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Zanzibar International Film Festival ZIFF has gone Italian

by Marianne Wi

Zanzibar International Film Festival is kicking off on the 18th June and will not be closing its doors before the 26th June 2011, it has an unusual and very versatile programme, it is East Africa’s biggest arts festival and they have been good enough to include 2 Italian entries this year, lets hear it for Zanzibar.

In competition is an interesting documentary Arapha, ragazza dagli occhi bianchi – Arapha, white eyed woman 2010 directed by Romano Montesarchio about and I quote “an intimate and searing account of the conditions faced by albino people in Tanzania today told through the story of a young albino girl, Arapha, who was mortally threatened by her own people”

The second Italian entry is Letters from the Desert (Eulogy to Slowness) 2010 directed by Michela Occhipinti , I have not had the opportunity to see this film, the synopsis is from an anonymous source writing for IMDB “Hari is a postman. Every day for 20 years, he has been walking through the Thar desert to deliver letters to remote villages, holding the  reins of secluded lives that talk about loves, weddings, successes and dioceses. His life and that of his big family are marked by the passing of the monsoons, by events that are entwined between the ink bestowed by those who write letters and Hari’s walks, following the rhythm of the desert and of a slow life, made of friendships, of smiles and solid relations, shaped by wind, by sun and rain. Until a strange metallic tower is built in the village and things start changing…”

I think you will agree that both films look interesting, both are shot in Swahili and I am trying to ascertain if they will be shown with English or Italian subtitles……….(15.06.2011 no response to e-mail from Zanzibar so far)

Zanzibar is hot so now would be a good time to done you coolest summer outfit before turning up for any of these screenings and go easy on the cologne the high notes are always so much stronger in the heat.

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