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Edinburgh International Film Festival 2011 is underway

by Marianne Wi

Edinburgh International Film Festival is underway as of today and will not close its doors until the 26th June 2011. They have been rather stingy, when it comes to Italian films this year, two was all they could muster and both of those are over 40 years old, seems a little mean of the Scotts. Frederico Fellini’s masterpiece “8 1/2” is being screened, together with “The Adventures of Gerald”  directed by Jerzy Skolimowski 1969, as you can see current Italian films are not feeling the love from Scotland sadly. We need to find some positive in that and I see no reason why if you are in the area, you could not stop by making an appearance and fill some seats, of course you must be wearing your latest designer gear, there is no denying that Ilaria Spada got Kim Rossi Stuart hooked by wearing old jeans and some mountain boots, yet lets not make her lackadaisy attitude serve as an example of things to come, get yourself suited and booted, slap on some eau de toilette and enjoy a bit of retro.

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