Valeria Golino Vi perdono, I forgive you

by Marianne Wi

I am please to see Valeria Golino, who won a Silver Ribbon for her first short ”Armandino e il madre”, ”Armandino and Mother”,  has already moved onto her next project a feature film being produced by the company she set up with Riccardo Scamarcio ”Buena onda” ”The Good Wave”. Golino has always chosen very courages and diverse roles as an actress and she is not going for the easy option for her first feature, she has guts. Speaking about the unspeakable is one thing, actually making a commercially aimed film about such a subject is borderline economical suicide in Italy, excuse the punt. Golino has chosen the book ”Vi perdone”, ”I forgive you” written by Angela Del Fabbro aka Mauro Covacich, a story about assisted suicide, euthanasia. A young woman, who in secret helps terminally ill  people to commit suicide, she is one day confronted by a healthy person who wish to die…… A very big no no in the Roman Catholic Church, God will forgive you killing someone else as long as you repent before dying but should you kill yourself you will be kicked off the consecrated ground asap. Switzerland, with its humane laws and freedom of choice, euthanasia can be done with great care, taste and without suffering even as a foreigner this is a possibility thanks to ”Dignitas” as long as you are able to do the deed yourself, interesting to note that 21% of Dignitas customers are people tired of life but still in good health. Holland will not welcome foreigners to die on their shores, here they have however gone that step further, you can ask your Doctor, who will perform the act for you . Golina must have nerves of steel a real gutsy lady, looking forward to watch this project develop and hope the Italy Ti perdono.


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