta must prepare herself for her confirmation, she attend catechism classes run by the local Catholic Church, Santa runs these classes like a pop-quize, she does her utmost under very difficult circumstances to spread the word and prepare these youngsters for the big day “seeing the Spirit is like wearing really cool sunglasses”. On an unscheduled away day with the Priest, to a derelict and deserted village, collecting an obsolite Jesus, while making various stop-overs in the small villages drumming up signatures for his promotion to a more important church, Marta gets her first period adding to her problems. The scene in the church where Marta sensually explore a wooden and very dusty Jesus was excellent, Marta is a girl of few words yet her questioning of the church does not go down well, Jesus goes flying off the cliff perhaps because he was angry or was he mad as some people have told her…… If you are looking for a glimpse of southern Italy today, this is a film for you .


Il ragazzo con la biciletta, The Kid With A Bike, Le gamin au vélo

by Marianne Wi

Director : The Kid With A Bike is directed by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, you will have heard about them recently as they also wrote the screenplay for this charming film, winning “Best Screenplay” at Cannes last week (24.05.11). The Dardenne brothers are from Belgium, they have been writing screenplays, producing and directing films since 1978 and have a number of great films behind them, “Rosetta” won the Palme d’Or in 1999, “The Child” got a Palme d’Or in 2005 and now their 3rd Palme d’Or for “The Kid With A Bike”, unique and a great class act. Jean-Pierre the older brother is known for his many quips, one being “We are not Spielberg. Spielberg is successful, not us.”  The Kid With A Bike will surely change that and take them out of Europe and worldwide, it cannot fail to be picked by International Film Festivals and I hope sold independently, it is a co-production between Belgium, France and Italy, a film not to be missed.

Cast: Thomas Doret, Cecile De France, Jeremie Reiner, Fabritzio Rongione, Egon Di Mateo

Synopsis: Cyril (Thomas Doret) is a 12 year old boy living in a care-home from which he repeatedly try to escape, looking for his father Guy (Jeremie Reiner) who has moved on without leaving a forwarding address. Cyril’s single-minded approach to find his father is touching yet matter of fact, this little boy is not a victim, he is a resourceful little tyke who will get his way, a fighter. Cyril teams up with Samantha (Cecile De France) with whom he builds a warm yet detached rapore, she becomes his weekend foster parent, a parent with natural parental skills. When Cyril finds his father, a weak self-centred egoist, and has to accept his total rejection, you catch a glimt of Cyril’s well hidden emotions, running deep underneath the matter and fact exterior, although understated and lasting only a few moments, I reached for my hanky, you are not allowed by the Dardenne borthers to dwell in this moment of misery for long, it is upwards and onwards. Cyril get a new best friend Wess (Egon Di Mateo) teaching him the road to crime, the inevitable downfall were felt by us and a few ” mamma mia, no Cyril” was heard in the dark. Cyril, is a strong character something he did not inherit from his father, there will be no spoiler alert….. suffice to say, I left the cinema feeling that despite all the worlds problems there is hope, hope for all of us and most of all hope for Cyril. The Bike, what about the bike I hear you cry…… Cyril, loved his bike, dad sold it, Samantha bought it back , it was stolen a number of times, formed part of many scenes and was his to the end, go see the film.


La Terra Trema, The Earth Trembles 1948

by Marianne Wi

Director :  Luchino Visconti  1906 – 1976

Visconti was born on the 2nd November 1906 in Milan and named Luchino Visconti di Modrone, Count of Lonate Pozzolo, he died in Rome on the 17th March 1976. I absolutely adored this man, I remember La Terra Trema, The Earth Trembles being shown in Denmark in March 1965, I cried throughout and was hopelessly in love with the youngest son. I am saddened by the lack of credit Visconti has been given in AciTrezza, why I hear you ask do they not feel the love for Visconti? Well, he was rich, he was from Italian nobility, he was a homosexual and most importantly he was not Sicilian and therefore could not possibly understand how the poor struggling habitants of an Sicilian village would feel, very much opposite worlds, they have of course been proven wrong, the film is a classic. I encounter few people here who have actually seen the film although most will have a member of their family performing  in it. My visitors are goaded into seeing this film so as to better understand my love for this place. There is a small museum dedicated to the film where articles from that period are on display it is  called “Casa del Nespolo” but no statue of the man. Verga who wrote the original book Malavoglia, The House of the Medlar Tree has fared a little better, he has a statue just outside the Church, you see his Head amongst parked cars. Visconti employed all local inhabitants to star in the film, he eventually had to go back to Italy to raise the final cash to complete the project, selling a family home and jewellery.


