Kim Rossi Stuart & Ilaria Spada are soaking up the sun in Sabaudia Italy

by Marianne Wi

Dipiu an Italian weekly Mag, has court up with Kim Rossi Stuart and Ilaria Spada a few days ago, were they having a heated debate on a street in Rome or snogging in some dark alley ? No, the loved up couple were soaking up the summer sun, without a care in the world on a beach in Sabaudia a hot spot between Rome and Naples. All photos are from issue 24 and they are not grainy, which to my beady eye means they are photographed rather than papped by some friendly stalker before being sold to the Mag. Depiu reported that the couple looked happy, relaxed, and playful; they could not take their eyes of each other, I am filling up, it makes me want to burst into song I am so pleased. I do lean ever so slightly towards cynicism, the happy couple only met in December 2010 and Ms. Spada is 4 months pregnant, I am not a great believer in ”Love at first sight”  either so they have their worked cut out. No wedding date as yet, will it be before or after the birth ? I am ”NOT” sensing Vegas or Bethnal Green, ohh the shame of it, I jest of course, I hope they live happily ever after.

Rossi and Spada will be getting married    15.06.2011


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