Desperately seeking Italian Film News !

by Marianne Wi

Trying to find anything remotely interesting to write about between mid June to mid September is like running two marathons a day, nothing is going on, nothing is going down. OK, so Woody Alan is busy in Rome filming his new film ”Whatever” who knows what he will call it in the end; Roberto Benigni has not yet started his part, I should imagine he has run off with Dante once he saw the full line up for the film, I hope he got a good deal out of Alan as this film will not do his street cred any good. The Venice Film Festival will start at the end of August, there are write-ups daily about it everyone trying to find a new fresh angle…..and failing, as the films are all having their world premier there is nothing out there to debate. So what pray tell is one to do ? Revert to gossip and beachwear or close down for the summer ? No, PrimoCiak was never a defeatist blog, if Italy is hot and full of a lethargy population, then it must be freezing somewhere else in the world, where perhaps a cool exciting winter film festival is being planned at this very moment….. off investigating whoop whoop the excitement is overwelming…watch this space !

2 Comments to “Desperately seeking Italian Film News !”

  1. So, this isn’t very exciting but maybe it’s better than nothing. You could post announcements when films are released to DVD along with links back to your original reviews. That would be great for me. I’m frequently scanning the top 100 DVDs at (few of which are even Italian movies) looking for new releases. Then I have to come over hear and search for the review to see if it might be any good. I enjoy reading your reviews of the theatrical releases but this is always months before I can actually see the movie.

    • That sounds like a good project for me to get started on. Most of the films I review will not be seen outside Italy for perhaps a year so I have also thought about writing about slightly older films right now as I am struggling
      to find interesting stuff……Thank you for that Charles.

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