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Bernardo Bertolucci takes on London

by Marianne Wi

Bernardo Bertolucci will be in London at the BFI Southbank on the 9th of April 2011, he will be in conversation with curator David Thompson and I am hoping there will be a Q&A afterwards, an occasion not to be missed. During the months of April and May 2011 the BFI will show a retrospective of his films spanning more than 50 years, there will also be documentaries about his life.

Bertolucci is among my top 10 Italian directors, he was born in Parma on the 16th March 1940 and is still going strong today I am so very much looking forward to his next film, currently in post-production with the working title “You and Me” “Io e te”. He is a Marxist and active politically in Italy often using his films to voice his beliefs.

My top 5 films directed by Bertolucci are:

L’ultimo Imperatore, The last Empore 1987

Novecento, 1900  1976

La luna, The Moon  1976

Il conformista, The Professor  1970

Ultimo Tango a Parigi, Last Tango in Paris 1972.

The last Tango in Paris was not only a great film starring Marlon Brando, it also did very well for the popularity of butter.

London has it all at the moment when it comes to Italian films “Italian Cinema London” is showing a number of contempory films  until the 10th April 2011, there are still some tickets left on the night if you are not already booked. Time to get out there weaving the Tricolore and as always do not forget to “Fare la bella figura” there is no price on style.

Films Directed by Bertolucci :

La commare secca  1962

Before the Revolution, Prima della rivoluzione 1964

La via del petrolop 1965

Il canale 1966 – Partner 1968

The Spider’s Stratagem, La strategia del ragno 1970

The Conformist, Il conformista 1970

La salute è malata 1971

Last Tango in Paris, Ultimo tango a Parigi  1972

1900, Novecento 1976

Luna, La Luna 1979

La tragedia di un uomo ridicilo 1981

The Last Emperor, L’ultimo imperatore 1987

The Sheltering Sky 1990

Little Buddha 1993

Stealing Beauty, Io balla da solo 1996

Besieged 1998

The Cello 2002

The Dreamers 2003

You and Me , Io e te in post production 2012

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