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Steven Spielberg in the jaws of the Italian Coast Guard

by Marianne Wi

Spielberg currently on holiday in Sardinia with Gwyneth Paltrow and her family came a cropper when he decided to explore the superb ”Maddalenaile of archipelago” area, a number of tiny islands just of the coast of Sardegna, a forbidden territory if you arrive on a noisy boat. Spielberg transferred from his 90 foot luxury yacht the Seven Seas to a small 10 foot rubber duck, they sped towards the tranquil nature reserve ”motor running” … managia, had the captain of the yacht known his stuff he would have realised that motors are not allowed within 300 feet of the shore so arriving at full throttle on the beach of Porto Lisca a small dot between Gabbiani and Coluccia was unwise. Are the Italian Coast Guards always on the alert heads buried in the sand just waiting to hear the offending sound of a running engine? No, they were called by a tourist (currently looking for an exclusive deal) who watched Spielberg signing autographs …. Spielberg is said to have apologised profusely and asked a 100 pardons, no ”phone home”,”miraculous escapes” Indiana Jones style or ”We were excaping from a giant shark, honest” No…he is said to have accepted the fine of 172 Euros, while looking mortified.


Hunziker and Federico it is back on ? The Lates.

by Marianne Wi

Mamma Mia, as unemployment goes this was a very short lay off for the Neo-Nazi Federico, 4 days all in all if Das Bild is anything to go by. Having not been convinced that Federico was more than just a bodyguard to Hunziker up till now, I bow my head in shame as she has taken him back ignoring his leaning towards ”White Power”, as bodyguards are a dime a dozen, it can now safely be assumed that Hunziker is more than a job to Federico, without getting smutty. The tune and images of Costner and Houston is coming back to haunt me ” I will always love you ” yes right…Hunziker it was a film, it is never going to have a happy ending; let him go. I would not be surprised to see ” The Bodyguard” directed by Mick Jackson being on top of Hunziker’s best ever film list. Federico has not had time for laser treatment so the clenched fist portraying White Power has been turned into a blushing red rose ahhhh so very sweet. Perhaps the name ”M H & F the bodyguard” may have been added on a small part of his anatomy to seal the next couple of months employment, lets wait for the inevitable beach photos. CHI issue 30 has a great spread of photos of Hunziker and the headline “” My Holiday as a Single” lots of photos of La Hunziker swimming alone or with her daughter Aurora having fun taking photos of the paparazzi, such frivolity, the cheek of it.

Hunziker and Federico it is off 15.07.11


Elisabetta Canalis, George WHO ?

by Marianne Wi

Elizabetta Canalis, who recently split from our aging, yet adorable love-boat George Clooney, has been living it up in Positano with her ”close” friend Angelo Vita from Naples, the Italian press are willing them on looking for a hot romance to mess with Clooney’s head. Actually, we are all feeling the heat and are all a bit jaded so any kind of showmance would be super duper, there are no Italian films at the cinemas in Italy during the summer months so lets see some action on the beaches. Great photos from CHI issue 29 as always.


Hunziker and the Neo-Nazi Bodyguard Federico it is all over. The latest !

by Marianne Wi

Michelle Hunziker has not got a lotta luck with men, let’s be honest she looks great so Lord knows what the problem is. The Italian press has been speculating for a number of weekes about the closeness between the Bodyguard Federico and his ”Patrona”, assuming he is guarding her body one would expect him to be close by at all times, then again what do I know, suffice to say they have been seen a lot together often on a beach laughing….There is a great photo shoot in CHI Magazine issue 29 showing Federico and Hunziker on the beach working out, using that term literally as you can see from the photos, they are not grainy so one assume these were paid for up-front, I think you will agree they look as if they are having fun and she looks great for 34. They are also in Diva e Donna this week issue number 28 on another beach frolicking without a care in the world, all very idyllic until………

The German Magazine ”Das Bild” went and spoiled it all for Federico, who has been seen with Hunziker a number of times seminaked on a beach, he had his top of showing of his numerous tattoos, here again I would expect him in Speedos if swimming, the problem is not that he was undressed, the problem is the tattoos as they are promoting right-wing neo-nazi groups, White Power of the supreme kind, he also has the word ”Intolerance” tattooed on his shoulder, being the name of an extreme right-wing German band, it is the sort of advertising you would have on your private parts if you really wanted them tattooed on your person, what was he thinking ? Hunziker who is very popular in both Germany and Italy has had to fire him tout suite and issued a statement distancing herself from the Nazi movements, if it was more than a job I think he will find that Italy’s and Germany’s Sweetheart Michele Hunziker will be dropping him like a hot Pepperoni aka Frankfurter Würstchen from that area of her life too. Federico, a word to the wise, laser treatment asap, sell your story about your rough childhood and being led astray by a calculating neo-nazi group, then wait an pray that unpleasant revealing photos does not appear of you in uniform sicking heil.

Hunziker and Federico it is back on ? The Lates. 17.0.2011


A baby-girl for Montalbano

by Marianne Wi

Well, it is of course Luca Zingaretti and his longtime partner Luisa Ranieri, remember her in Immaturi, The Juveniles directed by Paolo Genovese 2011, who have become the proud parents of baby Emma. They met in 2005 during the shooting of Cefalonia directed by Riccardo Milani. Zingaretti has acted in more than 45 films and series, well known all over the world, in Italy he will always be loved for his role as ”Commissario Montalbano” and excellent series filmed in Ragusa, Sicily.


