Rocco Papaleo, a big resounding ”NO” to Woody Allen

by Marianne Wi

Yep, our much-loved Italian actor Rocco Papaleo has no time for Woody Allen this August, Papaleo did the screen test and was offered a role in Woody Allen’s new film Bella Ciao, Bop Decameron or ? currently shooting in Rome. You will know this Italian as the director and screenwriter of Basilicata Coast to Coast and his latest role as an actor in Nessuno mi puo giudicare, No One Can Judge Me directed by Massimiliano Bruno. Has this usually down to earth actor Papaleo gone all arrogant on us this summer ? No, not at all Woody Allen’s production team was not able to give him and exact filming date he was asked to keep all of August free, Papaleo had promised his son a holiday in August so had to turn Allen down, that is what I call a family man, if Italy does not have a ”Father of the Year Award”  I think it is time they did, we have a clear winner.

Allen has started shooting in Rome and although the name of the film is still up in the air it seems to be going well. What exactly Benigni and Scamarcio are doing in the same film is beyond me and Benigni…. I should not wonder. Perhaps they will not be in the same story line, cannot wait to see the outcome either way. Below a list of possible stars, could change a short notice.

State side: Woody Allan, Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz, Judy Davis, Ellen Page, Greta Gerwig and the lovely Jesse Eisenberg

Home front: Roberto Benigni, Antonio Albernese, Riccardo Scamarcio, Ornella Mutti, Alessandro Tiberi, Alison Pill, Flavio Parenti, Alessandra Mastronardi and our opera singer Fabio Armiliato

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