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Transilvania goes Italian in Sibiu and Cluj-Napoca

by Marianne Wi

The Transylvanian International Film Festival kickers off in Cluj-Napoca on the 3rd June with a number of Italian films until the 12th of June 2011, where it will pack its bags and move onto Sibiu, running from the 15th June 2011 untill the doors slams shut on the 19th June 2011.

Transylvania, I know me too, vision of black horses dragging an old carriage that would rival the Royal Wedding in the UK, vampires , Count Dracula, garlic and a gold crosses, horror galore, that is what Transylvania means to me too, now is the time to move on, give the people of Romania a change to shine, both Sibiu and Cluj-Napoca are impressive towns, there are so many interesting places, you would not know what to see first.

The Festival is in its 10th year and is giving Italy a good showcase, what films have they picked this year ? Here is your list:

Vallanzasca – Gli angeli del male, Angles of Evil directed by Michael Placido

Le Quattro Volte, The Four Times directed by Michelangelo Frammartino.

Gianni e le donne, The Salt of Life  directed by Gianni Di Gregorio

La boca del lupo directed by Pietro Marcello

Solitude of Numbers directed by Saverio Costanzo

Somewhere directed by Sophia Coppola ok ok its not Italian, I just could not resist.

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