Why is Italian Cinema Hibernating During the Summer?

by Marianne Wi

If you are passionate about Italian films and everything to do with the Italian Film Industry, you will be climbing the walls heading for a proverbial breakdown during these hot summer months, there are few Italian films being released from June onwards, non on the horizon in fact before October; films are being short during the summer so at least some news are leaking out, of course, it is winter in Oz so various splendid Festivals are on the horizon, yet it is the bikini clad actresses and Italian stallions in their speedos, prancing on a beach keeping an ever watchful eye on the Paparazzi, not wanting to miss their chance to be in Diva e Donna or CHI magazine, that we are left with for a daily update. I have done my research, you would expect nothing else, right? the resounding excuse is ”it is too hot to go to the Cinema during the summer months”. What a load of old tosh, Italy is full of stunning open air cinemas and even air-conditioning has arrived in the boot, so you can watch a film in the cool comfort of a snug screening room. ”Nooooo, Italians would not want to see any new films while on holiday”…… Tell that to JK Rowling and Harry Potter, they have opened to full houses and have taken more than 10 million in Italy during its first 6 days, Transformer 3 has taken 7.5 million since the 01.07.2011 and the 3rd placed film Cars 2 has taken 9.5million since the 24.06.2011. Italians will go to the Cinema no matter what the month of the year, they have kids needing entertainment even if the sun does shine every day for 3 months. So please distributors of Italian films can we see some releases between June and September 2012 please, your public awaits you.

L’Isola del Cinema, a must if you are in Rome this summer

Casa del Cinema (Rome)


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