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Beijing International Film Festival is kicking off

by Marianne Wi

The first Beijing Film Festival is kicking off today and will run untill the 28th April 2011, it has created much excitement in China and all eyes are on the Chinese Government’s Censorship Board and their morally driven editing skills. A scene from Cinema Paradiso directed by Giueseppe Tornatore springs to mind, when our priest censored all films screaming “cut” only after he had seen a kiss, once considered an offencive scene in Italy. Two films in particular are coursing a stir in China, Black Swan directed by Darren Aronofsky it has an explicit lesbian sex scene, a big taboo in China today, as the scene is paramount to the storyline it will be interesting to see if cut, how much and where. Social Network directed by David Fincher is also on the list of foreign films, as Facebook is banned in China it is bound to be a sell out, the Chinese commonly refer to Mark Zuckerberg as “the founder of 404 Error: Not Found” (an urban myth in the making ?). There are 160 films shown from 42 participating countries including 4 from Italy. The opening night will be held at The National Grand Theatre, Tiananmen Square a historical hot spot in need to some good news.

The 4 Italian entries are :

Sorelle Mai, Sisters Mai directed by Marco Bellocchio 2010

La solitudine dei numeri primi, The Solitude of Prime Numbers directed by  Xavier Costanzo 2010

L’uomo che verra, The Man Who Will Come directed by Giorgio Diritti 2009

Puccini e la fanciulla, Puccini and the Girl directed by Paolo Benvenuti and Paola Baroni 2008

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