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Istanbul International Film Festival IKSV

by Marianne Wi

Istanbul is one of my favorite weekend away destination, they are hosting their 30th International Film Festival from the 2nd of April 2011 and I think they have a soft spot for Italy this year, as a number of solid Italian films are shown (allthough sadly not in competition),  they slam their doors shut on the 17th of April 2011.

I am sending a lot of love to Istanbul (Turkey) for many reasons;  one their love for Italian Films , two for  Mezzaluna being that scrumptious Italian restaurant, you just would not want to miss. (Abdi ipekci cad No:38/1 Nisantasi)  and three they sun if often shining.

IKSV are starting their Gala Evening with a super partly Italian financed film  “The Concert” directed by Radu Mihaileanu, book you seat and don your best designer gear for this evening, please do your bit for ” La bella figura”.

During the Festival you will be able to see the following Italian films; for tickets and times check out their IKSV website you will not be sorry….

Italian films shown this year are:

Vincere  directed by  Marco Bellocchio

I,Don Giovanni – Io ,Don Giovanni directed by Carlos Saura OK 50 % Spanish 50% Italian.

Passion, Passione  Directed by  John Turturro, always be ready for a singsong.

Our Life , Nostra Vita Director by Daniele Luchett

Gorbaciof Directed by  Stefano Incert

Big Deal in Madona Street, I soliti ignoti  Directed by  Mario Monicell  Is being honored.

8 ½  Directed by Federico Felli

The Cry, Il grido Directed by  Michelangelo Antonion

I think you will agree that it is quite in impressive list and you are all now warming to the thought of a trip to Istanbul.



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