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Steven Spielberg in the jaws of the Italian Coast Guard

by Marianne Wi

Spielberg currently on holiday in Sardinia with Gwyneth Paltrow and her family came a cropper when he decided to explore the superb ”Maddalenaile of archipelago” area, a number of tiny islands just of the coast of Sardegna, a forbidden territory if you arrive on a noisy boat. Spielberg transferred from his 90 foot luxury yacht the Seven Seas to a small 10 foot rubber duck, they sped towards the tranquil nature reserve ”motor running” … managia, had the captain of the yacht known his stuff he would have realised that motors are not allowed within 300 feet of the shore so arriving at full throttle on the beach of Porto Lisca a small dot between Gabbiani and Coluccia was unwise. Are the Italian Coast Guards always on the alert heads buried in the sand just waiting to hear the offending sound of a running engine? No, they were called by a tourist (currently looking for an exclusive deal) who watched Spielberg signing autographs …. Spielberg is said to have apologised profusely and asked a 100 pardons, no ”phone home”,”miraculous escapes” Indiana Jones style or ”We were excaping from a giant shark, honest” No…he is said to have accepted the fine of 172 Euros, while looking mortified.

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