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Hunziker and Federico it is back on ? The Lates.

by Marianne Wi

Mamma Mia, as unemployment goes this was a very short lay off for the Neo-Nazi Federico, 4 days all in all if Das Bild is anything to go by. Having not been convinced that Federico was more than just a bodyguard to Hunziker up till now, I bow my head in shame as she has taken him back ignoring his leaning towards ”White Power”, as bodyguards are a dime a dozen, it can now safely be assumed that Hunziker is more than a job to Federico, without getting smutty. The tune and images of Costner and Houston is coming back to haunt me ” I will always love you ” yes right…Hunziker it was a film, it is never going to have a happy ending; let him go. I would not be surprised to see ” The Bodyguard” directed by Mick Jackson being on top of Hunziker’s┬ábest ever film list. Federico has not had time for laser treatment so the clenched fist portraying White Power has been turned into a blushing red rose ahhhh so very sweet. Perhaps the name ”M H & F the bodyguard” may have been added on a small part of his anatomy to seal the next couple of months employment, lets wait for the inevitable┬ábeach photos. CHI issue 30 has a great spread of photos of Hunziker and the headline “” My Holiday as a Single” lots of photos of La Hunziker swimming alone or with her daughter Aurora having fun taking photos of the paparazzi, such frivolity, the cheek of it.

Hunziker and Federico it is off 15.07.11

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