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Cleveland International Film Festival CIFF

by Marianne Wi

Cleveland International Film Festival CIFF  will be off to a flying start on the 24th March and will run until 3rd of April 2011.

I have looked through their programme and I am ever so slightly confused. I see them showing 2 Italian films Basilicata Coast to Coast directed by Rocco Papaleo and Febbre da fieno, Hayfever directed by Laura Luketti, so far so good, although I am always surprised to see Basilicata at these festivals, it is just an average comedy, still it is at least Italian, lets rejoice. The CIFF has some truly awesome films in their programme this year sadly non of them are Italian. When is a film Italian? I am asking myself that right now looking at the CIFF’s website as they are showing 6 Italian films, that is so confusing I think you will agree……

The four additional films listed under Italy are:

Habibi directed by Davide Del Degan:  He is Italian, there are Italian actors, it is a short, the language is Arabic and funding is from Italy and Lebanon. Fair enough this short is sort of Italian.

Hello how are you directed by Alexandru Maftei: He is Romanian, the language is Romanian and it is shot in Romania. Funding came from Romania, Spain and Italy. That is not an Italian film is it; does throwing cash at a Producer really give you the right to proclaim your film a certain nationality?

Mountain Blood directed by Philipp J Pamer: He is Italian, the film was shot in Germany, the language is German, and the actors are German. Funding is German and Italian, I feel uneasy about calling this film Italian.

Into Eternity directed by Michael Madsen: He is Danish, it is a Documentary filmed in Finland, the spoken word is English, Swedish and Finnish. Funding came from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and you guessed it Italy, that does so not make the film Italian.

Soapbox Soapbox where for art thou soapbox I am up in arms and ready to let of steam !

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