Hunziker and the Neo-Nazi Bodyguard Federico it is all over. The latest !

by Marianne Wi

Michelle Hunziker has not got a lotta luck with men, let’s be honest she looks great so Lord knows what the problem is. The Italian press has been speculating for a number of weekes about the closeness between the Bodyguard Federico and his ”Patrona”, assuming he is guarding her body one would expect him to be close by at all times, then again what do I know, suffice to say they have been seen a lot together often on a beach laughing….There is a great photo shoot in CHI Magazine issue 29 showing Federico and Hunziker on the beach working out, using that term literally as you can see from the photos, they are not grainy so one assume these were paid for up-front, I think you will agree they look as if they are having fun and she looks great for 34. They are also in Diva e Donna this week issue number 28 on another beach frolicking without a care in the world, all very idyllic until………

The German Magazine ”Das Bild” went and spoiled it all for Federico, who has been seen with Hunziker a number of times seminaked on a beach, he had his top of showing of his numerous tattoos, here again I would expect him in Speedos if swimming, the problem is not that he was undressed, the problem is the tattoos as they are promoting right-wing neo-nazi groups, White Power of the supreme kind, he also has the word ”Intolerance” tattooed on his shoulder, being the name of an extreme right-wing German band, it is the sort of advertising you would have on your private parts if you really wanted them tattooed on your person, what was he thinking ? Hunziker who is very popular in both Germany and Italy has had to fire him tout suite and issued a statement distancing herself from the Nazi movements, if it was more than a job I think he will find that Italy’s and Germany’s Sweetheart Michele Hunziker will be dropping him like a hot Pepperoni aka Frankfurter Würstchen from that area of her life too. Federico, a word to the wise, laser treatment asap, sell your story about your rough childhood and being led astray by a calculating neo-nazi group, then wait an pray that unpleasant revealing photos does not appear of you in uniform sicking heil.

Hunziker and Federico it is back on ? The Lates. 17.0.2011


2 Comments to “Hunziker and the Neo-Nazi Bodyguard Federico it is all over. The latest !”

  1. she loves him, she has taken him back already. She is in love with this guy, he is hot and handsome to her taste ..soon beautiful children 🙂

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