Cinema Nuovo Sacher and Nanni Moretti ”Bimbi belli”

by Marianne Wi

Jealousy is not a great threat to carry around with you, yet when you live in a village without a cinema, reading about the overflowing horn that is Rome, can make you feel just a tiny bit green. Nanni Moretti is staging his very own Film Festival, well if you have your very own cinema why not, it is the 7th edition and this year Moretti will be focusing on the newbies. If in Rome between the 5th to the 21st July 2011, have a reasonable grasp on Italian, why not swing by and take in a screening, Moretti will be present for a heated debate after each film together with the director of the film screened, never mind going a bit green, I am going fluorescent !

Why is the cinema call Nuovo Sacher ? Moretti loves Sacher Torta (smooth dark chocolate cake) and has named all his various companies ”Sacher” something or other, I know still it is his show so also his call.

Films screen are :

La pecora nera, The Black Sheep directed by Ascanio Celestini

Il primo incarico, The First Job directed by Giorgia Cecere

Tutti al mare, All at Sea  directed by Matteo Cerami

Nessuno mi puo giudicare, No One Can Judge Me directed by Massimiano Bruno

Into Paradiso directed by Paola Randi

Hai paura del buio directed by Massimo Coppola

Diciottanni- Il mondo ai miei piedi, 18 – The World at my Feet directed by Elisabetta Rocchetti

Boris – Il Film directed by G. Ciarrapico, M Torre and L Vendruscolo

20 sigarette, 20 Cigaretesd directed by Aureliano Amadei

Corpo Celeste, Heavenly Body directed by Alice Rohrwacher

What a great selection of films would really love to be there for the Q&A afterwards, Moretti is a character.

L’Isola del Cinema, a must if you are in Rome this summer


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