Benvenuti al Nord, Welcome to the North

by Marianne Wi

Not one to get overly excited about Italian comedy as a rule, yet last years Benvenuti al Sud, Welcome to the South directed by Luca Niniero was very funny and a mega box office hit too, in fact the 2nd biggest beaten only by Che bella giornata, What a beautiful Day directed by Gennaro Nunziante. We will have a sequel, this time the South will travel to the North where shooting starts at the ultra modern Via Polenghi designed by Renzo Piano on the 18th July 2011 in Lodi, they will also be shooting in Naples, Milan and Aosta Valley, should be ready for release in January 2012 missing the Xmas slot ? Not much information out there at the moment, we know the Southerners will arrive at a conference in Lodi, no doubt meeting every stereotypical Norther, horrifying the equally stereotypical Southerners with their customs. There is a great cast including Claudio Bisio, Alessandro Siani, Paolo Rossi, Angela Finocchiaro, Valentina Lodovini, Nando Panoe and Giacomo Rizzo they will be directed by Luca Minieri and Massimo Gaudioso. I am excited and cannot wait for a good laugh.


7 Comments to “Benvenuti al Nord, Welcome to the North”

  1. Should be fun. Glad Claudio could squeeze it in before shooting Dogs vs. Cats and Cats vs. Dogs and Small Children vs. Little Old Ladies.

  2. LOL, I am writing the screenplay for Cat vs. Dane at the moment : Ferrell, green-eyed, crossed-eyed, reluctant to clean itself, Sicilian Cat trying to gain access to 2nd floor flat 24/7. Dane spending time locked inside same flat, with temperatures reaching 36 to 40 degrees, sealing windows and balcony doors to stop Cat from entering, twice failing as cat entered and sat proudly giving her the evil eye behind her back while she was blogging. Danes can dance on ceiling, there is proof of that.

    Local advise on how to deal with this situation ”feed it” ! Cat and locals conspiring against outsider from the far north ?

    Italy is hooked on comedy, big box office so usually well made too, unlike other genres with very low budgets, sadly humor does not travel well…..

    I was asked 10 days ago: Top five Italian films for 2011 (100% Italian no foreign cooperation) I am still struggling with an answer. An Italian film with a good director, screenplay, cinematography, editing, acting, made in 2011, the full package ?

  3. I’ve liked most of the comedy I’ve seen. Particularly benvenuti al sud and mine vagrant. Men vs women was the main exception but that may have been related to their killing off Elena Sofia Ricci so early in the movie.

  4. Or was that Ex? One of the problems with those movies is that I can’t tell them apart.

  5. LOL I walked out off Men vs. Women or the other way around …. I did enjoy Welcome to the South but do we need a sequel ? I loved Manuale D’amore, we did not need another 2 of them. At the moment there are no Italian films being released at all, 2011 is not vintage.

  6. I could have done without Manuale D’amore v. 2 myself. Will probably pass on v.3 though it would be fun to see D’Nero speaking Italian. I saw “My Brother is an Only Child” last night. It’s hard to believe that was the same Angela Finocchiaro as the one in Benvenuti, she really is very good.

    • Old Roberto did good, his Italian was ok, the film was terrible though and they put him in the last section so no sneaking off either. I have not had time to read your write-up on Netfix, trying to catch up after loosing internet for nearly a week, someone set fire to our rubbish which killed our Internet and phone-lines……..

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