Ermanno Olmi one of Italy’s Great Directors has come of age.

by Marianne Wi

Ermanno Olmi was born on the 24th July 1931 in Bergamo, he was celebrating his 80th birthday yesterday Hip Hip Hurrah! Olmi is a prolific director who over the years has amassed 79 titles, not just feature films but also documentaries and shorts. My all time favourite film directed by Olmi is L’albero degli zoccoli – The Tree of Wooden Clogs (1978)  a film that to this very day can make me reach for a hanky, yes I was raised wearing wooden clogs, what of it ? As a matter of fact I still have 2 pairs of Wooden Clogs one red and one blue pair, made of wood not for me the joy of light rubber soles.

Olmi has not been resting on his laurels over the past 12 months, he will be appearing at this year’s 68th International Film Festival in Venice in Un foglio bianco, A White Sheet directed by Maurizio Zaccaro a documentary also starring Michael Lonsdale and Rutger Hauer. His new film The Cardboard Village is still in Post-production due to be released this autumn, he has been keeping busy since Centrochiodi, One Hundred Nails released in 2007 by directing a varity of  TV documentaries.

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