Quotes from the film:

In Sicily, Italian is not the language of the poor

Fish are created to be netted (women being fish)

We were born here, we will die here

As sure as water wears away a stone

When you are hungry you cannot argue

Strengths of youth wisdom of age

The sea is bitter and the sailor dies at sea

It is just a matter of time, as the worm said to the stone, I’ll bore a hole through you yet

One by one, the tree’s branches wither and fall.

Cast :  The Mother, Maria Micale – The Father, Sebastiano Valastro – Antonio Micale, Vanni – Nelluccia Giammona, Mara – Agnese Giammona, Lucia – Giuseppe Arcidiamo, Cola – Salvatore Vicari, Alfio – Alfio Ficher, Michele – Ignazio Maccarone, Maccarone – Giovanni Mariorana, Un Bambino – Antonio Arcidiacono, Ntoni – Mario Piso, Voice of the Narrator – Lorenzo Valastro, Lorenzo – Antonio Valastro, Un Grossista – Alfio Valastro, Bandiera – Nicola Castorino, Nicola – Rosa Catalano, Rosa – Rosa Costanzo, Nedda – Carmela Fichera, La Baronessa.

Synopsis: It is the old story of the rich exploitation of the poor as in this case the wholesellers takes advantage of the poor fishermen of Aci Trezza, a small Sicilian Village back in the 1940s. We follow the Valastro families fight for a better life led by Ntoni played with great natural skill by Antonio Arcidiacono, who see the future as an independent boat owner as the only option available to improve their lifestyle. The Valastro family mortgage their house and become the first family who proudly ownes their boat. Mara’s romance with Nicola is off as she has no money, is off as she had too much money , is  off again as she had no money very touching and moving throughout, a great shame that Nelluccia Giammona was not encouraged by her father to follow-up her acting career in Rome, when invited to by Visconti, she would have been a great charater actress, an awesome star. The Valastros family were riding high, the Alici were fat and ready for salting, until a storm wrecked La Provvidenza (Providence) their boat and all was lost. The village takes its revenge, as small insular villagers always do, the Valastros lose their home, the grandfather dies, Lucia’s morals are compromised by a necklace given to her by a whistling Police commissioner, Ntoni hits the bottle, Cola leaves the village lured by work on the main land and some Lucky Strike Cigarettes, their pride and most of all their will to succeed was destroyed by the storm and the loss of the boat. Mara remains the only character who never falters, she remains strong throughout the film. As the quote said “When you are hungry you cannot argue” that is so true and Ntoni with his 2 younger brothers have to return cap in hand to the wholesalers and beg for their jobs back, I cried buckets when I first saw this scene absolute buckets. The film did not fare well in Italy however outside its borders it became classified as a work of art and Visconti went on to become one of Italys most famous Directors of  the  “Neorealism” period receiving many awards.

On YouTube you will be able to see the entire film if you follow the above from 01 to 08, you have no excuse not to see this masterpiece, this great piece of Italian Neorealism.


Senza arte né parte, Make a Fake

by Marianne Wi

Director : Giovanni Albanese, this is his second feature, if you have a memory of an elephant you might remember him from his first feature AAAAchille starring Sergio Rubini, Helene Sevaux, Paolo Bonacelli and Loris Pazienza. I recall this film from 2003 as it had a great story line and some good solid acting. I am not an Italian comedy fan however as comedies go Senza arte né parte, Make a Fake was not bad, it did rather drag at the end though, however we were treated to the beautiful countryside that is Lecce and great use of music.

Cast : Giuseppe Battiston, Giulio Beranek, Mariolina De Fano, Daniele Esposito, Donatella Finocchiaro, Ernesto Mahieux, Vincenzo Salemme, Paolo Sassanelli, Hassani Shapi .

Synobsis : Three production workers at a pasta factory have been made redundant, Carmine (Giuseppe Battiston), Enzo (Vincenzo Salemme) and Bandula  (Hassani Shapi) find themselves replaced by machines.  I particularly loved the scene, where the three take revenge on the equipment to the tune of Johann Strauss and his Vienna Waltz, it was truly hilarious, best moment of the film and we discover how Bandula always managed to be first on the job each morning, classic. The three are re-employed in a job sharing scheme by Alfonso Tammaro (Paolo Sassanelli) who was responsible for their redundancy, he now takes them on in typical south Italian fasion…..”Three for the price of one” working as security guards, guarding art works. With the help of Carmine’s younger brother (Giulio Beranek) they start to reproduce the works of art, making a lot of money, of course, this must end in tears and it should, we should never promote fraud, no matter how stilly the plotline developes. There are a lot of Southern humour during the film, theft of a whole olive tree being funny but also sadly true among others. How will our gang of three get on in Rome at the big art gallery ? Will we have a happy ending ?

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