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Tribeca Film Festival does it have any Italian Films ?

by Marianne Wi

Tribeca Film Festival does it have any Italian Films? No, not this year sadly unless you count the French entry Una Vita Tranquilla, A Quiet Life directed by Claudio Cupellini staring Toni Servillo…. sounds Italian to you ?

I am often confused by the nationality of a film and the idea that money speaks louder than words is not making sense. This film is funded by Italy, Germany and France, the actors are Italian and German, the director is Italian, it is filmed in Germany and both German and Italian is spoken, so why has Tribeca Film Festival decided it is French and have no entries under Italy? I am going to find out as it is upsetting me, imagine if you can happily blogging about a French film on my Italian Film Blog, Ça va pas NO ! There will be news about this later, I am going to ask the good people of New York before I go into meltdown.

The Festival looks cool and has a great looking programme, unless of course you are looking for Italian Films. They also have an online festival, something I shall check out for sure and if you are in New York between the 20th April and the 1st of May and you are looking smart, why not swing by and take in a film.

Update 01.05.11

No response from Tribeca (e-mail sent 20.04.11) on their decision to classify Una Vita Tranquilla, A Quiet Life directed by Claudio Cupellini as French, I understand the film was well received which is all that matters. Lets hear it for Italy though !

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