Not for Catania, Sicily the joy of Italian Films

by Marianne Wi

It is not the first time and it will not be the last, it is however still ever so frustrating, that Italian films are released nation-wide except for Sicily. This week was particular hot, I was excited as I awoke to a mini heatwave 33 degrees and ”three” the number of Italian films being released today Whoop, Whoop, imagine if you possibly can my irritation when logging on to see where and when they would be screened …… nowhere, that is where….Why not is all I want to know, non of the 3 are in the comedy category could that be the problem, Catania and Sicily as a whole like their comedies, what ever the reason is , it is positively infuriating on a Friday morning.

Passannante directed by Sergio Colabona a drama NO only in Italy.

Hypnosis directed by Davide Tartarini, Simone Julian Cerri Goldstine a thriller (actually I note it is being screened in Messina and TWO cinemas in Palermo TWO ?)

5 (Cinque) directed by Francesco Dominedo a drama, Only on the main land, it was screened last night on I am grateful for small mercies


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