A Star is born! Bop Decameron, Bella Ciao!

by Marianne Wi

Woody Allen is making headline news while shooting in the historic centre of Rome. The star of the shoot yesterday was our loveable traffic cop Pierluigi Marchionne, who no doubt is hoping for financial recognition somewhere along the line, although being an extra in Italy is considered an unpaid honor, I think Marchionne might be looking for something more substantial. Allen had watched Marchionne in action some days earlier and had insisted on the real thing being in his new film, it was not originally in the script. Rome, Piazza Venezia is an exciting place unless you are on foot or on a push bike, to be safe you will do well sitting in an armoured car with a police escort. The traffic in Rome is fast and furious during the day and as a traffic cop you need lungs of steel and a good whistle, they can give the Sicilian Granita Van a run for their money, they use the same tools of the trade to attract attention. Pierluigi Marchionne is a 37 year old Italian from Latina, a town purpose build by Benito Mussolini in the mid 1930s, it leaves little to the imagination and Marchionne escaped to Rome working for the Polizia Municipale (Italian Traffic Police) for a number of years, during a short interview with an excited Marchionne he said ”I had to be the director of traffic, the director of the various scenes meeting at the Piazza, I never in my life expected this” no doubt he will be seeing a lot more traffic at the Piazza from now on, with the amount of local tourism he will be generating. Marchionne was spoken to by Woody Allen in English at all times, not a problem for our man in white as he use to be in the “Foreign Trade” …….. Allen is a hands on director speaking with Marchionne throughout the 8 takes lasting 1.30 hours, there may be more takes in Piazza Venetzia chaps.

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