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New Zealand International Film Festival has kicked off

by Marianne Wi

New Zealand International Film Festival is a bit of an odd ball, you need to think Country rather than City, it kicked off on the 14th July 2011 in Auckland and will be travelling coast to coast until the 20th November 2011 when it draws its final breath in Kerikeri. There are a number of films from Italy, so we cannot complain although if you feel so inclined, why not have a quiet sulk, I am, as there are 2 films I have not even heard of uhmmm.

The Italian Films screened are:

La dolce vita directed by Federico Fellini 1960 (Italy)

Le quattro volte, The Four Times directed by Michelangelo Frammartino 2010 (Switzerland, Italy, Germany)

Passione, Passion directed by John Turturro 2010 (Italy, USA)

Gianni e le donne, The Salt of Life directed by Gianni di Gregorio 2011 (Italy)

La solitudine dei numeri primi, The Solitude of Prime numbers directed by Saverio Costanzo 2010 (Italy)

Il ragazzo con il biciletta, The Kid With a Bike directed by  Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne 2011 (France, Italy)

The Forgiveness of Blood directed by Joshua Marston 2011 ( Albania, Denmark, Italy and the USA)

My Reincarnation directed by Jennifer Fox 2010 Documentary (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA, The Netherlands)

OK, so we have 3 pure Italian entries and a number of co-productions, the two films not to me missed are The Kid with the Bike and The Salt of Life, of course you must see The Four Times if you are into old goats, the latter is bound to win awards galore during its travels around New Zealand, they have a love for sheep, producing some of the best lamb you can get in the world, they will be vaxing lyrics over ” The Four Times” mark my words.

Dress code in NZ is relaxed to the point of scruffiness, let’s be honest so although there is no great need to spend hours getting ready, it does not harm to make a little effort before leaving home.  Again, a word to the wise, they tend to drink their beer out of a ”tinnie”, trust me there is no shame in asking for a glass, it may be plastic so try to keep that stiff upper lip and ”fai finta” manners never harmed anyone. This festival is exciting as it takes in 14 cities so do try to make some effort here, lets see the local Italian population out waving the tricolor.


Mardi Gras Film Festival New South Wales

by Marianne Wi

Mardi Gras Film Festival in New South Wales , Australia is fast become a major Festival for Lesbian and Gay International films. The Mardi Gras sets off on the 17th February and finishes on the 3rd March 2011. It is a Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and I am happy to see that at least one Italian entry is available. Loose Cannons , Mine Vagante is a charming film by the ever adventures Turkish  director ( although he has been adopted by Italy)  Ferzan Ozpeteks , who has produces a number of gay films here in Italy : Le fate Ignorante, The Ignorant Fairies. Il bagno Turco, Steam: The Turkish Bath. La finestra di Fronte, Facing the window and  Cuore Sacro, Sacred Heart to name but a few.

Riccardo Scamarcio was in my honest opinion bad casting ,as he is not gay and I feel his sometimes cringe worthy performance ( like the dancing in front of the mirror)  detracts from the story line. I guess he was chosen for the Eye-candy effect. Do check out my blog for a write-up of this charming film.


Mine Vagante, Loose Cannons is out on DVD.


Adelaide Film Festival Big Pond Australia

by Marianne Wi

This is a small local Big Pond Film Festival in Adelaide Australia, it is not as such an International Festival, however I found this great documentary about good food and slow cooking something Italians know all about, it is by the famous director Ermanno Olmi. Terra Madre is about good healthy food and the production of same. I am so pleased to see this appearing on the other side of the world, I have as yet not managed to see it here in Sicily, how very sad indeed.

Ermanno Olmi of course is world famous for directing such films as La leggenda del santo bevitore, The Legend of the Holy Drinker – L’albero degli zoccoli, The Tree of Wooden Clogs – Il Mestire delle Armi, The profession of Arms and Centochiodi, One Hundred Nails. The Tree of Wooden Clogs is one of my favorite Italian films of all time, I never fail to shed a tear at the end, such hardship and fatherly love portrayed without much sentiment is just awesome.

To follow is a bonus just for you, IF you speak Italian that is, I think you will love this interview between Ermanno Olmi and Fabrio Fazio

Also shown is  a 15 minute short about Pier Paolo Pasolini’s death, it is a world first so do try to see this too. I have no way of actually seeing it myself so the following information is all courtesy of Big Pond Film Festival :

Ostia - The Final Night

World Premier


TRANSLATION: Ostia – la notte finale
DIRECTOR: Craig Boreham

Australia : 2010 : 15MINS : Italian : English subtitles

In 1975, Pier Paolo Pasolini’s body was found badly beaten and run over near the Italian port town of Ostia on the coast from Rome. His car was later found being driven by a 17-year-old street hustler. Two men, worlds apart. Both with their own needs and desires, and both doomed by their positions in the world to destroy each other’s lives.



This session is showing as part of these sessions:

Sat 26 Feb 3:00 PM Sans Frontières Palace 7
Tue 1 Mar 1:15 PM Sans Frontières Palace 7

PRODUCER: Annmaree Bell
CAST: Tony Poli, Miles Szanto
DIRECTOR PROFILE: Craig Boreham graduated from the University of Technology Sydney and the Australian Film Television and Radio School. His films have screened over 150 times at festivals. He participated in Berlinale Talent Campus in 2006 and Madrid’s Fundacion Triangulo presented a retrospective of his work in 2009. His films includeTransient (2005), Drowning (2009) and Violet (2009).


Lotterywest Film Festival Perth. Italian films galore !

by Marianne Wi

The International Film Festival in Perth, best known as Lotterywest is in full swing, it is spread over a number of  months ,which is unusual in itself, do not miss this exciting festival. The Cinema has air-conditioning so what a great place to cool down during the hot summer days and put your feet up…….uhmm best not , keep the popcorn and the cold beer flowing  though.

Italian films coming up are as follows:

Baaria shown from 7th Febtuary 2011 to 20th February 2011. See review on my blog.

La prima cose bella, The First Beautifyl thing 7th March 2011 to 20th April 2011. See review on my blog.

La doppia ore, The Double Hour 28th March 2011 to 10th April 2011. See review on my blog.

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