Valeria Golino, Riccardo Scamarcio and a Wedding-planner?

by Marianne Wi

Valeria Golino, who has reached the grand age of 44 has reportedly said ”YES” to Riccardo Scamarcio who with his 32 years is 12 years her Junior, shock and horror, you go girl.

I know it is the news no one really wants to hear, yet the couple has been glued together since meeting during the shooting of ”Texas” directed by Fausto Paravidino back in 2005. This little snippet of news actually makes no difference to any of the young ladies, and I use that term loosely, currently lusting after Scamarcio. There are as yet no official wedding date and Golino looked her radiant self at Taormina, where she picked up two Silver Ribbons last week, no loose fitted clothing so no pregnancy to report HA ! I shall keep my ever-watchful eye on those ” Beach Photos” currently hitting the Italian News Stands via Glossy Mags, no fear.


George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis, the end of a rocky road

by Marianne Wi

I am not quite sure why people are surprised, George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis  have issued a joint press statement stating that ” It is very difficult, it is very private, please leave us alone, it is all over”. The Italian press have run this story many times in the past and no one here should really be surprised, there are the usual innuendos about Clooney’s sexuality, do we really care deep down, whether he is in or out of the closet ? I know one thing for sure, he will be opening the 68th Vince Film Festival on the 31st August 2011 with his latest film The Ides of March whoop, whoop ! Who will he be bringing onto the red carpet with him ? the press has been full of lovey dovey stories about Clooney and Sandra Bullock of late,  something that has coursed Canalis to go into a right huff I should not wonder, obviously no one else is involved in the split and they will always love and respect each other and never wash their dirty laundry in public, spoil-sports UFFA.


Kim Rossi Stuart & Ilaria Spada are soaking up the sun in Sabaudia Italy

by Marianne Wi

Dipiu an Italian weekly Mag, has court up with Kim Rossi Stuart and Ilaria Spada a few days ago, were they having a heated debate on a street in Rome or snogging in some dark alley ? No, the loved up couple were soaking up the summer sun, without a care in the world on a beach in Sabaudia a hot spot between Rome and Naples. All photos are from issue 24 and they are not grainy, which to my beady eye means they are photographed rather than papped by some friendly stalker before being sold to the Mag. Depiu reported that the couple looked happy, relaxed, and playful; they could not take their eyes of each other, I am filling up, it makes me want to burst into song I am so pleased. I do lean ever so slightly towards cynicism, the happy couple only met in December 2010 and Ms. Spada is 4 months pregnant, I am not a great believer in ”Love at first sight”  either so they have their worked cut out. No wedding date as yet, will it be before or after the birth ? I am ”NOT” sensing Vegas or Bethnal Green, ohh the shame of it, I jest of course, I hope they live happily ever after.

Rossi and Spada will be getting married    15.06.2011


Mamma Mia, Angelina Jolie jets into Lampedusa for another baby ?

by Marianne Wi

Lampedusa a small Island of Sicily has had a visit from Angelina Jolie a Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR, who arrived in her private jet without Bratt, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox or Vivienne in tow. Bratt Pitt is currently filming his new film in Malta ”World War Z”. The visit by Jolie had been kept top secret, was she looking for another child to adopt or perhaps a new Villa next to Berlusconi ? No, she was paving her way to”Santa Subito” ”Fast Track to Sainthood” although she would have to queue behind Mother Teresa and John Paul II as they have not yet made it… Sorry, the lady is doing a great job and was on the Island of Lampedusa to meet with UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres, together they met with 130 specially selected refugees before going on the disused Air Base currently home to 265 illegal immigrants all underaged and all supposed orphans. The visit was to highlight the plight of refugees on ”International Refugee Day” I cannot help feeling that if she had donated the equivalent amount of money spent on her private jet to the camps on the Island, it would have coursed just as much publicity and would also have helped the poor mayor of Lampedusa Bernardino De Rubeis, who surely must be having a most miserable year. Angelina Jolie thanked the people of Lampedusa for welcoming the constant stream of immigrants arriving daily from Africa, Jolie also attended a service for 1000s of lost souls, who never made the crossing and were lost at sea.

PS : To Mark and Ellen fell free to comment directly on my post no need to insult me privately, I have nothing against Angelina Jolie, a great actress and anyone trying to improve the terrible conditions these poor ”boat people” are living under in the camps on Lampedusa gets my approval, I do find it abhorrent though, that a mega rich Hollywood Super Star arrive to visit the poorest of the poor in her private jet tasteless and all about publicity for numero uno with the odd orphan thrown in for good measure.


Michelle Hunziker and Daniele Pecci looks like it is all over………again

by Marianne Wi

Daniele Pecci was out on the town this week with a blonde and it was not La Hunziker, he was papped strolling bold as brass around Trastevere in Rome before eating what might very well have been a romantic lunch, unless the young lady turns out to be a friend of the family. Meanwhile Hunziker has been adorning the Italian Magazines, who have described her as a ”lonely pensive figure”. Hunziker’s tour is coming to an end and she was recently seen to skip dinner with the rest of the members, in favour of at trip up the aisle at the local Basilica; an after midnight spot of sightseeing with her bodyguard Federico. La Basilica della Santa Casa di Loretor, is housing some very important catholic relics dating back to 1296. When not searching for God, Hunziker has been seen soaking up the sun with her ”driver” or Federico the ”bodyguard”. Hunziker has declared her self ”Happy and Single” I think you will all agree that she will not be alone for long. Wish I could get that Whitney Houston song out of my head…….

Hunziker and Federico it is back on ? The Lates. 17.07.2011

Hunziker and the Neo-Nazi Bodyguard Federico the latest ! 15.07.2011

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